Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring in the Midwest

One day it's snow
the next day, it's blooms. 
I love the green leaf buds with last years fruit.

I'll have NEW Flea Market Friday 
offerings tomorrow & I go 
 to my oncologist tomorrow for my test results. 
My tests were all moved up to this
week..I'll let you know how it goes.


tree leaf blooms
waking up at 10 AM
Wednesdays with my BFF Marcia
friends who love you no matter what
a husband who grocery shops

and yours???


  1. Spring will eventually come and stay Deena. I love your photo of the fruit on the tree.
    I hope all your test results come back clean and you will be able to move on and enjoy life again. You deserve it!

  2. Beautiful picture. Spring is around the corner and I love those who can capture it's glimpse of hope. Praying over tests results.

  3. Will be praying for good results from your tests. I have green flower stems coming up everywhere, but have yet to clean my gardens. Maybe will do a little work this Sat. Have been in the same boat as everyone else - recovering from a cold. Glad that you are doing so well. Love ya.

  4. Joys:

    It's spring over here!
    Our cessus tree is blooming
    Just went to the movie with one of my girlfriends.
    Yesterday I hosted an evening for my reading club
    My youngest is staying at home, almost recovered from a flu and just said I love you Mom!
    My eldest left a little note: you're a special person.
    Everybody is asleep here, shhhhhh!

    Hope that all your test results are good. Thanks for inspiring me for a joy list. Take care!

  5. How beautiful ... we are getting the snow you had a couple of days ago. It is beautiful.

    Yes ... hoping and praying for the all clear on your test results. I think we all just need to hear some good news out there.

  6. Early spring is a guess from one day to the next whether you will see rain, snow, leaves, or blossoms...
    but that is what makes it wonderful!!!

  7. Hi Deena, I love your pictures from snow to blooms, mother nature is somehthing... Big Hugs to you, Love Ya Deb

  8. Praying for good results Deena.

  9. Hi Deena,
    Happy Spring to you & you are in my thoughts & prayers for a good report on your test results.
    Love & hugs to you sweet Deena!

  10. I love you~
    I have something for you....go get from my post!

  11. It sounds like a glorious day! I too hope the test results are glorious.

  12. Lovely! Our leaves will be out very soon... I LOVE when all turns green!!
    LOVE YA!


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