Thursday, July 2, 2009

An " About Me" Question & Answer

Hello, Dear Friend, It was fun reading about the things you have done. I'd like to know how you got to be a computer wiz? And, were you always artistic-and how long you've been selling your wares...and most important-what is your very favoritist of all flower?

This is from one of my Best Blog Friends...I just love her. So here's my answer

I am NOT a computer wiz..but what I know..I learned by doing ..with a bit of help here and there. I am the kind who can be shown once and usually able to do from there on.

I've always been long as I can remember. As a kid, I was always making something
with found things..writing strories and loving the garden.

My favorite thing was a rooster and a hen cut from plywood..and all types of seeds (ie: corn, dried beans etc) as feathers. We did those in Vacation Bible School when I was maybe 9. I wish I still had those. I remember them hanging in the kitchen at my parents house.
(see an example above)

I've been selling my creations since 2000, not very long

I'd have to say a lovely old rose & peonies are my favorite flower, although I love so many others.


  1. I love learning new things about my friends and I especially love learning things about you Sweet Deena....
    I love you~

  2. Getting to know you, getting know all about you is signing in me head. Thanks for sharing. May your flag fly high and you voice ring loud on this Independence Day. Peace

  3. Thanks for sharing all that info Deena!

  4. Hi Deena, HAPPY 4th to you and yours. I remember the roosters made of dried beans, etc. Thanks for reminding me of those sweet crafts.

  5. Hello sweetie!
    I knew it would be roses....
    You certainly ARE a computer wiz.
    Much love going out to you. I sent a robin to sing a sweet song just for you!!


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~