Monday, February 15, 2010

I am a Pink Warrior

My BFF sent me a huge box of L'Occitane
products. Got them on Saturday, I squealed ....
I love it all. She is coming home on 2/20 woohoo!!!

I am home and just fine.
I need extra sleep after getting up
at 4 AM today. I am not use to getting
up before 8:30 or later.
2 months, then another MRI

Thanks for all your prayers and
for caring.


  1. Do you see me shaking my head...I go tomorrow for my results of cT scan. I am trying not to worry....we just gotta keep going girl....

  2. Beautiful present, I bet you WERE happy to get it. Will you just have this one treatment? I was afraid it might a series of them. Have a peaceful night.

  3. Yes, lots of rest and pampering is in order. Take care. Maridon

  4. Hi Deena! You won, You won! Now you get to pick!..the earrings or the wine stop. :) I will need your mailing info too so you can email me
    here: theatticgirls [at] Congrats!


  5. God Bless YOU dear Deena, for your courage and positive spirit. You are a true inspiration to so many of us out there with cancer in our history or the present. Your spirit is absolute beautiful perfection! I pray for you as I remember you in my thoughts from day to day. I hope that all goes well with your current treatments. You are truly a SURVIVOR! Hugs, and more hugs to you, Penny Suzie

  6. Whow l'occitane! You deserve it though! Keep on fighting girl, we will be standing on your side in thoughts. Take care!

  7. I agree-you are an inspiration-I've thought of you so often through this latest thing. Hope you feel refreshed today. Have fun with the goodies! Love, Debra

  8. As always, keeping you in prayers. Couldn't help but think of you so very much yesterday in our 'near blizzard' with ever so many beautiful birds being jewels contrasting with the snow. Know how you enjoy God's Nature gifts to us and I hope they bring you as much joy as they do me. Our spoiled dog, Friday, even enjoys watching them! Keep strong and know that angel arms are encircling you.......sue black

  9. So glad you are doing well--you are in my thoughts--don't you just LOVE L'Occitane???????!!!!!!! My favorite scent of theirs was the Eau des Vanilliers, and they discontinued it a couple of years ago--I so wish they'd bring it back! Have a great week, Deena, Love, Jann

  10. Deena:
    I hope you had a wonderful restful evening.....we are all holding you are OUR INSPIRATION!!!!! I think you need that little "Bella" in your bed to keep your company. She needs to come for an overnight stay! teehee

    I have never even smelled L'O..............but I take it, it is delightful. Just like you.
    Love you honey,

  11. So glad you're doing well Deena!
    AND WHAT A BFF... she sent "the good stuff!" lol
    Get some rest.... and feel better!

  12. Enjoy your L'Occitane products our beautiful Pink Warrior

  13. Deena, thanks so much for browsing and finding me and leaving your comment.
    I see that I have found a new warrior. I am adding you to my prayer list and my list of blogs I follow. What an inspiring and beautiful woman you are. God bless you. I will be here again soon.

  14. I know that you are really in my heart now, and not just a blogger whose words I read, because when I left my doctor's appointment this morning after being told I don't have to go back for six months because I'm doing just great (I have an autoimmune disease) I thought of you on the elevator. Praying for you. Love much, Nancy

  15. Deena, I wanted to stop by this morning and say I am still praying. Doing a Bible study lesson yesterday, Luke 18:1 really stood out to me.
    I'll keep praying!


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