Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Perfect Gift

It is WAY me.. and I can't believe how sweet she is to me
God has blessed her with gift of caring!!!
And He blessed me too sending her.

I love the book and the THOUGHT~~~~~
I'll be alone for the next couple of days..Rich is working out
of town..so this book can keep me good company. We might
even get rain tomorrow. We sure could use it.

What's new in your life?? are you making things?? Decorating??
I love to decorate with nature..so pick up acorns, pine cones..hope to
find some bittersweet.. and dry my hydrangeas.

I got two birdnests..Robins nested in my friends hanging basket
and she gave me TWO nests. I have some handmade eggs I am
going to put in them.

Feeling better each day as the steroids dose goes down
You are such a dear. I've been reading Hollyhock Days and find it enchanting.
I needed a pick me up and your gift did that.
It's cool on the deck and just nice to sit and read about gardens.

I am so blessed. Thank you Diane for always being kind and caring

fondly, your friend


  1. I'm glad you like it, Deena. Thanks for the update, all the things you have sound so special. Diane

  2. What a sweet gift your friend sent to you! I had hollyhocks blooming in my garden in Idaho a few years ago and really missed them here in my Calif. yard--now with the wonderful seeds you sent, and a little TLC, I may have some blooming again in a couple of years. The best thing about this is knowing that the seeds came all the way from your garden, and although we can't meet in person, this is a small way to feel like you are not so far away from California! I am so happy we've been able to be acquainted through blogging--you have touched so many lives here in Blogland, Deena! Have a great day!


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~