Saturday, October 15, 2011

Great News

October 14,2011
My friend Sally and me,  I met at our Plastic Surgeon's office
Dr Glyn Jones

My MrI has been changed to this Monday
so I can be of the steroid sooner.
Praise God

Thankful for

an advocate husband


  1. Oh, I'm glad, Deena. It sounds like your husband is in there working for you and you have such a great friend in Sally. Blessings and prayers, Love, Diane

  2. Great news!! I just watched FIVE on Lifetime and I have to say that you are one brave .. courageous ... amazing !! woman and I love you !!! ~ JO

  3. That's great news Deena - not having to wait so long for further treatment is always good.............get out there and go for it girl!!!!

    Here's hoping things will get better very soon.
    We're pulling for you..............and praying very hard each day.

    In the garden today - lots of bumble bees on the huge spreading pink chrysanthemum (once in a little pot - now covering an entire flower bed!). Honey bees on the hummingbird feeder - time to get that down, washed, and stored until next Summer. Squirrels everywhere - robins at dusk all over the lawn. Trees changing color at last - beautiful sunshine making them glow.

    Love and hugs from North Carolina where autumn is lovely.
    Mary & Bob XX

  4. Good to hear. I have been following you for some time now. You are a strong and loved woman. You are in my prayers. xo

  5. Oh this is good news.
    God Bless you Deena

  6. Thanks for keeping us posted, best wishes and lots of love from me too, Deena. Zoe xxx

  7. Love you sweetie! Think of you so often~praying too...
    Love, Debra

  8. Glad to see a picture of you outside. Getting off the steroids soon will be wonderful. The side effects of them are so irritating. Hang in there dear!

  9. YEs !! You posted a picture of you in your yard. Love love it!! You look happy too.
    Im glad to hear your off steroids soon, that is good news. Praying for the good news to continue! Love to you and your wonderful family...Post when you can...Jackie (dove2mist)

  10. Hi Deena, I have been ill myself and slow in getting to any blogs...even my own. It's so good to learn you're soon getting off steroids..I have to take them from time to time for my lung issues. You are an inspiration to so many and I thank you for that!
    May our Lord continue to bless you and yours.
    Louise in MI

  11. Always good to see you blogging. Hope there is continued good news.

  12. This is good news. You are in my prayers. Hang in there, my friend...I hope the good news continues.

  13. Yeah, that is such good news!!!
    Thinking of you and saying my prayers!!!
    Margaret B

  14. Sending my love as always ..!!! sending hugs and love and pumpkin kisses !!


  15. Hi Deena,
    I have been out of town so came by to get caught up with you. God Bless You, my prayers continue for you.
    bless You,

  16. Hi Deena,

    I hope your results are back and were great. Give us an update when you can. We're all thinking of you out here....


  17. I hope you got to see children in Halloween costumes tonight. I pray for you daily! God Bless you, Deena! Maridon

  18. Thinking of you this morning. I hope you are feeling good today. God Bless you Deena!


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