Thursday, July 4, 2013


so sorry 
My computer days are so hard.
I posted today. It is another blog
that I created.  I have so much to 
share!!! Pictures and seed to share 

I can't even find my own blog spot
Seems I have opened another.

I can try to do more later.
MAC is easy  not for me


  1. Dearest Deena, I've had a look and this blog is (that is, Deena's story)

    and the new one is (that is, Deena story, without the apostrophe and extra s)

    I hope this helps.

  2. This is the blog where you're offering seeds to share.

    If you click on 'view my complete profile) a bit further down on the right, you can find them all.

    love, Zoë xx

  3. You showed up fine on my blog friends, Deena, and what a blessing it is to hear from you. Your hollyhocks from two years ago that I got from you are getting ready to bloom. Take good care, dear friend. Diane

  4. Hello dear one- It is wonderful to read a post by you! I miss your lovely gardens...Have been thinking about you lately too. Hope you can post more often!
    Love and hugs and prayers-Debra

  5. It is so nice to see that you posted. I check here often and hope that you are doing well. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures.

    Take care,


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