Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas

Here I am! Finally

I am checking in with all my blog friends to 
say Merry CHRISTmas.

This has been so hard to carry on
without Rich. I am trying hard to
stay in touch with all of my blog 

We have had snow, sleet and just plain ice.
It was VerY cold for awhile. That is Midwest
 I am having a Christmas breakfast
for my adult kids and my six grandsons.
I hope to go out tomorrow for family food
and I need to find someone to take me there. 

Live is so hard without being able to drive.
Rich did so much for me, I realize that now.

Please post your Christmas plans
and any breakfast recipes I can
use for MY Christmas. LOL
We have done this tradition for a few years.
 I did take a picture of our snow . It looked so
awesome with all the boughs bending down. I
will try to get them posted.

I would love to hear from all you.


  1. Deena, you just made my day by checking in, soooo happy to hear from you! Merry Christmas dear friend, I hope that the joy of His promise fills your heart and brings you comfort. Please keep in touch!

  2. Deena darling girl...............what an awesome Christmas gift this is to see your post and hear that you are doing well! Bob and I are so happy to know you are managing but understand how difficult it must be without Rich, he was such an amazing guy and we know how much he helped you, especially over the past years during your illness.

    Perhaps the children could be helping you with the Christmas breakfast shopping dear, knowing you don't drive now. I'm sure they will if you ask............I find I don't get much help from mine unless it's requested, they seem to think we are invincible! Happy knowing that they will be with you, and of course all those little boys too, that's what will make Christmas for you, and bring some laughs and joyful moments.

    You don't mention your health but you know we pray for you always. It's just so wonderful to know you are out there doing well hopefully. Take care in the cold and icy weather - try and get those pics posted for us later - I miss the views of the 'singing woods'.

    Sorry, I don't have much to add for breakfast ideas - we stick with oatmeal and berries, perhaps crunchy toast and marmalade! No casserole type things as I don't eat bacon, sausage etc. If you have access to a Trader Joe's, their Belgian Waffles are amazing - the lightest ever and lovely with real maple syrup and fruit - the boys would love them and they're easy to toast! We do enjoy Moravian Sugar Cake on Christmas morning, and then there's Italian Pannetone sweet bread, sliced and gently toasted - the leftovers made into the best bread pudding! I see sugar overload ahead, LOL!!

    Please, please stay in touch Deena dear - this is so great hearing from you.
    Bob joins me sending Christmas greetings to you and the family. May the coming year be a good one filled with blessings for you and your family.

    Love and hugs - Mary (A Breath of Fresh Air)

  3. Hi Deena,

    I am so delighted to see you checking in again. You've been in my prayers as I know how difficult these past few months have been for you. Good to see you're planning to have family around for the holiday. May God bless you and yours with a blessed holiday season and a peaceful new year.

  4. Deena, Just wanted to say hello & how nice to see you blogging..You are in my thoughts if you'd like to chat email me or stop by facebook.. Hugs & much love to you dear lady! <3 Mary aka IsabellasCloset

  5. Deena, It was so awesome to see your post. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. I'm thinking of you often as you start the New Year without your husband by your side. But, so thankful that God has placed your cancer in remission. You have many things left in this life to share and many people to love. I hope you feel God close to you as you grieve.


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