Friday, March 7, 2014


Today is March 7,2014 and Sunday begins our Daylight Savings Time.

I am up and had coffee and a bagel. The sun is shining and it feels good.

I will continue to prepare my things for my move to the middle of Peoria . A small apartment , but just what I need.  Two bedrooms , two baths and all the amenities.
 The movers will be here on Sat. 3/15/2014 around 10:30 am and taking the large things to my new place.

I am excited.  I will be able to walk to get groceries, to my Walgreens, Kmart for towels and and linens.

I have SO MANY things. I will have to sell on ETSY ,
I will begin that task when I get settled.

I had a puppy but she didn't work out, so she is back
with her mom and dad.  Someone is going to get her
this weekend , coming from Indiana .

I hope I can make ETSY work for me.  My brain is damaged from the radiation and the mets from breast cancer .
It is not
easy to be so disabled.  LOL

I will close for now and post again soon.


  1. It's lovely to hear you making new plans. It will be nice for you to be able to walk the places you need to go. There's a positive note in your post an I'm so happy for you. Your friend, Diane

  2. Hello darling person-
    It always makes my day when you post on your blog!!!
    I'm so happy for you about the move-It will be wonderful for you to have your independence as far as walking to places! If you ever need any advice about Etsy, you can ask me-I've been there going on 7 years.
    My prayers and love are with you!
    your old pal, Debra

  3. so happy that you are excited about your new venture, dear deena....and so happy that you will be able to do some things that excite you and make you feel good!!! hope the move and everything goes well. think of you so often xoxo

  4. I am so happy to see you posting on your blog again...and I pray that the move will go well for you, making you a little more independent by being able to walk places you need to go.I have been praying for you as you adjust to your new life on your own.
    Love and <<>>


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