Thursday, May 8, 2014

Things are Moving Fast

I have a new realtor .  She is on the ball. I have had two requests to view my home on Curtis Drive.  I have made arrangements to have a 
Company in South Pekin pick up all the things left in my house and
they will sell it at their business.

I have to get busy and my Jackson family will help me this Saturday.

I need packing boxes and bubble wrap.  I hope my family will
help my with that. I need to sell my house .  Since Rich's
death on 7/7/2013 things have been hard for me . 
I am unable to drive , I can't see well and I am handicapped from
cancer in my breast and then it traveled to my brain.

I hope to get all things moved out by Wed. 14th by 9AM
I need help. 
Praying to Jesus to guide me 

This is my deceased husband in the Great Room at
my home.  


  1. I am so sorry you're having a hard time. I wish I lived closer so I could help. I can try to help with prayer, though--you are in my thoughts, Deena.

    1. Thank you, prayer helps. I know that for sure. My brain does not work like it is use to.I I believe Mother's Day will be good . My son Steve and his wife Andrea are planning a Cook Out. It will be GREAT!!

  2. With your prayers (and ours) it will all work out, Deena. You have been through so much and have been an inspiration to so many. Love, Diane

    1. My son and his wife are planning a cook-out on mother's day. I am so happy about that
      my grown children, and my grandson's are a gift from and I hope they will all be there.
      and thank you so much for the prayers. Some days prayers are all I need.
      smiles to you Diane

  3. I so wish I lived close by so I could give you a hand with all this stuff. But I know God is watching over you and He will provide all that you need. Trust Him, take a deep breath and give your needs up to Him. I pray your heart will be eased and comforted too in the loss of your beloved husband.

    1. Jesus and God are with me on this journey , I will make it. HAPPY MOTHER"S day to everyone.
      Bless you for caring>

  4. Good luck with the sale of your house and getting all the business matters taken care of.
    Then you can rest and just take care of you. Happy Mother's day!

    1. I had a GREAT Mother's Day thank you for caring

  5. God is taking care of things for you...praying for a quick sale of your house...things will be easier when everything is settled and you just have to concentrate on your apartment and daily are always in my prayers...
    Happy Mother's Day

  6. I wish I knew what to say to make it all better, but I know I can't. Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending hugs on this Mother's Day.

    1. It is not all bad. I had a great Mother's Day. Thanks for the prayers , they are working
      GOD loves us all. He has made able to do things I never thought I could still do.

  7. I'm sure your family will help you. I hope your beautiful house sells quickly to a family who will love it as you have.

    1. I will miss my gardens at the house where my husband and I lived. Right now my columbine and lilies of the valley are budding

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