Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I am trying

Seems like days roll by and I don't get things done. I did get food  from Kroger.   I did see some dvd's  I enjoyed THE READER.   I saw it before but didn't remember most of it.

I can't control my MAC and I am just going to let it do what it wants.  Today I am taking my Videos back to the store, do my 30 minute walk,  work out in the air conditioned work out

Continue listening to The Bible on CD. I haven't  hung all my things on the walls. 

I rained last night , the area really needed it.

I did get my air conditioner fixed and all is well.]
I feel grouchy and I can not tolerate that.  I will pray for guidance and hope every one has a great day.
I had an MRI on Tuesday and will publish the results when I find out.

 I am sorry,I can not post without crying.  

Pray for me as I pray to Jesus


  1. Well I just tried to leave a post and I don't think it went through. IF it did - sorry for the double post. Anyway just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you- may God give you comfort and peace- I know waiting for those results is stressful. No matter what happens God will never leave you nor forsake you - this I have really found out over the past 6 months - with my newly diagnosed cancer - Dec 2013 and chemo, etc, and for that I am thankful!
    God bless~ Lisa :O)

    1. Hello my friends. . OH I pray you are doing well. Let me know PLEASE
      I am praying for you./

  2. Dearest Deena, thinking of you and still praying for you, gentle hugs Andrina xxx

  3. Deena, I'm praying that God hugs you very tightly as you go through this transition in a new space and that you get good results from the MRI.

  4. Saying a prayer for you right now ....keep the Faith!

  5. Deena, I am sorry you feel sad today. I will pray that Jesus puts peace in your heart. DiAnn

  6. My dear Deena, I cry along with you. I lost my husband suddenly, without warning 3 years ago, so I know what it's like. I keep praying for you, for strength and peace. I care! Jan in PA

  7. Thinking of you, always, Deena-wish I lived closer so I could take you to lunch. I hope you feel better soon-you've been through so much, and I am so inspired by you!

  8. dear deena.....i pray that you get the help from family and friends that you need....and that you find peace and joy in the days ahead....think of you often.....xoxox

  9. today is Sunday...June 8th, just saw your post and hope that you feel better today...I pray for you always that you will find peace and happiness again...<<>>


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