Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today is God's Gift, My Diagnosis was Oct. 2007

Every day when I step out of the shower
I see this plaque on the wall. My friend sent it
to me (she is dear and has helped me alot through
this cancer journey)
Today is God's Gift

I am glad I keep getting today.. I love my life mostly
although things have been difficult with my youngest
back home with 2 more cat


I was in Stage 4 already in Oct of 2007
after having a mammogram
in Oct. 2006
if you feel something
insist on a mammogram
no matter what age.
Girls in their 20' s are
more and more begin diagnosed with breast

CANCER ..One in Two Men
One in Three Women
We need a cure for all cancer.
Sept has seen so many cancer victims pass, I can tell
you 5 friends and relatives have passed this month
of cancer..

Pray for the world!! Miracles do happen.I am one!!

I fear I am not as sweet as I should be, especially to
hubby hunk. I just the house back, with just hubby, our
fat GOOD cat and me here

I had kids in the house for 35 years and just got the house back with
just us ..I like it. I'm selfish with my time with hubby.

Here's a picture of my mom and me at Cracker Barrel just outside
of Springfield IL. We had a great time, awesome step dad, Mary Jo me MOM
my brother Jeff, sis inlaw Lisa and nephew Ethan (13 yrs)
It's great to have family..

my dad and step mom and step brother are all deceased.

I just realized my mom LOVES me, silly of me not to know.
It feels great to have a MOM and such a great step dad..he is
a keeper like my Hunny Hunk..

A happy wife is a happy life..George said when I asked
him why he babies my cool guy, builds homes in
Springfield IL and they are AWESOME

I am not sure if this is what I signed up to do..but I am going to
blog my breasts..I think they want us to show them..Ford has (or did have)
a wall of breasts and I am on there..
You won't see my face..I invite all my Pink Friends to show your
scars and support Breast Cancer Awareness Month..October 1st is
the kick off..let's start a tradition..bring those boobies out of the
~~Celebrate we are Survivors~~


  1. You've been through so much and you still look FABULOUS! Cute picture of you and your mom, hugs, Diane

  2. For us survivors, every single day is precious. If only every one would think the same way....


  3. Deena, your photos are wonderful! You have come a long way, my dear friend. Enjoy your day, and each one to come.

    Love & hugs, Karen (nearly 10 year survivor)

  4. Deena I love the picture of you and your Mom.
    You look wonderful and so does your Mom!!!
    Good for you for blogging your breasts. I think of you every day and I keep you close in prayer Deena. God bless you!!! xoxo Dorothy

  5. You are an Inspiration for all of us in blogland." Keep it in the Road" as my Dad would say. We all need that sign to see first thing in each morning. May Peace be with you and yours.

  6. You've come a long way. Praise God! Your blog is a reminder and an inspiration for me. Keep it coming!

    Sending warm happy thoughts ~ Jenn xoxo

  7. Deena, it's hard to understand the comment about not wanting your daughter with you. Maybe it's something I would never understand because I'm not in your shoes and haven't traveled the long, painful journey you've been on. It seems cold for you to say that, and I kinda hope that your daughter doesn't read your blog. Knowing that she's eventually going to lose you and reading that you don't want her around seems very hurtful. Maybe she's caused you a lot of grief like your fil did...I don't know, As a mother, I don't understand, and by the lack of comments I would say others feel the same. You owe no one an explanation, but please don't blame me for my thoughts. Sincerely...

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