Friday, September 3, 2010

Last Chance for Seeds

I still have plenty of HollyHock Seed
If you like some...just send me a SASE
(self addressed, stamped envelope)
I will send you a packet.

I've posted growing info in another post

Deena Warner
127 W Curtis Drive
Chillicothe, IL 61523

I have sent all the requests I received. If you need more or didn't get them
let me know. I love to share and I love the idea of our hollyhocks
spreading all through the USA!!

Thanks for caring and supporting me through my last almost 3 years
The journey continues .

I'm planning a Autumn Gift Away next week.
Be sure to look on Wednesday and get sighned up.

I hope I get LOTS of entries!!
I made give 3 sepSparate entries

Check Back

Sept 8th entry to Sept 15th..Winners drawn on Sept 17th
Shipping done Monday before my MRI.

It'll be a treat.

Tell your friends Please


  1. OH NO!!!! Please save one packet for me, would you please??? I have something I am wanting to send you when I send my SASE, and haven't had a chance yet, you know how that goes....... but hopefully this weekend! I would LOVE to be able to grow hollyhocks, they are so beautiful! I think I have bought them in the past, and often were one of the favorites of whatever is eating holes in many of my plants leaves...... but I did find a good spray that helps a lot...... and maybe you give good instructions about growing them - ????

    Anyway - hopefully you will hear from me soon - and I am so remembering you in prayer! You are an incredibly strong woman, and SO positive, you have been a blessing to many, many bloggers!!!

    BIG HUGS from Michigan - Diane

  2. The hollyhocks are beautiful! So glad I found you again on blog land. Praying for you.



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