Sunday, April 27, 2008

Please Pray

For my friend, Sandra Dias, who begins her
chemotherapy tomorrow . Sandra has breast
cancer & we have prayed for her before!!

Sandra, may God lift you up tomorrow, know
we'll be praying for you & let us know
how you are.

Also, pray for Cathy a dear friend of Nonnie's daughter Cassie.
Nonnie says she was like a second mom to Cassie when Cassie lived in none of our family was there...Cassie met her thru school as Cassie was a 3rd grade teacher and Cathy 4th.

Cathy is scheduled to have a double mastectomy on the 29th......she doesn't have a blog for people to leave comments.....keep her in their thoughts and prayers.


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  1. my dear deena.....thank you so much for mentioning cathy on your love filled blog.....she is a dear lady....and has been such a friend and support for cassie for many years.....again, thank you...and i will be keeping sandra in my thoughts and prayers as well.....
    hope you have a wonderful evening...
    hugs and heartfelt thanks.....and prayers, my friend.

  2. My thoughts will be with Sandra and Cathy.
    Wishing them nothing but the best

  3. Deena ,,, I will keep these ladies in my prayers... I so hate that cancer and I so pray that God will send the answer to someone somewhere and have a supernatural understading of what it will take to bring us the cure.... You are always in my prayers... Love you lots...

  4. My heart goes out to both women and I just said a prayer for them. I pray for you all the time Deena.

    God bless you, Sharon

  5. Prays going from Texas for all mentioned. With Deena's name on my top!

  6. Hi sweet Deena

    I just stopped and prayed for those you mentioned.

    My joys today:

    singing in church
    fried chicken for dinner...yummy
    friends popping in tonight
    dark chocolate
    a hot shower


  7. Hi Deena, will keep them in my thoughts and prayers. Have a blessed day.

  8. Hi Deena,
    Hope you are feeling okay & I know you are so glad to have your treatments almost behind you. I will remember these girls you mentioned in the days ahead. You have been such an inspiration to everyone. Please stop by & visit to see my flowers of spring. Love & hugs to you Deena Pink Princess.

  9. These dear ladies will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers, Deena - just as you are. I pray for you often. I wholeheartedly agree with what Denise said about finding a cure. Hope you have a really wonderful day, Deena!


  10. Deena, Sandra & Cathy are in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks you for letting us know about these ladies. I hope all goes well today and tomorrow for both of trhem..
    Hope you are doing OK sweetie. I love you ~Mary~
    PS "Sweet Dove" is still on her nest. It's raining and so very cold here in Ohio heart goes out to this sweet little Mama bird.

  11. My prayers for all....
    Forever and ever...AMEN

  12. Deena
    Thanks so much for the award and I posted it on Saturday.
    I love the prayer you posted yesterday and the pictures of the hummer. With the honeysuckle in full bloom here they are less apt to visit the feeders.
    My thoughts and prayers are with all. Peace

  13. this is not my first visit to your blog, as you are such a sweet visitor to my mom's blog, but it is my first comment. thank you for the post - using it as a network to reach out to many people and asking to love someone that they don't know. she is a very dear friend of mine and i appreciate the request for prayers. sending loving thoughts to you and your friends. thank you.

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  15. Hi Deena,
    I just stopped and prayed for Sandra and Cathy. Thank you for sharing that with us. You are an amazing angel.

    LeAnn :)

  16. Keeping Sandra and Cathy in our prayers. Also you my dear. Have a great week.

  17. Yes Deena I am praying right now. I'm so sorry for these dear ladies and you too. I hate that cancer. God bless you Sweet Deena.


  18. Thoughts and prayers for Sandra and Cathy on the way.

  19. Deena dear,
    I have returned from my wonderful visit with my "Kids" and I have added Sandra and Cathy both to my prayer journal...
    I will remember them in prayer as well as keeping you in my prayers dear Deena...
    You seem to be doing wonderfully well..
    I will have you in my heart and prayers on Friday as you go for your next to last Chemo...

  20. just peeking in...shhh...don't get up...just hoping and praying you are feeling good today.....i know that your live-in HUNK is taking good care of you....I mean, just LOOKING at that handsome face would make anyone feel like a million dollars...lucky you...lucky him....
    hugs, bj

  21. Deena,

    I will certainly keep Cathy in my prayers.

    My joys for today:

    Getting some yard work done that needed done badly before the rain started.

    Seeing the blue indigo buntings on your Singing Woods blog.

    The chilly air that has moved into our area. It is more seasonable than last week when it reached 80 degrees.

    Your friendship and that of many other bloggers. A real treasure.

    Praying that you are feeling better.


  22. Deena, Cathy and Sandra... all my thouhts and prayers are verymuch with you and all the other brave women fighting and finding a cure.
    Blessings like the stars in the sky!


  23. Dear Deena
    You are so precious to be asking for prayer for Cathy nad Sandra when you yourself are going through so much. I continue to pray for you every day. Hope things are going well right now.
    Rhondi xo

  24. good evening, dear deena....hope your day brought sweet joys....and thank you again for your prayer request for cathy.....hoping sandra's day went well....please keep us updated on her progress....
    sleep well,
    hugs and prayers,

  25. I shall...and I pray it will be alright!

  26. I will add them to my prayers--thank you for mentioning these courageous ladies. I pray that someone will find a cure for cancer soon . . . it is such an insidious disease. As always, you are in my prayers, sweet Deena. Sincerely, Jann

    my prayers,blessings and love,

  28. Hi Deena,
    It worked you look gorgeous ;) i will keep you and the other girls in my prayers.
    Love Kristina XxX

  29. good morning, dear friend....had an update on went well....but haven't been able to get details, as cassie was waiting to speak with her husband and didn't want to intrude right now....but we know that much.....also, cassie let her know yesterday that she was being thought of and prayed for by loving souls in this blogosphere...and she was very touched....and thank you deena...and thank you sweet souls for your thoughts and prayers....please continue, if you will, to send prayers her way.
    love and thanks to all,

  30. *light* and healing prayers sent, dear Deena.

    How are YOU doing today ?

  31. I am lifting them up each day along with you my dear sweet Deena!
    Donna Lynn

  32. I am lifting them up each day along with you my dear sweet Deena!
    Donna Lynn

  33. My prayers go out on wings of angels..........
    Her name will go on my list on the sidebar....just to remind myself and others to pray.


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~