Monday, April 7, 2008

Taking a Spring Break

Sharing some graphics ..feel free to use them,
my gift to you .

all wigged out

Joe( my sons 3rd or 4), Caleb, Cole (my daughters two)

left to right

last but SURELY not least birthday boy

I'll be taking a blogging break so don't worry..


signs of spring
friends & family
singing birds


  1. Deena~
    Hello~ I just wanted to leave you a note to let you know that I think you are a beautiful lady inside and out!! God bless you and your family, Lisa in Texas = )

  2. Ms. Deena...
    Well now, Don't you just look Beautiful!!!
    Love Marilyn

  3. You know what, Deena? I used to be a hairstylist, and I never would have guessed in a million years that you were wearing a wig from those photos. You look beautiful!


    PS-I love David Cook too! ;)

  4. Gosh, Deena, you look soooo good! You would NEVER know that was a wig! You go girl! Love, Esther

  5. Deena,
    You look beautiful. Hope you had a good time celebrating your hubby's birthday & enjoying your cute grandson's. You are truly a beautiful family.

  6. I agree, that does not look like a wig. And you look fabulous.

  7. Have a wonderful break! Thanks for the all look great. The other comments are true...your hair looks very natural and you look very good. Your grankids look like they are a lot of fun.
    What a beautiful view from your deck. Enjoy these days. We'll miss your blogs. :)

  8. Deena, how wonderful that it was warm enough to be outside for Rich's birthday, and your time with the boys! You look fantastic! A friend of mine used to say "If you look good, you feel good". I realize this may not be completely true, but maybe "If you look good, you feel a little better" might apply. Hoping you felt as good as you looked this weekend! Praying for you sweet Deena. Glad Spring is coming for you. Love, Pam

  9. You look stunning and healthy. I'll miss you during your break. But, I totally understand. We all need a break.

  10. You look Wigging Fantastic!!!!!!!!!
    And I love the other photos too!! what a beautiful family!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful time!!!

  11. Deena!!! You look so beautiful!!! You have such a radiance...such goodness is in you ~ your grandbabies are precious and tell Rich, Happy Birthday!!! xxoo, Dawn

  12. Hi Deena, you look lovely! Can't tell at all it's a wig. Your grandchildren are so adorable! Birthday boy look really happy there :-)

  13. you look beautiful and healthy, dear friend.....and the weather looks gorgeous too! wishing you felt as great as you look!

    will miss our conversations....but there are times you just need to step back, do what you need to do and take a break....i have even felt that lately.... that is why we blog without obligation.....
    take care sweet deena....and i will be checking on you...just because!
    keeping you in my heart and prayers,

  14. What a beautiful family you have! It looks like you had fun with those grand-boys! I hope you enjoy your blogging break. I think your wig looks so natural and I am so happy to see you looking so strong and healthy.

    Enjoy your break. Get well my friend.

    Love Sharon

  15. This is my first time posting on your blog and I just have to tell you how WONDERFUL you look! I would never know you were going through something so difficult as chemo. You are quite an inspiration!


  16. Delurkering to say
    Oh My Goodness, you all wigged out... so beautiful. Truely, I had to stopped and couldn't believe it was a wig...looks like you a couple a months ago... you sweet lady are beeeeautiful, but then I am sure hubby tells you that all the time.

  17. Good Morning Deena,
    You look very beautiful in your wig and to see you outside is truly a wonderful blessing. I'm glad it was nice enough for you to be outside. The boys are just precious and I know you are one proud Grandma. I think it was so wonderful that it was nice on Rich's Birthday. I'm sure he had a wonderful day. We are to be getting more rain later this evening and going thru Friday morning. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love, Hugs, & Prayers,
    Karen H.

  18. Deena Dear,
    It is wonderful to see you outside for Rich's Birthday...and so happy that your were well enough this weekend for the boys to spend it with you...and I agree with the others you look day before long you will begin to feel as great as you look!!
    praying for you on Friday as you go for your fix (Chemo),,, and wishing you a very Happy Birthday on Tuesday (15th)
    {{{Love and Big Hugs}}}

  19. You're looking lovely for the birthday celebration and you have a beautiful family. I hope hubby's celebration was a grand one.

    I'm watching Idol, too,and currently a David Cook fan.

    Now I'm going to look at your whimsies.


  20. Good Morning Deena
    You look so good and gosh, those kids, they are just adorable...Have a good day. take care...

    chikku :)

  21. Deena, you look **absolutely** beautiful. (And you have a really cute hubby there too!) I hope you enjoyed your day.

    By the way, if that's your telephone on the counter, you and I have identical telephones. LOL.

    Lynn :)

  22. Deena! How gorgeous are you! wow. that's really a wig?? no way! it is amazing! i would never have known. you really do look so beautiful.
    Love all the pictures!

  23. Sweet Deena,

    O.k., this is what I said out loud when I saw that first picture,

    "Oh, my goodness, Lady, you look awesome!"

    What a beautiful color for you and the look on your face is pure peace and serenity!


    Those kidlets are pretty cute too.

    Hope the birthday celebration was all that you hoped for your husband.

    Becky K.

  24. Hi sweet Deena,
    I love seeing your beautiful face. You look great! I love your wig, it is so natural looking. Your little grandbabies are adorable. Rich is so sweet to let you put him on your blog. Not every hubby would cooperate. Have a good blogging day off.

    LeAnn :)

  25. Hi Deena,
    Lovely pictures of your family. Happy Birthday to your DH!
    Enjoy your break
    Prayers and love

  26. It's your fault!:-)
    It's your fault that I'm so sore talkin bout gardening and all! Puttin me and the rest to shame while your lil bod says it's not feelin well but you're still doin way more than me and us on our best days! So feelin like a slacker, I got outside and cleaned up the yard and decorated my back porch to look spring invitin. It's your fault my place looks so good!
    You are the motivating factor behind so many slackers! Thank you for bein you!
    Theresa Mary Rose

  27. You are such a sweet soul with such a beautiful countenance. But you do look tired; time to give yourself the gift of rest.

  28. Dear look are just a sweet soul and it shows.
    Loved the photos of the granbabies and your sweet hubby. Enjoy your Spring break..hugs, Linda

    ps thank for the lovely graphics

  29. You look really pretty and so young! Happy birthday--belatedly--to your hubby. All the best for your next chemo.

  30. I just stumbled upon your blog, very nice! VERY VERY nice. Peaceful, lovely, sincere.

  31. Thanks, Deena, for the graphics.
    I love apple blossoms - we used to live next to an apple orchard when I was young.
    Smiles to you!

  32. I really like your wig, Deena. It looks so natural.

    Lovely pictures, all of them.

    Happy Birthday to the birthday boy.

  33. You are pretty inside and pretty outside. You certainly do not look like a person struggling with health issues. You have such a positive outlook. I come to your blog everyday for inspiration and peace. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  34. Enjoy your break!
    I have been on a break kinda lately too!
    More of a creative break that is...

  35. Enjoy your break, you deserve it! I think you have the most beautiful family. Those grandchildren are so beautiful. They must get their looks from their grandmother.
    Take good care of yourself.

  36. Great wig. Looks very natural. I've got great news on my blog!

  37. Sweet Annee...Have a restful and peaceful time on your spring break.
    I am taking one, myself, very soon. look absolutely fabulous...That wigwam looks so much like YOUR real locks, I can hardly believe it. AMAZING and AWESOME...just as YOU!
    your friend, bj

  38. Enjoy your time off. And you look absolutely beautiful! We like the same American Idol contestants too. Michael Johns and Jason Castro are my favorites. I haven't known anyone else to like Jason so I am so happy to see him on your list. I hope you saw last night's show - he was awesome singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Have a great week Deena and feel well!

  39. Deena the pictures are beautiful. I love them, thank you for sharing them.

    The photos are just great.

    I hope you have a blessed break.

    Always in my prayers...


  40. Your grandsons are sooo handsome and I'm glad they could come to help celebrate Grandpa's birthday.

    A lovely photo of you and I wouldn't know it wasn't your own hair. A fabulous wig and a beautiful friend. Love it!

    Take care, dear friend. Know that prayers speed toward heaven daily for you and that positive thoughts come your way.

    Love ya.

  41. Everybody is loooooking GRAND!
    You especially!!! Great wig too...very natural I'd say....:~)

    Spring breaks are nice...enjoy. We all need them. I need one. HA!

    I won't forget you in my prayers.
    See you soon.

  42. I am taking you up on your offer to use the pictures. I think they will look splendid on my sidebar.

    So Spring- ish!


    Becky K.

  43. Honey, enjoy that break...and you do realize don't you that you look so beautiful, so serene and so relaxed?!?

  44. You look gorgeous! The grandbabies are adorable and your husband is a sweetheart. Enjoy your evening!

  45. Enjoy your break, Deena!! Precious grandkids, and what a wonderful you!!! Happy belated Birthday to the birthday boy, too!!! Hugs, Trudy

  46. Glad you are doing so well and might a say…"You look FABULOUS!!!

    The blog world is a small world really and from one blog I read I found this young lady

    Sounds like you both have a lot in common so I thought I would bring her to you.

    Take care!

    Leigh Ann

  47. You look gorgeous!!!!!!! Enjoy your blogging break! keeping you in my prayers!!!

  48. Oh, Deena, just look at you! You couldn't be prettier...and what a handsome husband, and beautiful little grandsons! (I just can't wait for grandchildren!!) I couldn't help but notice that big ole' dimple Caleb has - our oldest has dimples like that.

    Take care of yourself, and enjoy any time off you can,


  49. Praying for your Chemo tomorrow sweet Deena.

  50. beautiful day, dear deena.....checking in to say hello and hoping you are haveing good days and restful times....doing things your heart desires.....i will be thinking and praying for your day of chemo tomorrow....
    loving thoughts and prayers,

  51. You look like an Angel. I love reading you blog. So I've tagged you. Come play please.

  52. YOU look so pretty. I never would have guessed it was a wig. In fact I forgot, that your hair was gone, and just thought you looked great in the picture. I love your calming music and upbeat posts. I'm praying right now for you.


  53. Hi Deena,
    Just trying to catch up with everybody today and came to check on you! Your wig looks great on you and so natural. And of course you are beautiful as always. Hubby ain't bad either!! :O)


  54. good morning, sweet deena....hoping all is going well this morning with your chemo to you and prayers,

  55. You look fabulous! I would have never known that was a wig. You are truly an amazing gal.

  56. Deena, take care. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend.

  57. Dearest Deena,
    You look beautiful. Stay strong my friend, you are doing so well.

    I Love Your Joys. :-)


    A Friend Named Deena
    Pretty Pictures
    Love Neverending

    I have tagged you for an Award. Please stop by if you are up to it.

    Warm Hugs,

  58. Hi sweet friend! Just popping by to say hello. You're sure looking good. Have a wonderful weekend.



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