Monday, April 21, 2014

Going for a Walk

Today is God's Gift

It is nice outside and I can not do Blog today.  Some days are better and some not so . I need potting soil.  I will try to get some.  


  1. The weather has been sunny here too, so I've been outside. Tomorrow, I'm going to have a nice day out in Cambridge (England, that is), visiting an art gallery and the botanic gardens.

  2. Enjoy the beauty outside ... blogging can be done any time you like.

  3. Yes Deena dear, just enjoy each lovely Spring day doing what you can and what you enjoy. You know we'll always wait to hear from you when time allows….but we do love hearing that you can get out and about again.
    Potting soil means potting plants, right? Nothing more fun than that these days.

    Way to go dear girl!
    Love and hugs - Mary

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