Monday, April 14, 2014

Jesus Help Me

I called a friend to come get me.  I just feel so sad that I can not do things that I use to do.

I have a couple of pictures I want to post also.   I got some small plants for my deck.  Sweet Basil , Alyssum and lavender. 

Saturday my friend Cindy and I went to Washington IL to shop "Washington Days" . They had the
huge tornado last Autumn.  Lots of houses were lost.  The shoppes in Washington have always been
very eclectic and I bought some things for my deck. 

I am going to post some pictures later , I first must remember how



  1. Have you got settled in your new home? You have God's love and that has carried you through till now. Please know that you are loved, Deena. New plants should brighten up your deck and spring will be here soon - I hope. God bless you my friend, Diane

  2. Deena so glad to see you post was just thinking of you and wondering how your move went.... I bet your place looks so cozy...can't wait to see pictures....keep your faith god is on your side....

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  4. Hi Deena - I'm not sure how I found your blog, and I don't even "know" you (except through this page), but I've been reading this for years. I've never commented here, but I just wanted you to know that I think of you, I pray for you, and I send all my positive energy and good vibes for strength, peace, and grace. My heart is heavy for all you have suffered. My heart rejoices in your art, your spirit, and your faith. Please know that all the way here in Virginia, I am praying for God's presence and healing. God bless you - Becca

  5. Deena, you are definitely making progress (even though you don't think you are) have made the decision to downsize to a smaller place and try to become independent to whatever degree you are able is huge....I have been praying for you for years (ever since your diagnosis), and I will not stop be encouraged...sending you a big <<<>>!!!
    Love, Mimi

  6. Hello dear heart-I pray for you too-you've got lots of old friends who still want to know how you are, and still get strength from you. Love, Debra


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