Saturday, January 24, 2009

Have You Ever Seen My Nature Blog

It's where I share my love of nature.
You'll find lots of God's work on display there


feeling better
craving SOME things
a massage today
I won a blog giveaway
being able to do housework

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  1. Hooray that you're feeling better. I share your love of nature too!

  2. Glad you are feeling better today, Deena ! Enjoy the massage...

    Will go check out your nature blog now :)

    *Hugs and ongoing wishes that each day get better for you*

  3. It is wonderful you are feeling better, I pray everyday will continue to get better for you. I love your nature pics. Love, Traci

  4. TRACI

    Thank you for my CARD!!!

  5. Dear Deena, It was Nestled in the Singing Woods that brought me to this blog. I love Mr. Sanders, I wish we had them around here. It's wonderful to hear that you're doing better, SIMPLY WONDERFUL!

  6. Hello Deena,
    I am sending (((Hugs))) your way this morning.
    I love your nature blogs.
    Hope you feel better tomorrow too.
    Love, Ann

  7. I am so darn happy that your feeling better! I am going to check out your nature blog sometime today, any thing you post I love, so I know I'll love it as well! Any resent test done lately? you know you ARE such a warrior!!! I love you so much and better days are still coming your way, after all you've been healed!!! I remember that post so clearly!
    Love & Hugs always

  8. How wonderful to click on your blog today to find that you felt well enough to post here for us.
    Continued wishes of wellness for you sweetie.

  9. soooo happy you are feeling better...depression is a very hard thing to deal with...and you are doing so well...
    prayer does wonders doesn't it!!!
    love ya,

  10. Hi Sweet Deena! YIPPEE! You are feeling better & craving some stuff! I'm so happy for you. But don't overdo it on the housework ~ you will make all the rest of us look bad! A massage sounds heavenly. Congrats on the giveaway you won, too!

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Angelic Accents

  11. I tried to sign your guest book but was unable to do so. I just wanted to pop in and say hi. I hope this finds you with a little more hair on your head,and a song in your heart. I will keep you in my prayers through this journey and look forward to reading your blog updates and life experiences. Thankyou for the share, Char

  12. I love your nature blog Deena! You get some good shots of the wildlife, so blessed to have them this close!
    I'm so elated you are feeling better!!
    Bless You,

  13. Hey Kiddo...
    So glad your feeling better!
    You are always in my thoughts...
    Come on over to my blog, I gave you an award!

  14. I'm so glad you're feeling better. God does work his miracles. Love your sharing of nature another one of God's miracles. Congrats on your award~!Have a super w/k. hugs ~lynne~

  15. That is such good news. I am so happy for you.

  16. Praise the Lord for all blessings. I'm so glad you're feeling better.


  17. I am glad to know that you feel better dear Deena..

    I am going to visit your other blog.

  18. hey you sweet friend~
    you've been tagged by me, check it on my blog.

  19. Deena, I am tinkled pink that you are feeling better. I hope that massage perks you up even more. I have been to your Nature blog in some time,so will check out God's creations. Love and Hugs, Pat

  20. Hi Deena,

    I'm so happy you're feeling better!

    And yes, I've visited your beautiful nature blog; it's wonderful!

  21. Adorable possum. Blessings to you today my friend!

  22. I love your thankful list and the furry beast. Peace

  23. So glad to see you're doing better--I think of you daily. Hugs, Jann

  24. so happy to see you enjoying your day, dear deena....and feeling your nature blog....sometimes i think i miss so much by living where we do....but then i have to stop and realize that i need to bloom where i am planted!
    love you,

  25. I Love you sweetie!
    Your Beautiful & so Is your family!
    Your nature blog is also beautiful.
    everything you do is wonderful.
    Sharing your life with us is helping so many. Thank you so much!
    ohhh the possum is too sweet!

    Joelle XO

  26. Sending warm wishes and prayers for you.

  27. Happy to hear you are feeling a little better. It must be good to get out and drive again.

    Love your little critter at the top of your post.

    will pray for your continued recovery. I am fairly new to your blog.

  28. "Being able to do housework".

    Thank you, Deena.

    Once again you've inspired me to be a better woman.

    So often we can see the little daily duties as burdens instead of the joys. "All things with love".

    Hugs & Prayers... *Linda*

  29. Deena
    Good news on the your blog. I was given an award and I am passing it on to you. Peace

  30. Good Morning Deena,
    I have been away for awhile and I no longer have a blog but I love to check in with you. You have been through so much and I can't even begin to imagine but never once has God left you....(even though it has felt like it)you are strong and courageous and HE loves you so much. When you do feel so depressed, rest in HIM. No, I have not had cancer but I have had severe depression and believe me medication helps but so does reading the WORD and just resting in HIM.

    Thought about you last week, went to Bloomington to see our parents.

    Luv and hugs,

  31. I just love that poss..can you like send us one? the kids would love it!!!!!!!!! hahahhaa
    Your such a sweetie!!


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