Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've Officially Declared

I'm not wearing a hat anymore except for warmth.
It's all there, some light, some dark, and even a hair square.
I'm so happy a girl who's been bald for more than a year.
Between the chemo & the brain radiation,
I've had about one month of hair.

I am happy!! My BFF Marcia is coming over and we
going out for lunch.

Oh what fun!!


the sun
tiny blossoms
waking up with a good attitude

& your joys??


  1. ONe of my joys is to look at pictures and read the thoughts of truly inspirational people like you.
    Have a fantastic lunch
    Cari B.

  2. You look great and a beautiful smile. My precious 7 yr old daughter is my one joys. Traci

  3. Hi dear Deena

    You look great!!!

    I am glad to see you smiling!!!
    Happy spring to you


  4. You look adorable! Love that smile! You made me smile just looking at your happy, beautiful face. Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Susan

  5. You look so happy! That's great! I enjoy happy people. My joy of today: I had coffee all morning with a friend. She has some severe problems, her husband was 'mentally ill' and was in a psychiatric clinic, but still we had such a lovely morning talking about everything, sometimes you feel true friendship. I'm going to take her out for another coffee asap.

  6. My joy today is seeing a smile on your face and that the simple things in life are making you so happy. Your hair is awesome, show it off proud! blessings on your special day~ Angie

  7. Girl~~~~You look Great!!! I'm so happy you are feeling better~~and going out with your best friend and lunch !!! WOW~~~~~I hope you both have the time of your life !!! Laugh Alot!!!!Have Fun~~~Sing Out Loud !!!! Blessings Dear Friend, Deborah

  8. You look simply FANTASTIC.......that smile is coming back. One of my joys is seeing you looking better and better all the time


  9. You are looking so much each day like you Deena!!! Isn't hair wonderful!! I am so happy for you.

  10. My greatest joy today is getting a note on my Blogger dashboard, and finding your smiling photo there. Truly! You look absolutely wonderful, Deena, and I mean that sincerely. After all the suffering you've been through, it certainly doesn't show. You look happy and healthy! Other joys today are: the beautiful spring weather here, lots of little birds feeding in my backyard, a Starbucks this morning, and my hubby working from home today! Love, Jann

  11. Deena, you look beautiful and that smile has given me a lift today. Have a great time with your best friend Marcia. Love and hugs, Pat

  12. Like you, your hair is lovely - in fact yours looks far nicer than mine and I haven't even had chemo or radiotherapy! love as always, Andrina XXX

  13. We rejoice with you, Deena. Have a wonderful day and lunch. You're just beautiful. My joys are many and one of them is seeing you happy and returning to normal.

  14. you have got have one of the prettiest smiles I've ever seen, when I see pictures of you I smile and Thank our Lord for healing you, and then I just look at you in AHHHHH and I'm reminded of a miracle looking back at me! Now, where are your angel wings at? I know you have them! I love you....
    Love to always~

  15. You look so BEAUTIFUL!! Good to see you so happy!!!
    What an inspiration you are to me and I'm sure to lots of others.
    Margaret B

  16. You look beautiful. Hope you had a fantastic lunch!!

  17. How wonderful! Just in time for Spring.

  18. Oh, Happy Day....
    I just ADORE your NEW DOO !!
    xo bj

  19. I'm so elated for you Deena! You're an inspiration to all of us! I love your hair, and the sparkle in your face!

  20. Deena, you're one remarkable woman. You're glowing, to boot.

  21. Hi Deena, Your gorgeous smile tells it all. Your hair looks beautiful. What a fun day. Enjoy and Happy Spring.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  22. Hi Deena, Your hair is coming in Beautiful, and I love seeing your smile. Julie

  23. I can see the happiness in your eyes. You look wonderful sweet friend.


  24. How beautiful. You positively glow. Hope the lunch was wonderful

  25. Absolutely Gorgeous Sweet Deena... Have you decided on what brand of hair gel to use? You absolutely have to try it.... just once. It's so fun when your hair is short like it is now for you. Right about the same timing, I started using hair gel... and had so much fun with it. And the gel actually makes your hair look a little longer... and darker. My hair has been brown for my entire life, but when it came back, it was almost completely gray. Then, to complicate everything... it came in curly. Like, a natural spiral curl. Never had that before either. I color my hair now... brown... because I couldn't deal with the gray at 44/45. My hair has grown almost to the bottom of my back... even with the curl. It's pretty long.

    You look absolutely stunning. Hope your head is feeling warmer.

    Hugs, Penny Sue

  26. YOU, SMILING AT ME, is one of my joys. I can't help but look at you smiling at me and I have to smile back.

    Whatever frosted my ego that day just thaws...

    I hope lunch was good. BFF's are a wonderful thing to have, aren't they?

    Praying for you,

  27. You look so pretty! Wishing you a lovely week.

  28. Your beautiful Deena.....


  29. One big joy is seeing you so fit and happy! You are looking great!

    We are also celebrating the 18th birthday of our eldest this week.
    That is a joy.

    Have a wonderful week, friend.

  30. You look so pretty today - have a nice lunch. So glad that you are doing so well, both mentally and physically. Love ya.

  31. Good Morning Deena,
    MY biggest joy today is I came thru my procedure and "PRAISE GOD" there was not blockages in my heart. I am thankful my hubby' back is better and he was able to mow the yard and weed eat it. I'm also Thankfulf for the Sunshine and for you my dear friend who gives me inspiration and hope that there is always a tomorrow. Your hair looks lovely. I hope you have a great lunch today with your BFF, Marcia. I did put up a new post this morning, so if you feel like it and have time, drop by to visit. I have something for you there as well. Take care my fiend and ahve a great Thursday. May GOD BLess you and yours.
    Karen H.
    P.S. "THANK YOU" for the prayers for yesterday.

  32. You look absolutely ADORABLE! What a pretty girl you are.

    Many,many blessings!

  33. I am not sure how I found your blog, but in doing so, it was as if I received a hug from my mom who passed away 4/12 years ago. . . . I remember when her hair was growing back, just like yours, and it reminded me of the buds on trees in the springtime and a newborn baby's head . . . I am so happy for you! May each day bring you more joy and love than the day before. Be well.

  34. Wow, your hair really grows fast, too! You're looking really healthy and beautiful, I LOVE your attitude and spirit! Karen

  35. you look beautiful, deena....full of love of life!!!!
    joys.... a beautiful new day,
    renewing, a good book....and of course my family!
    love and hugs,

  36. You are looking great Deena! Your hair is about the same colors as mine.
    Keep smiling my friend!

  37. Hi Deena you look fabulous - all that gorgeous hair.

  38. Your smile and your HAIR made me happy today! You are looking good.

  39. Wow - You are truly beautiful!!! What a wonderful smile! And I LOVE the hair that looks like "fawn" hair - it looks so soft and huggable! Your positive attitude is also amazing! What a testimony to the hope the Lord gives! All God's blessings! Hugs from Michigan - Diane

  40. O Deena look how beautiful you are, and all that hair! You are so brave, I love you. Hugs Deb

  41. My joy is your hair and your smile! You're fabulous. I'm so happy to see your smile.

  42. Thank you for your sweet comment, chickee! You look just beautifully gorgeous to me! If I had that face I wouldn't worry about hair, honey.
    :-) <------Me smiling at ya....

  43. You are a doll with or without hair but I know you are glad for your hair to finally be growing back. I hope you had a nice lunch out & I love your smile Deena! It is beautiful like you!
    Hugs & love from the pink pearl girl!

  44. You are looking very good........ and I think it is time to put the hats away............ Praying for you continued healing........

  45. Bye, bye hats! You look gorgeous!!

  46. Oh that beautiful smile. My heart just soared when I saw you.


  47. That smile is priceless. Peace dear one.

  48. Here's what brings me joy right at this moment:
    Your pretty smile in this post
    The thought of girlfriend lunches
    Brave women who go hatless
    My new eyebrow powder
    My lab's soft fur on my toes as I type.

  49. Hi Deena!! My goodness, you look so pretty! Such a blessed smile you have, too! I hope you had a wonderful lunch with your friend.

    I'm so thankful these days that we have a new little grandSON to spoil & that we live close enough to do that regularly!!

    Love & Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  50. Beautiful style on you. Of course, you look beautiful however you wear your hair. You LOOK great. Like you are feeling stronger, healthier, and so happy. Is that true? I HOPE SO.

  51. You look beautiful, happy and healthy. Hope your lunch was wonderful.

  52. You look beautiful with or without hair....I love your attitude, and your beaming smile....

  53. Hi Deena!
    Every day is a joy for me! BUT...what REALLY made me smile today, is this picture of YOU in the black shirt~ your GLOWING~ and not form the rads either~ I can feel your spirit smiling, and it makes me smile too!
    xoxoxoxo rachael

  54. Deena,

    Your pics are wonderful..I can see the pure happiness shine thru on you face, you are beautiful and loved by so many...I really like your new "do"...looks wonderful!!!

    Big hugs,

  55. Deena,

    You look beautiful, my friend. Hope you had fun with Marcia.


  56. Oh Deena! You look lovely from every angle and most especially looking right into your smile!


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~