Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Sunny Sunday

Rich & I are both so much better.
We went out for dinner last evening, to a close
local restaurant that we both love.
even saw deer on the way home!

Dr. Mammolito came in with her family too, but
she didn't see us. 

Yesterday we had snow, today tis sunny
&  suppose to get close to 50, &
hubby said he'd take me to Michael's for some 
creating supplies. OOH LA LA!!

My children are all doing well. My son has
a job interview all day Tuesday for a 
really GOOD job, praying that God blesses
them with this new opportunity.
He is VERY excited!!

Nicole has been working and doing pretty good, but
has to find a way to fit her school schedule into the mix.
That is a HUGE thing to me.

Mercedes is as independent as ever, always doing ok
and taking care of things.  

I slept so good last night ..didn't wake until 8:30 and that is late for me!!

This Friday, March 21 is my 3rd round of chemo.

Thanks for all your visits, I hope to get around to visit my friends blogs
a bit each day.


a little doe  was JUST in the woods behind the house
I think I got her picture

Tulips peeking through

Baroque music

digital camera


the dream of a trip to Ireland

Palm Sunday


I still have eyebrows and lashes

Have a blessed day, Deena


  1. Such good news to hear this slept good, feeling much better and your sweet hubby much better, too. Great news!
    hugs, bj

  2. So glad you and Rich are both on the mend!

  3. This lovely post made me smile with all the joy it exudes! So glad you're all feeling better.

  4. Deena: Glad to hear that you had a good day. You are an inspiration and thank you for reminding us to be thankful for what we have in our lives.

  5. all gud news in the morning leaves chikku, smiling and all signs of spring coming up...yeah,.. we too had some snow yesterday... today seems better... have a great week ahead...

    chikku :)

  6. It sounds like things are good at your house. I'm so glad you and Rich are better and even got to go on a date! Fun! I will pray that your daughter can get her school schedule and work schedule figured out. It is hard to see our kids so busy and so burdened. I worry about mine all the time, but they are young and it doesn't get to them as easily as it does us.

    My joys:

    *Palm Sunday - Jesus!

    *It is sunny right now

    *We are having all my family over today in honor of my father who had a stroke one year ago on 3/19/07. He had a major brain bleed and they said shouldn't have lived, and today he is 98% recovered! He drives and everything! We give God the glory and today we celebrate!

    *Because of the above mentioned party, my house is clean!

    Have a great day Deena!

    Love Sharon

  7. So happy you slept well last night!! and that you and Rich are both on the mend...nice that you could go out to eat last night...and a fun trip to Michaels is always an extra bonus..
    I know how hard it is to watch our kids struggle with their money and schedules...(we worry...but we can't do anything about it because it is always their decisions)it would be so much easier if we could just fix it for them...wouldn't it?
    I've got Friday March 21st marked on my calendar... for round number three!!!
    you have done so well this far...Keep up the good spirit!!!

  8. I'm glad you're doing well. I stop in often but don't leave comments on every visit. I find you blog very inspiring. Take care!

    Leigh Ann

  9. I think I am FINALLY feeling better too. This was some virus, huh? I am so glad that you are better. You didn't deserve it for sure! We both need a good old dose of sunshine! Stay away from germs. OK?

  10. so happy to hear you and rich are feeling better....and of all your sweet joys....


    6 month old grandbaby spent the night with nonnie and papa :)

    smells like rain today
    wonderful husband
    God's unfailing love

    pray you have a wonderful day, deena....i spent a bunch of time at michaels

  11. Glad to read you and Rich are feeling better. Keep at it honey, and praise be for eyebrows and lashes :)

    Kim x

  12. Deena,

    Glad to hear good news coming from your way. It must have been nice to get out with Rich.

    It's wonderful that you still have lashes and eyebrows. You are beautiful no matter what happens.

    My joys for Sunday:

    A quiet day so hubby can get some rest.

    Blogging friends

    You and Rich are over that nasty flu.

    Food for the table.

    Good friends and neighbors.

    Love and blessings,

  13. Beautiful post Deena. Your words are always so soothing no matter what you are writing. So glad you and Hubby got to eat out together.

    Have a Beautiful Evening!

  14. Glad that you are both feeling better and you are gearing up for round 3 on Friday...a trip to Michael's will lift your spirits incredibly and you'll soon be putting another "x" beside the chemo countdown!!

  15. Hi Deena...glad to hear from you happy you stopped by....lucky get to go to Michael's! I need stuff too but no crafting...we cleaned carpets all weekend...trying to get the winter blahs out and get ready for spring! My yard needs some attention too....all my cedar chips around my flower beds washed away and I need to replace them...and pull up all the weeds and get ready for flowers...we are still having frosts here in WA....I saw a deer a few weeks ago and DD saw one the next day....Spring is in the air!

  16. Oh how wonderful to see that you're feeling so much better and Rich too. Glad you are visiting again, and I will write more to your tomorrow. Love you my friend, Mollye

  17. Deena how wonderful that you and Rich went out for dinner.
    So happy to hear you had a good sleep.
    Take care.

  18. I'm glad you are feeling better. Thanks for visiting me but don't ever feel like you must, ok? So glad for the eyebrows and eyelashes! And I hope your son's interview goes well.

  19. Iam so glad you slept good!! That always starts my day good!!
    I love reading your joys. And ireland!! OOHH wow!! I can't hardly wait for you to go!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Glad to hear from you again - I have been a long time lurker, and thought I would just stop in and say hi! I am praying for you - and asking God for the best! And I think it is wonderful how positive you are able to stay - just take hold of God and pull! You have a wonderful blog, it is great!

    Hugs - Diane from Michigan

  21. So glad to hear you are both feeling better and out and about! Good for you.


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