Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Had a Good Day

The Auction Company came today and took every thing. It is such a relief to get that done.  I have to get the house cleaned and ready for prospect buyers.   I am having trouble with my Yahoo sign in.   I am also getting tickets to see Earth Wind and Fire , in my home town for July.   I have always  wanted to see them perform.  Expensive but worth it!!!! 

Best I could do today  pray for me please

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I have worked on getting my house packed up.  I have a friend who has spent hours with me helping packing.

I had collected so many things, and things I love, but I can't take it all in my apartment. 

Tomorrow AM a company will take all the things I have packed and then sell them for me.  I get 50 percent of what sell ,
it is a good deal and I could not do it without help.

Prayer things go GreaT tomorrow ,  

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Things are Moving Fast

I have a new realtor .  She is on the ball. I have had two requests to view my home on Curtis Drive.  I have made arrangements to have a 
Company in South Pekin pick up all the things left in my house and
they will sell it at their business.

I have to get busy and my Jackson family will help me this Saturday.

I need packing boxes and bubble wrap.  I hope my family will
help my with that. I need to sell my house .  Since Rich's
death on 7/7/2013 things have been hard for me . 
I am unable to drive , I can't see well and I am handicapped from
cancer in my breast and then it traveled to my brain.

I hope to get all things moved out by Wed. 14th by 9AM
I need help. 
Praying to Jesus to guide me 

This is my deceased husband in the Great Room at
my home.