Thursday, January 31, 2008

It is almost FINISHED

I have one more step I want to do on this one.
HONEST opinions can click on each picture
for an larger version.

the lil piece of laceis from my friend  JAN
who shared her hanky collection..
and it is stamped make my heart sing..

Many of the images & the bird theme stamps 
came from  my friend Gail's Shabby Cottage Studio shop.

for an Easter Banner Gift ..

I feel so enveloped in LOVE today!!

I am sure tomorrow Chemo will begin..Praise God

deena ANN

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Easter Gift Away

for tales of whimsical artists.

Tomorrow is pre chemo day..
taking my steriods & drinking water and resting up.

Please pray I can start chemo on Friday...


Hold Me Jesus

So hold me Jesus, 'cause I'm shaking like a leaf
You have been my King of Glory
won't you be my Prince of Peace?

I love this song by Rich Mullins..
I heard it this morning & it so touched me.

Rich left this world years ago (a car crash) to live with our Father , but
his music remains for us .
Isn't his face filled with the love of Jesus?

Dale A sent this link to Rich Mullins video singing this
thank you Dale!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Run..don't walk!

on over to 
and check out how to be a Pink Artist!!
I'm in..

Some Bunny(s) Loves Me

Can you believe it..?? the highlight of the day is mail
and I hardly EVER get to the mail box..Now 
hubby brings it in..
Monday brought squeals of delight from ME!!

This is from my friend Dana of 
all pink and girly.. PINK hot cocoa..2 packs.
A hand made pink candle (Vanilla Lace)
Handmade pink card & what a sweet lil box.
I was so surprised.!!

And look what my dear sweet wonderful loving best friend husband
brought me home ...He is the love of my life..and I thank GOD that 
I am his wife.

OH..look what Jan of  Bold & Free sent..
She shared her hanky treasures with me..
I just love them ALL..and I sure want to make 
something girly with them..Perhaps I'd best
get that almost blank canvas out again today
& see what God puts in my head.

and last but not least (BY FAR)
my dear blog friends are praying..writing..emailing..calling..
asking for a wider circle of prayer ..I wish you all
could know how much it helps..It makes my day, my week, go
so much sweeter.. It's definitely a blessing.

Saturday I was so tired..I was in bed most the day and night.
Sunday..I ate, rested..then Rich and I went for a nice walk
here in the Singing Woods..snow on the ground
but it was warm.  Hannah  dog went with us too..
She peed about 12 times..LOL..and mostly where we 
could see deer track.

Thanks for caring.
Gotta go friend Sally is here
making salmon salad & she baked bread.

I'm off to see my psychiatrist
  later  today too. Rich is going
to drive me..everyone needs a little help now & then.

love ya  all..Deena

Monday, January 28, 2008

A thing of Beauty

This brought TEARS to my eyes's so lovely
Kindly click here..and have your music on.
Thanks to my friend Ann H ..who shared it
with me.

To All My Friends, you mean SO much

Tis me posing for my DH just before 
a doctor's appointment in
front of my fantasy home and my favorite tree in
the yard..a paper birch..

I just want you to know..You ALL mean so much..your caring & prayres
makes my spirit soar. I read EVERY comment
and try to visit each of you and comment

My right arm, is at risk for lymphedema & has
really been hurting for two days..SO
I will continue to read and visit..but if I don't 
post comments on your blogs..I'm just saving
my arm,  I'm still VISITING & reading!!!

I'll continue to post on my blog also, I just have to
be careful since I am right handed.

This is the day the Lord hath made, let us
rejoice and be glad in it.

I know I will rejoice today!!!

PS BBC who posted..if God wants you with Him, why fight??
I must fight Bill..for my family, friends, loved ones, husband
& me..God's will in the end, but that's His decision..not mine.
and if going to be with Him is His plan..AMEN, I'll be
ready for that also.   Love in Christ, DEENA
one of  God's daughter

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sharing my blessings and pictures

My SIX grandsons
Left to right
Cole & Joe..(front )
Caleb, held by Jonathon, Steven held by Zachary

My cat MYA, aka Fatty the Catty

Rich and me ..May 2007, Mercedes high school graduation

Nicole..and me

My "deer" friend ..lots of them here at the
edge of The Singing Woods

Our sweet dog, Hannah

My youngest daughter , graduation 
She 's flown the nest also

My grandson Caleb (Nicole's youngest)
My grandsons, Joe (my son's 3rd son) & Cole ( Nicole's oldest)
Me at FIVE and Rich's silhouette at FIVE
Right's just Rich and I ..sweet Hannah and FATTY the CATTY Mya..
Rich's dad is doing well at "Independence Village" 
such a blessing...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm doing okay

I want you all to know, I'm doing pretty good with the news toda.y

Yesterday was such a shock, but today,
I told Rich
I'm ready to beat this.

His response...

Let's do it.

I'm VERY tired today..I hope to be ME again tomorrow

Thank you all for your kindness, for your posts asking for prayers

on YOUR blogs..and for caring

Pray for my sweet husband too, he's been so strong & I know

it has to be so hard for him.

Going to get in bed and talk to God.

lovingly, Deena

Friday, January 25, 2008

Here's the Skinny !!

Rich and I before makeup!!
(NO Rich did NOT put on makeup too)

Getting pretty..well trying hard
isn't my hair cute..?? Nicole is awesome with the 

Coming down to go.

We're there!!

Enter here

A great center..about 20 minutes from home
and this is what we learned.

The chemo "pod" has WiFi

I couldn't play my white blood count is too high
somewhere there is an antibiotics
this week and back NeXT Friday..2/1 at 8:15 AM for
blood work and try it again.

The cancer is in stage more lymphs thru my body
my adrenal glands, another 1 cm node to the left of my aorta, 
in my 9th rib..rib is breaking my spine and 
numerous areas of my skeleton (bones)

Well I just lost it!! Rich looks sad and scared..but
as I read before..and my BFF Marcia reminded me 

This is my BFF!!! Marcia
she is so awesome!!

EVERY CANCER IN EVERY STAGE has been survived..and 
I intend to fight the fight..
God's will be done..

Tis me home from the day's journey!!
I 'm smiling

thank you for being my angel wings


And the winners are.....drum roll PLEASE

Polly of Count Your Blessing wins the above banner
it will customized for YOU. Just let me know
what you'd like it to say..and where dear Mary can email it to you.

You can email ME through my Profile


won the above banner..
Email me through my profile Jillian
and let me know what you want your
banner to say..and how we can get it
emailed to you.

Thanks to everyone for sending their love stories
it was truly touching to read them
I believe in romance!!!

fondly, deena

off to later if I don't just crash this evening!!
love ya all

Me & my two BFF's Michele & Marcia
left to right..when I still wore glasses this

Thursday, January 24, 2008


completed her radiation today..
Please visit her ..
and I ask for prayers for Kristy and Milton

Her story is a testimony of faith and 
love ..that has touched my heart.

fondly, deena

THANK YOU & Pray for Rich , my family & me tomorrow

I love this award..a burning pink candle
bestowed this on me. What perfect timing for me .
(She just lost her lil furry baby too..OH I know the hurt of that loss.)

I began my Dexamethasone today, a booster for
me during chemo,

ordered a cool wig today, had lunch with
my oldest daughter and came home to REST.
Last evening my youngest daughter , Mercedes called to 
see if I'd go to 

Sweeney Todd with her. .
I  was out of here and at the movie with 30 minutes.
It was great to spend time with her, hug her and just sit next to her.
Oh the movie..I liked it  a Bloody Murder Musical..but a cautionary
Tomorrow will be a long day for Rich & me.  Be at the Oncology Center at 9:30 AM
..blood tests for me, meet with the oncologist, discuss the Pet/CT scan
then 5.5 hours of chemo & Herceptin IVs.

I'll let you know the outcome as soon as I can.
  I expect the best news
but ..I'm prepared for anything..God is holding me in His palm.

lovingly, deena
OOPS ..just found out Sweet Mary of Mary's Writing Nook
left this award for me!!
Mary is a great friend..who I found here on Blog Land
God gives us what we need

Gift Away for Valentine's!! Tell your friends

I've decided to choose  Thursday
Jan 24th
before I start chemo..just in case I don't 
feel like getting out of bed.

Feel free to take the top banner to post my Gift Away on YOUR blog..
but please honor Mary's work, and only use it to send your friends here.

made these two banners for
the Gift Away. The second one has my
blog on it..but Mary will change it to yours.
Please pray for her also, she's been ill
& had a bad reaction to meds.

I'll pick the winners (two)
on Jan 24th, Mary will
customize the text on the banner
and then I'll send the banner for you to use
on your BloG.

All you have to do is post
a LOVE story on my blog comment
& make sure I can reach you if you are
a winner..

Ok, let's think good loving thoughts.
Rich and I were married on 2/13
I'll post our love story when I announce the winners


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some EXCELLENT Ideas!!

My friend Rhea sent me some
pics..these are the BEST!!
and such great ideas!!

My Winnings!!

Here's how it started..this box was HUGE!!

Don't I look oh so dapper in my 
pj pants, cami, sweater & the great apron??

I wore my apron all night.. and at bedtime
Rich said..
You're something else

Really, what do you mean

How many women wear their apron all night?

Well it's comfy!! Has a lil front pouch, tis quilted and
just so CUTE

Thank you dear Robin,I had chocolate last night
 I enjoyed my Winter Blend Starbucks
coffee this AM


ta ta

Dr Jones said Friday is ok for Chemo.
gave me a sweet hug
 & told me I could come
in anytime..even just to talk..
He's so caring..I do have a special place in my
heart for him....
Next time I see him, I'll prolly be bald..eeekk
but he said..
it'll grow back and be curly..
don't worry.. you'll make it through all this.

I start taking my pre-chemo meds tomorrow
I must say I'm SKEERED of chemo
but I'll be there..making it a fun day..and
Rich is going too, he's ALWAYS good for 
laughs..God bless him. I'll say this again,
I can't imagine having cancer
with anyone but Rich and GOD.

Ta Ta