Saturday, September 24, 2011

Latest MRI Update

Sorry I have been so delayed with my latest news.
I keep losing my password (and my brain)

My latest MRI showed more edema , so I am on a steroid again for 2 weeks
and for another MRI on 11/1/2011. He (my doctor, Klopenstein) will determine then if the docs will do surgery to remove the tissue in the brain.

I am sleeping and I did get out for the
Peoria Art Fair is a annual event I do with my two closest friends. I was so happy
to be out as it is rare I can get safely out and feel well. The steroid is Decadron and
I've have been sleeping by taking Advil PM @ bed time.

I am sorry for keeping so quiet , but I've been been tired, forgetful and not able to do
much communication. Sometimes I think my husband forgets I am ill. His dad is elderly
and Rich has things to do for him also.

Thanks for all of you for caring. I am sorry if I don't answer.
I appreciate your prayers and your caring.
I am unable to drive and appreciate my friends immensely
rides to doctor and lunches and just getting me out.

Sometimes I don''t always answer the phone and some day
I don't get up till late afternoon. I don't cook everday and sometimes
I stay in bed all day. ( Not a good idea)
I only have a land line , just a cell phone.
Our house is big , & sometimes if the phone is not on me
I don't hear it.

I don't always function every day. I just watch old Law & Order episodes..all of the SVU, CI and Law and Old.

I did almost no gardening this summer , my passion .

I will try to post a picture soon.

Bet I won't know my password again.....

T hanks for caring and praying

My blessings

Friends who still care even when I don't respond when they call on my bad days, sometimes I just don't remember

"Mad Men"
"Pawn Stars"

White Chocolate Bliss Candy

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

''''''''''I Had An MRI MonDay"""""""

I will post when I get any news. I have hardly done ONE bit of gardening this summer
but my Sweet Autumn Clematis is blooming , smells so good.

I am getting a hair cut tomorrow. I will try to post a picture after I get home.

Sorry I've been MIA, I have no pep.
Our summer was no fun .

Hope my friends out there will let me know how
your summers were.
Any flower pix to share??

My two oldest grandsons are playing football now
one a Freshman , one a Junior. When they are close
to home and I feel decent ,we go.

I had an MRI on Monday, I have no results yet.
thanks for caring. October is 4 years fighting the brain tumors.