Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today is God's Gift, My Diagnosis was Oct. 2007

Every day when I step out of the shower
I see this plaque on the wall. My friend sent it
to me (she is dear and has helped me alot through
this cancer journey)
Today is God's Gift

I am glad I keep getting today.. I love my life mostly
although things have been difficult with my youngest
back home with 2 more cat


I was in Stage 4 already in Oct of 2007
after having a mammogram
in Oct. 2006
if you feel something
insist on a mammogram
no matter what age.
Girls in their 20' s are
more and more begin diagnosed with breast

CANCER ..One in Two Men
One in Three Women
We need a cure for all cancer.
Sept has seen so many cancer victims pass, I can tell
you 5 friends and relatives have passed this month
of cancer..

Pray for the world!! Miracles do happen.I am one!!

I fear I am not as sweet as I should be, especially to
hubby hunk. I just the house back, with just hubby, our
fat GOOD cat and me here

I had kids in the house for 35 years and just got the house back with
just us ..I like it. I'm selfish with my time with hubby.

Here's a picture of my mom and me at Cracker Barrel just outside
of Springfield IL. We had a great time, awesome step dad, Mary Jo me MOM
my brother Jeff, sis inlaw Lisa and nephew Ethan (13 yrs)
It's great to have family..

my dad and step mom and step brother are all deceased.

I just realized my mom LOVES me, silly of me not to know.
It feels great to have a MOM and such a great step dad..he is
a keeper like my Hunny Hunk..

A happy wife is a happy life..George said when I asked
him why he babies my cool guy, builds homes in
Springfield IL and they are AWESOME

I am not sure if this is what I signed up to do..but I am going to
blog my breasts..I think they want us to show them..Ford has (or did have)
a wall of breasts and I am on there..
You won't see my face..I invite all my Pink Friends to show your
scars and support Breast Cancer Awareness Month..October 1st is
the kick off..let's start a tradition..bring those boobies out of the
~~Celebrate we are Survivors~~

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update, More Soon

With a hubby this good, 2 is better than one.

I wrote about the leaves burning and stopped my post
& went out , started a leave burn in my vented can..
I am WAY to OCD

Rich & me goofing off with I photo ..we are just a couple of kids
Rich calls me gigglypuss.

I have so much too share I may have to post more than once.
On the deck, enjoying my Nestle that keeps me peaceful.
The leaves are changing and falling. Is that why
Autumn is referred to as "Fall"??
I love this season, cool crisp air, leaves crackling under your feet,
the smell of burning leaves and moss.

Hello!! I am back from Steroid Hell!! It was WICKED.
I am on a low dose & hopefully totally weaned off
soon. I had Gamma Knife Surgery on 3 of the first batch
of my Brain Mets. (5).

They have been through Gamma Knife Surgery, Whole Brain Radiation & a second
Gamma Knife Surgery. Right now those tumors look the larger.. no smaller
but I will be getting another MRI soon, just to monitor any changes.

If these tumors don't decrease in size or start growing again, the next step
is Brain Surgery. Just drill where each tumor is , remove it & move on to 2
& 3. I'm all for that. Get rid of them & move on. I'd be in hospital for maybe
5 days, as one is a bit deep in. My balance is so off, I tumble from a
stooping position, I can't walk a straight line unless I am walking with
my arns at my sides. It's ok, I can deal .

My friends have to keep a close watch on me & my belongings. The 2nd
thing I did at the
"Fine Art Fair" at our river front, was lose my wallet with all my ID, cards, money,
insurance card EEEKKKK.

My BFFs Marcia & Michele ..Michele stayed with me, while Marcia scouted
the last place, I stopped .. It was there!!! They thought it was a little boys.. Teehee, I love it. The ladies at that table were
selling raffle tickets. No I didn't win, shoot.

I've more to post..check back .



Thursday, September 23, 2010

For the Love of Owls

Love it!! I read every word of this magazine
and it's a keeper!!

I received a gift of Owl Earrings and Necklace..silver
this week from a Blog Friend, I was DEEElighted.
thanks Nancy

On eBay Sept 23rd to Sept 30

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Sorrowful Day

Yesterday 9/11/2010
my sweet great niece, Lexie, only 10 years old
lost her you her almost lifetime fight with
cancer and passed way.

She was such a sweet , strong fighter and most
always active and happy.

My hubby was on his cell with his
friend who knows Lexie, most folks in
Chillicothe did.

I heard his friend, say Lexie ( his voice comes over
the phone quite clearly) & I knew immediately ...I just sobbed
& sobbed .

I confess I even said

"Oh no, God, why not me ? I am 55 & she is a tender age of
1o . Why God?? it's not fair, Why??

Rich's face fell, he said "dont
say that"

I recentlly put a little framed on prominent display
later, I sat down & it was right in front of my

Everything happens for a reason. Just believe

I do believe & who am I to question our Lord.
I guess God has more plans for me (& everyone)

Lexie is with God now. She is estatic & total healed.

please pray for the family & all who loved Lexie
in time of sorrow & grief


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday With BFFs

Wednesday was BFF day. Michele recently left her job (retired) and Marcia
just came back from 3 week stay with grandson Hunter and granddaughter Harper.
We had missed each other much.

We had lunch here at "The Nestle In The Singing Woods"
Mint Iced Tea
Baby Salad Greens with herbs, I even added mint to
my salad.

Cantaloup and Blueberries.

Then we took a 2 mile walk on Singing Woods Road
and collecting Acorns.

Came back home and had Red Velvet Cake (Michele brought) &
cupcakes (Marcia brought)

Good conversation..hugs..pix and
little gifts from Michele

I got a Spiced Tea Pouch to set hot Tea and spread the
fragrance & a Tea bag.

I had the Tea & some toast with real butter
& cinammon sugar generously sprinkled atop today for breakfast.

Great to have such kind, caring, sweet friends

I have know Michele (dark hair) & Marcia (light hair for more than 25 years
We all worked at a local big bank. Marcia was a Branch Manager and my
boss in the 1980's. Michele was an Auditor.and I was Marcia's Assistant
Manager in the 1980's when we met.

I am truly blessed with such great friends.

We are all granny's

Marcia has two, I have six and Michele six. Aren't we young looking???


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today Was Awesome

Spent it with two of my BFF's

will post tomorrow
It's late and I am tired
and it will take me lots of time to
get ready for bed.



Two of the most awesome friends ever!!!
& my friend Church

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My BFF Back Today

An owl hooting by our window woke me up today.
Hubby & I are going out for a morning in the cool
crisp morning.

Marcia will be home today.
Back from California visit
to grand babes .

It'll be great to have her around ..she always
makes my life better.

Our internet has been up and down.
I think it's my wireless network settings.

So we are just leaving the Mac s on
they "sleep" but the net connection doesn't close.
My new wireless router, well I am not sure I
set the network correct, but my poor brain is beyond

Anyone have EXPERTISE..please let me know
we use the AirPort setting on our Macs

Have a great day!!


cool weather
living in an awesome area
good friends
the best hubby
Mentha bath products from C O Biglelow
L'Ocitaine Hair products
meds to heal me
still fighting after 3 years
pieces of jewelry
ice cream
My BFF Marcia
My BFF Michele
My BFF Cindy
My BFF Sally Smith
Friends like Nancy
Seeing a deer on the side yard this AM
being able to be independent mostly
mail treasures
God's unending care & love

What are your blessings??

Friday, September 3, 2010

Last Chance for Seeds

I still have plenty of HollyHock Seed
If you like some...just send me a SASE
(self addressed, stamped envelope)
I will send you a packet.

I've posted growing info in another post

Deena Warner
127 W Curtis Drive
Chillicothe, IL 61523

I have sent all the requests I received. If you need more or didn't get them
let me know. I love to share and I love the idea of our hollyhocks
spreading all through the USA!!

Thanks for caring and supporting me through my last almost 3 years
The journey continues .

I'm planning a Autumn Gift Away next week.
Be sure to look on Wednesday and get sighned up.

I hope I get LOTS of entries!!
I made give 3 sepSparate entries

Check Back

Sept 8th entry to Sept 15th..Winners drawn on Sept 17th
Shipping done Monday before my MRI.

It'll be a treat.

Tell your friends Please

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Supper Tonight, Dining Alone

A plate of garden tomatoes, salted good, slices of sharp cheddar cheese.
a Root Beer Float.

Doesn't get better than this!!!

*Try toasted, cheese, tomatoes* (add bacon too if you like)
I love it.