Friday, October 31, 2008


Just some ideas..these were made by my friend Sally

OK, I'm so excited, let's do a Pretty In Pink Christmas ornament exchange
just sign up with Mr Linky & make & purchase  ONE ornament. Each of us will send their hand did ornaments to their partner.I have  opened  up a YAHOO Group too for the Speckled Egg,  SO SO FUN..we'll show our pink trees online when we decorate them. Ornaments should be mailed to your partner by Dec 1st . I  will make a donation to the Komen Foundation for Christmas too for each ornament exchanged.  I challenge you all to make a small's a GREAT day here.
Please sign up by Nov25 th & I'll post partners on the 28th

I'm going to have tree for JUST pink and as many ornaments as are exchanged,  I will send ONE dollar to the Komen Foundation~ Jingle for the Cure

Flea Market Friday

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sumpins Gotta Give Sumpins Gotta Give

Day of Days

Yesterday was one crazy day full of fun and NOT so fun
I had a great morning, my BFF Marcia came , we had lunch, talked, went to WallyWorld, ok sorry hubby, got the call in WallyWorld that my MRI results were,the tumors not gone were
less than half the size they were before WBR !!! GREAT news!! Still in WallyWorld in front of
the coolest pumpkins I called Rich , told him the MIRACLE news , with my speaker phone on and not figuring out how to turn it off. EEEKKKK. On to Shoppes At Grand Prairie for jeans, cuddleduds, bra, panties and LOVELY night gowns, then got some tea bags, gifts for Christmas & finally home about 6PM
Baby Daddy was upstairs sleep. I stayed up to 12:30 my OCD self would not let me rest, then came up to prepare for bed. Took my pain med & a sleeping pill. Alas I am slow now so I didn't make it to bed. After the shower it ended with tooth brushing. Rich heard a big ole melon hit the tile floor in the bath..there I lay NAKED, on my back. toothpaste on the floor on one side, brush on the other. OUT COLD.
Rich dials 911, sherrif , ambulance , firemen come..sootty boots leave TRACKS!!! hahahahaha
off to the ER, 4hours, I finally get released. I barely remember any of it, from being in the shower to getting back in bed. Read my discharge papers. OH ANOTHER FORGOTTEN THING, I had to call my oncologist Dr. Prager , to arrange to discuss the nodule on my thyroid seen on neck CT . LOL and this
dont use darvocet and ambien together unless I go DIRECTLY to bed.
ok , I am fried. Not so much, I feel better today. REALLY . Please pray I will adjust to the permanent changes in my personality & those around me will be able also!!
GOD is Good, ALL the time & ALL the time God is GOOD

ok, my mom got hurt about the lost baby post, she told me b4 she'd NOT read it again & Rich is upset with me sharing so much PERSONAL stuff about him (from last year) so out of respect...I will share OPENLY but maybe not so much about what should be between Rich & I or God and all of us
Rich & I will be out for awhile @ about 3:30PM, pray we don't do anything CRAZY

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Off to Run Errands

My BFF is driving me around for my errands
The MRI took 1.5 hours & I'll post results as soon as I know
GREAT news!! My MRI shows that the tumors that are not
gone are less than 1/2 the size  they were originally.
I told Rich last year before my bc, as much as I'm nesting
I am either going to give birth or die.  Lord tis ME who has been REborn.
praise His Holy Nane.  Much joy here & I've been Christmas shopping.  I LOVE
Christmas & all the love the comes wit just as I feel Autumn in so joyous.
I told Rich this AM when he woke, each day brings such joy, I cannot wait to rise!!
Tomorrow I post what my plan for our (family) is.

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off To Docs We Go

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

God's Blessings

Watching "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" with hunny hunk hubby. Trying to upload my video..A God visit & didn't want to scare others ..tteeehhheee with ugh self on it. You at least know I'm bald.

Today was a visit too Dr Diane Prager, blood work all good, except my white blood count is below 8,000 never been that low , at it's hightest it was28,oo0, they moved my MRI by my request to tommorow @ 7AM, Rich will be there. I will let you all know when we know. I was told to TAKE my Darvocet..teehee...every 4 hrs. Not as needed.

The girls( the nurse med student & nurse practitioner) cried ..cuz I cry all the time. Be not sad for me!! Nicole cried when they asked me if I was ready for this and I said IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL. Much love & keep on keeping on to coin a pink friends bog. The www, this STUPID WINDOWS & all electronics hate me now. Had to have Amy @ S'more Couiterre dial my cell phone before it would work Even Sally couldn't get it right. Dr said my symptons are normal for having the radiation & permanent. Miracles do happen. At the Cancer Center today as I was leaving. I feel like taking my blog to invite only, but if I am sharing I am sharing openly and it will help others and hurt some. My goal genetic testing for Her2NEU@ 20 & sonograms on the breast of girls when the first get PaP smears!!!! 210,000 will be diagnosed with BC the year! Enough we need more womens health & as women enter this area we will GET more..



Monday, October 27, 2008

One Year Pink Warrior Today

~I'll be taking the Pink day things down, but each year on this day I will have this celebration~

Today every one of my prayers have been answered, on my one year warrior day, more to come
Life is it in wonder

The truth has emerged..going on my blog today
but NOT all the details.
here are the facts

My dad loved my step mother more than anyone else in his life
My step mom loved her son more than anyone else
Because we love both of the so, we never ??d things
I raised by this woman because my bio mom was deprived of me
my mom came home from work, baby gone (ME) house empty
she lived on the street..wouldn't ask for help till my dad's
family asked her to come stay with them
My mom saw my ONCE after dad married my step mom on July 4
a DAY after there divorce..what wasted lives..I hope PHYLLIS my step mom repents
before she dies
thank you GOD!! for this prayer answered
Hunny Hunk says from only seeing ads on TV, I feel like I'm in a "DAYS OF OUR LIVES" & truly who would believe this?

My step mother has lied about everyone but her son
all her
My dad would never call HER on the carpet so we never knew
All our lives we have been decieved about our famly
and today we discovered that my step monster..I am so at peace
with The Great Deciever
because someone played back her voice message & we
finally believe our family memebers

all is reavealed all is forgiven and I have lost 53 years of my family
becasuse of this

I continue to pray for every one ..and specifically others on some days

I am ready to GO home to God now
but will stay as long as I can as I love my family and friends so much
Fondly, Deena the Pink Warrior and child of God as we all are

pink coming

Hunny Hunk wanted to know what we will do when my stepmom dies, he thought we wouldn't go to funeral. All is 4given we will do whatever with a broken heart and much love

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Question of My Day

"Let me get this want me to balance the ball on my head and ride the unicycle"

a card from Tina of Garden Goose Gifts

Ready for my massage.was truly wonderful
Mary Piefer
My IV bruise from last Friday looks like angel kiss today!

My fave blue & brown colors with my great pink ribbon pin from

more pics to come

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday October 24 & Tis Flea Market Friday

My new friend from the UK, she & her son battle canser. Her son's battle started in 1977, her sharing of experience and advice from someone who's been there has been a blessing for me. What she shared with me yesterday was HOPE

She had these earrings on in a picture she sent..I had to have them..she sent me the link & Rich helped me order 3 pair (my girls have to wait till Christmas) teehee

My Pink Friend, Michelle asked for opinions on what to do with her hair now that it has begun to wave goodbye. Here is my response for anyone who faces this decision.

Michelle ..both times I lost my hair..I didn't do it until I could not stand hair on my pillowcase all the time, washing my hair and the falling out just wouldn't stop last b& but not least ..this last time I lost my hair, I was at my grandson's football game with a cap on..the bit of hair at my neck was just blowing out in the breeze. ENOUGH I'll know when it's right for you!!! You must do as you are, let your body tell YOU what to do( her daughter had a concert she WANTED to attend ( chemo, not just feeling ill, it's poison and docs hope it kills the canser before it kills us)

Visit my NATURE BLOG to see my God Visit yesterday

Today WE have an appt with my Phsyciatrist , Rich agreed to talk with her also. He is so anxious it is NOT healthy. Hope she can help him with meds. Out to dinner with friends and a little cap of softs made just for under wigs. Saturday my Oncology Massage Therapist is coming at 9AM. I can't wait to meet her. Football games on Saturday and Sunday too. I need to take a break. Small chores are too taxing. I can barely punch numbers on the phone correctly. Yesterday I tried to call Rich from the TV remote & I realized it when the TV turned stations. My whole day is like that!!!!! much love

Keep praying for all who need it, pray for Dee today , her first chemo was yesterday.

The simplest chores are really hard for me, so I'll be taking a break..but my friend can post updates for me so don't worry if I'm on not posting..I will READ the comments and answer emails


I'm working on getting my photos online now . Click the FMF banner on my sidebar to see ALL the selllers. My friend Mollye has a new bloggy, stop by today, tell her "deena sent me" teehee

Curious Goodes

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Family, Team Deena

Rich & his sister Rhonda . Rich is the babe of the family

My way sweet son Steve, oldest

My baby girl, Mercedes

Youngest grandson, Steven my daughter in law Andrea my oldest daughter, Nicole

All my grandbabes
The two oldest are Zach on the right & Jon on the left
holding the two youngest..Joe & Cole are best friends. Joe is 8 & Cole is 7
Dear hubby Rich~ daughter Nicole~ me ~ my bff Marcia

Our sweet Smooth Collie (short hair) Hannah

Hubby Rich & the oldest sibling Gary

The youngest four grands~Joe , Caleb , Steven & Cole (clockwise) they saw me get the camera & ran to pose without me saying a thing..LOL
Our FAT cat, Mya

Just sharing pictures of my family today, they are my JOYS everyday

Please share your joys with me &pleas

Autumn Open House Journal winner is Diane of Pinecones & Roses, thanks EVERYONE for sharing your homes!!

God visits

He visits each of us daily , today as I was walking past the front door, I saw a little buck right in FRONT of the door. Oh so sweetly he tiptoed past. I knew he was going to eat crabapples, I grabbed the phone & called honey hunk hubby. Then I opened the door & went out..saw no deer. I walked closer & Mr. Deer lifted his head. I waved, (Waves at Wildlife, remember my hubby nicknamed me that ..along with W B, water bag, cause I cry so easily) . Wish it had been more than daybreak don't take well then. God send him for me to enjoy & I did. ...I have not seen a deer near here since July or so.


Breast Canser has been the biggest blessing with God

I brought my Rad Mask home yesterday, it'll be my Halloween mask now. Teehee. I watched "Living Proof" again. You MUST see it. Yesterday was bad and OH so good.

thank you MARY for my new banner

Monday, October 20, 2008

Saturday Football Game

My youngest grandson Steven, he was a sick lil boy at birth, GOD answers prayers

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday October 19th

aRt of my friend Sally Smith, lives in my home now

Ok my breakfast..but the color version is gone, trying again tomorrow

lunch was chips & chili cheese dip my BFF Marcia made for me, so GOOD

OH my gosh..did I say no more?? I don't think I should have..but tis true yesterday was a bad poke day, they didn't schedule my blood test, so I went right to the treatment pod, they called me in..said they needed blood test on my kidneys first, but they would do it ,they'd take it when they stuck for the IV line..that went well..but NOT blood would come out..the IV was in correct would drip so they put Saline through to make sure the vein just wasn't goof,no blood, so they called the tech to come up & draw it stick in the vein...oh hurt,kept pushing in, pushing in I asked Rich to come hold my hand Tech said my vein was rolling..Finally gave up then she stuck stick , no blood..that came out soooooo slow.. Kidneys were fine..of course we got me a big old bruise , and had to do a new mix because my weight had changed(^)

This comes home with me 10/20/08 My Halloween costume, but no kids except my grands I love these on the wall at Komen

On to my mammogram, it's 10/17/08 national mammogram, I didn't try to make the appt. for

this day

sharing my experience only !!!I totally agree

Dressed well, looking good , Cancer Center always has treats never saw any at this part of my dream team (Dr Denise Mammolito, Dr Glyn Jones, Dr Diane Prager, Dr Patrick Elwood, Dr McGhee, Methodist Hospital, St Francis Hospital, )

Starting out getting treats for Radiation Oncology staff

do you all know you can come visit me???
me casa su casa, any time we went to Joe's football game yesterday afternoon, second loss for the team this season, they are so good! Won'te be going to Zack &Jon game today, I have a sorethroat, cough, fever & some bites that look infected waaah. I have to protect myself.
Ok..where did those pics go??