Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trust the Journey

Not to worry my dear friends. ..I am here and well
I have only 5 radiation treatments left
so next Tuesday will be my LAST !!

After that..just watching and testing me
(every two months for the brain, every three
months for the heart and every three weeks for 
blood tests)

and the continuing Herceptin & Zometa
every three weeks.

I lost my spirit for a bit, too tired to do anything
or even care about doing stuff. I realized then, I just 
have to trust my journey.

I have gotten some sweet gifts the past 2 weeks also
bringing me much joy. My friend Sally ..made a "Little Book of Joys"
as I was finding it hard to find some.  I don't know why..I am not
depressed ..just tired.  This too has passed.

I have a list of things to help  a friend through her journey

Call to chat
Stop by to do laundry
Take her a milk shake
Cook a meal for her & the family
Get manicures & pedicures together
Wash her car
Add her to prayer chains
Ice cream sundaes are always fun
Shampoo her hair

 Please Share your joys with me
& art you've been working on

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Taking a Break

to contemplate life and health and my path on this journey. Don't worry,I'm fine, but I need to find joy. I will be getting closer to God & my purpose in Him.
Find the joy & snatch it up &
Keep feeding me whimsy PLEASE!! love..Deena * I AM blessed*

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Bit of Whimsy

I just love little vignettes..they are so comforting

Enjoy, Deena

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Amazed I am

Just four screw holes..and a bit of HAIR...

We're home..had 5 tumors removed and home feeling good!

It's amazes me, this Gamma Knife here in Peoria

is the only one in the midwest..except for Mayo's Clinic in

MN. I feel so blessed ..just a ride to town..and now I'm

home well.

I hope to get around to visit soon.


I still have a brain!!!



Thanks to you ALL

We're up and getting ready to go. I hope to post tomorrow, with all the gory details..LOL
Thanks for caring and praying.

gamma knife procedure

real hair

music to listen to today

the best hunny husband

all my friends and loved ones


being crowned

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Latest News!! IT's Better Than We Thought

All I can say, is thank heavens for headaches!!
That headache that started 2 weeks ago was a warning
sign. I had it for over a week, told my Dr. Mammolito
when I went to her for my follow up (she's my breast surgeon)
Last Tuesday,
she had me go THAT day for a head MRI & had my results
sent to my oncologist (Dr. Prager) that same day. I got a call that late

The headaches are from edema (swelling).. I for sure have tumors
in my brain , they will search for more tomorrow.
Today Rich and I went to "Gamma Knife Center" for
our appt. Tomorrow at 6 AM we will go in for the
radiation procedure. Most of the day, it will be VERY precise
radiation to destroy just the tumors. The docs will do a head MRI
every 8 weeks for about 2 years to watch for more developing tumors.

We are delighted it will be a one time procedure..the outlook is excellent & we are praising God for the ease of it.
Please pray for us tomorrow..I know God will be with us nd all will be fine.. I'm only a BIT cautious of the CROWN
I will get screwed to my skull!!
EEEK, but it will be fine.
Thanks to all of you for caring!
With Love In Him, Deena

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Movie to See and Hollyhocks

I love this movie
It has great scenery, a sweet story
& love music.

Hope you'll check out


Iced Sweet Mint Tea
whimsies in my house
God's faithfulness
a blustery day
Winnie the Pooh

love in Him

I'll be posting the winner of the garden journal in
a few days..thanks for all who joined the tour
and clicked!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy 4th

If you have not seen the mini series

from HBO

..it would be a great weekend to watch it.

Rich and I LOVED it and I must say ..I was sad when

it was over.. Such history..costumes and John and Abagail

were a wonderful couple

It's out on DVD now.. If you do watch it..Let me know what you


Much Love..God is Good, please prayer for all those in need. Deena

I'll post next week again.


the garden is changing blooms

coffee treats

my grown children

my six grandsons

my hair is GROWING

God's grace

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The Goal was made!!

Off to radiation 6 or 28..!!
I've been very tired and 
bothered with migraines and headaches
this last week.
Not sure WHAT is going on with my head.
Off to my breast surgeon today also for
my six month check up.

 Please pray for 
my friends
Cora and Sandra and Mary.

God works for the good in all things for
those who love Him.