Monday, December 31, 2007

and a Happy New Year

As the calendar turns another year..I want to reflect on 2007, 

Some highlights
  1. My new blog friends
  2. My dear gold friends
  3. My new friend Sally, right here in Peoria, who I met online!!
  4. My last daughter fled the nest
  5. My website ~The Primitive Gathering
  6. Helping with Creative Call Studios
  7. The wonderful friends of Art in the World , a Yahoo group
  8. The community on ZNE
  9. My new roses that bloomed in the garden
  10. Seeing my first Kingfisher
  11. Breast Cancer diagnosis on 10/28
  12. Mastectomy on 12/12 with reconstructive surgery
  13. Amazing doctors, Dr. Jones and Dr. Mammolito
  14. Lasik Eye Surgery in April
  15. New Breast Friends
  16. My son graduate from Motorcycle Mechanic School and is a certified Harley Davidson Mechanic
  17. 8 new holly bushes
  18. A crazy mole family in our backyard
  19. My 14th wedding anniversary in February
  20. My 52nd birthday in April
  21. My son turned 35
  22. My oldest daughter turned 25
  23. My youngest daughter turned 18
  24. My Pink Razor phone & Pink Bluetooth for my ear
  25. A New MacBook, NO viruses ALL year, not ONE!!
  26. Deeper Faith in God
  27. Closer relationships with all my loved ones
  28. A WAY cute Lauren Jean Jacket
  29. A trip to Phoenix  AZ for my son's graduation
  30. My BFF has a new grandson, Hunter
  31. Another Year of life in the Singing Woods
  32. Right before my diagnosis , an overwhelming sense of hopelessness *which went away immediately after the cancer news*
  33. In December,FINALLY,  just Rich and I in this big house
  34. Christmas Breakfast with my kids and grands
  35. Hubby gave me a necklace & earring, made of silver & pearls, made just for me
  36. Selling our old house after 2 years
  37. Wearing jeans again after surgery
  38. A new Brighton purse & pill box
  39. Gifts given with love from so many friends
  40. Finally being happy with who I am
  41. Ice and snow storms
  42. Seeing the space shuttle in the horizon
  43. Renewed Friendships
  44. Discovering "The Sopranos"
  45. Netflix
  46. Doing my first "show" at Cinammon Creek's in KY with dear friends..BJ & Sherry
  47. Seeing deer in the yard
  48. A little Red Fox visited our yard
  49. Hearing the Coyotes at night
  50. Seeing oh so many Eagles on the river
  51. Andre Bocelli
  52. My favorite book I read this year, The Tenth Circle
  53. My favorite movie this year, The Martian Child
There are lots more ..all blessings, but might be boring to you!!
May 2008 be a BLESSED year for each and every one of us.
I'm determined to fight the fight
I believe in tomorrow & I intend to be part of it


Going to the Doctor"s today

Yesterday's do.

New Year's Eve 2007, the new me.
Still not going too short, but we'll gradually
do it. Gotta get ready for the BALD me!!

I love the back too

I've got a pink tee & pink panties on

but ya know, PINK is being exploited!!

To see my sweet plastic surgeon
Dr. Jones.
I'm all cute, with jeans and a shirt
& my new hair. My sweet daughter
Nicole does so good.
Makes me feel younger for sure.
fondly, deena
I have a new Gift Away coming up
I'll post it in the next couple of days

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Me & My Honey


Here we are, acting silly, getting ready
to go OUT for breakfast..and I have
jeans and a shirt on!!!

Nicole is coloring and cutting my hair today
so stayed tuned for my new do!!


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gifts of Love

Sign up for my GIFT AWAY
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Lovely plant my neighbor Cami brought while I was in hospital
*Dr Jones says it that way*

My friends Cindy & Patty brought this to me
in hospital

My sweet angel  & Saviour stitchery from my sweet friend, Angela

Love the pointsettia pin & fabric rose from

A few gifts, from some lovely friends

I posted a few SNOW pics on my NATURE BLOG
hope you'll take a look

thank you for your continued encouragement makes a WORLD of
difference in this battle *sometimes called journey*


What an Honor

bestowed all these awards on me today!!
I am honored to have her as a new friend.
Stop by her blog, tis a treat.
Thank you Mary!!!
I'll draw a winner on New Year's
fondly, deena

Friday, December 28, 2007

Prayer Answered

Thanks for praying for my daughter Nicole
The prayers were answered and all should
be well tomorrow
God is good!!
I'll post more tomorrow
Today we got SNOW, and JoAnna called me
..I worked on web stuff
and generally had a fun day by myself.
fondly, deena

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Well I just love this one..tis so ME
Mary from Isabella's Closet made it
..she's so sweet..

ONE big thing I want to say, don't be
sad or sorry for me  BECAUSE
Cancer has blessed me with new  friends, better
relationships with my gold friends,  a deeper faith
and a closer relationship with our Lord,  it has
strengthened my marriage & I now value TODAY
every day.  It has also brought a peace to our home.
Just love me, be my friend, pray for and with me, encourage
me &  hold my hand as we walk through the next few months.

Romans 8:28
"and we know that all things work together for good
to them that love God, to them who are the called according
to His purpose"

Today was the first day alone for so long, it was peaceful and
wonderful. I putzed a bit, watched the movie "Insomnia"
and took a nap. Hubby is home now..and we have the movie
"We Are Marshall" to watch.  

I get better each day and hope to wear my jeans again SOON!!

I met a couple of new pink friends..Libby and Amy.

I am even thinking about working on some new graphics for 
my website, The Primitive Gathering , gosh I must be feeling good.

I've been "juicing up" for chemo & love the good natural stuff. 
For the
next few days, till New's Eve day when I visit my AWESOME Dr Jones,
(yes I have a crush on him, teehee)
I'll probably just be hanging out at home & recovering more each day.

Today is day 15 after the surgery..and tomorrow is 2 months since
my diagnosis..oh the places we'll go..

fondly, love to you my friends


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Laden with Gifts

tis wonderful.

Another page for my art book from
my sister's at Art In The Word Yahoo Group.
This one is from Katie.

Christmas from Rich
a new purse & pill box &
A GREAT book on hawks.  Love them.

My sweet friend Jan, of Bold & Free made
this scarf for moi!!!! I love, cream & lilac..with
silver accents ..I LOVE it..My BFF told me how to drape it.
I wore it in the house all day, on Saturday when it arrived.
Thank you Jan!!! and your friends for the card also

More pics of gifts soon, my camera battery died..then it was time
for the docs, then it was DARK!!

The doctor today..said after chemo
I'd do 28 treatments of radiation
on the right chest and shoulder area.

Tis a 15 minute visit, 5 days a week
and I think I'll be able to drive myself

Maybe about 6 months down the road..
fondly, deena

Gift AWAY!!

Two wonderful books from Kaye Gibbons
Ellen Foster  &  A Virtuous Woman,
they are Oprah's Bookclub picks.

I loved them both, just post a Blessing you received in 2007
& make sure I can reach you if you win.
I'll draw a winner on 1/1/2008

Tell your friends too
Tis good to give, deena

A VERY Merry Christmas, A Christmas Breakfast

Let's open some gifts.

Preparing breakfast, that HUGE man with a beard and tatts is 
my son.  He's so kind, funny and gentle, but he might
scare you if you didn't know him..I do NOT like that beard!!!

Much needed coats

Kitty got locked in the family room

The girls  & I start breakfast

The usual Wrestle Fest

I had to rest, I guess I'm NOT SuperWoman, LOL

The boys are patiently waiting for FOOD

Steven, my youngest grand, Andrea my wonderful DIL & Nicole

No one wants to look at the camera

Rich got the camera out, the boys POSED!! He didn't even ask

All my grandsons!!  I asked them to pose for me!!

It was a MERRY Christmas

fondly, Deena

Today we journey to the Radiation Oncologist

Monday, December 24, 2007


For Unto Us A Child is Born

Wrapped in swaddling clothes & lying in a manger


Merry Christmas Eve

Here I am..I did everything for my self this AM
My arm where the lymphs were removed , hurts a bit
today, but everything else is doing great.

I hope to get the gifts wrapped with Rich's help..hasn't happened
yet, but at least we have the gifts!!

Yesterday was a quiet day at home, enjoying each other's company.
I will be taking pics of my mail surprises to post soon.

Tonight we plan to go to the 7PM CandleLight service at
our church.  Then unwrapped our present(s)..we only have 
one to give each other, maybe we can have a fire too, 
as the wind is finally gone.

Merry Christmas Eve to all of you !!!! I love you

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday & the last day of hospital stay

Oh God sent me an angel nurse this day.
Sister Marion.. a young lady from 
Slovakia..she made me feel I was her
ONLY patient that day. 

She got me cleaned up, removed my catheter, took me for a walk
around the surgery floor, washed my hair as I LAY IN BED.
She told me she prayed for all her patients..and she was so kind, 
caring , gentle and loving.

Alot of progress this day!! With visits from Rich (of course)
my BFF Marcia, my friends Cindy & Patty (my movie partners),
my neighbor Cami who works at OSF hospital

So..the last day..I did get my pathology results (the abridged version)
and made lots of progress in moving about.
Sunday, Dr. Jones came in to see me, took out my pain pump
and cleared me for flight..and away Rich and I flew!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday of Surgery Stay & TODAY

Friday, day 3 of my hospital spa stay..LOL
Started out as a not so bad day..I had set up in bed
and got a "bath" and ate lunch, but come 11.30 ish
I got a horrid headache. I must admit it was worse
than any of the surgery pain.  The nurses and doctor
gave me a break , as I was SUPPOSE to
get up and walk, and have my catheter removed.
My friend Sheri came to visit and Rich went to
check on his dad.  Sheri set with me for about 5 hours
just trying to comfort me, let me sleep, her cool hands
on my neck and forehead.  She was a blessing.
About 5PM the migraine finally left and I was so glad to say farewell!! Do NOT come back.

My blood pressure and hemoglobin rose a bit. More good news, no transfusion yet.
Rich brought in a dozen pink roses and a poinsettia plant and 
my sister in law, Rhonda
sent a lovely bouquet of red and whites.
Marcia and Michele came up Thursday evening ..that was
a sweet visit ..two of my best friends . 
Rich went home Friday night, it was snowy so lovely..and he was LONELY 
at home, but I was glad I felt safe enough to let him leave.

We went to see Dr Jones at 8AM, got my last drain steritape changed on my tummy a little attention to my new breast and we go back on 12/31..Dr Jones is quite pleased
with my recovery and Rich told me that Dr. Jones knows I have a CRUSH on him.  He is so kind, caring and gentle ..and HANDSOME, well dressed and just love his accent.
The place where one drain was removed yesterday , continues to bleed a bit too much
but Dr. Jones showed Rich how to massage it and help it drain out a bit and then 
start to heal.
The staff at the office were so festive and SWEET and even Dr. Mammolito 
walked through and hugged me and told me .."now it's time for you to get WELL"
I love her too, we could be friends, she alot like me..OH MY I hope she doesn't 
read this..that statement my scare her!!!!!!!! ROFLOL
I have only taken 2 pain pills today.!! another goal
Nicole , my oldest daughter came today, with her youngest, Caleb..She cleaned the house
THANK GOODNESS and shaved my legs..WOOHOO..I'm a girl again.
Caleb was very gentle and leary of me..I showed him my surgery and he was
so glad the cancer is GONE!!  He's 4 but he has a lil understanding of
Gramma Deena being sick with Breast Cancer.. He's so cute, loving and sometimes
even a GOOD BOY.. He said he was a super duper good boy..teehee
We had PIZZA for supper, and some cake from Sally, YUMMY..a good day 
all in all..
my daughter.  Her car was impounded on Saturday eve  in the snow...after she'd left me at the hospital and 
she need funds to get it back..more than any of us have right now.
Please ask God for assistance in finding a she is
a single mom (soon to be divorced) of two young boys.
  She needs her car badly.
thank you in advance for lifting up her needs to our Lord.
fondly, deena

HELP about a novel

 Hi my friends,

she wrote, but with my brain all muddled from things
lately, I can't remember who asked her to send it to me???
Can you help??
** You can always
email me through my profile if you like,  too**
fondly, deena

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Life on the Surgery Floor & Pathology Report

The day after surgery went pretty good, I did have one
time when my pain wasn't bearable..but it was 
taken care of pronto..
My "On Que" had stopped working
it's a small ball of meds, with a pump and nodes inserted
directly into my incision site..right where the stomach was
opened to get the tissue, blood vessels , and FAT ..(yes take it!!)
for my new breast.  

It worked great  

My blood pressure
took a large drop, my hemoglobin was WAY low and
they had to change my pain med it yourself pump from
morphine a new med thinking it would
morphine is known to lower blood pressure.

That day
I just layed there ..with drains, cathater, IVs , pain pump
in me and I felt so weak I was sure I would die..but I wasn't scared
even then.  Rich stayed the night again, despite the every two
hour interruption of  sleep for vital checks..and the blood  pressure
just kept going lower (transfusion had been mentioned MANY times)
of course ..I made it!!! YIPPEE..

TODAY.. we went to my breast cancer surgeon..Dr. Mammolito..and 
I was THRILLED when we she removed TWO of my THREE drains..woohoo
I've lost the black of the shoulder drain bulb holder..

Now I have one drain bulb in the inside pocket of my cami.. 

Of course we laughed..teehee..and I told her that before she came in to
see me and I was talking about my parents..and how I had always wanted a mother
and then how I bet my step and bio mom thought I was a disappointment..and Rich went

"OK, everybody just calm down" I said.."I'm the only one here" ..Rich says.
"I know I'm talking to all your personalities Sybil"
I was ROARING ...I bet everyone the office and waiting area heard me laughing.

 Now for the skinny on the Pathology Report

I am in Stage 3 C of Invasive Lobular Carcinoma
Dr Mammolito removed 39 lymphs..and 29 were cancer.
I have the size of my lump..but I will add that as I'm too tired
to get up, get it and get settled again..but I remember that the margins she removed
around the mass was clear!!! YIPPEE

I will be seeing a Oncologist
Dr. Diane  Prager, a Radiation Oncologist , (oh WHERE did I put that name??? teehee,)
 lots of testing on my body and blood, chemotherapy, then radiation, and taking a med for year
as my Hormone Receptor test results showed

no cancer in the progesteron ..weak for  cancer in the estrogen and 
tested as  3+for cancer.

This usually indicates that the cancer is agressive and treatment
needs to be started ASAP.
So I imagine by next week, I'll be taking the med Herceptin  and for one

Well..I'd say that is a bunch of new learning I have to do, that
even though my doctor was SO disappointed as she was hoping even
the Sentinal Node would be clear and 29 were cancercous..that my Her2Neu isn't what we
wanted either....again..Rich and I will follow this path of the journey.

His(Rich's)  words today after we left the doctor
"we're good"

and we are!! thank you God for your overwhelming blessings.

Today I got gifts again and my friend Sally, came over for a visit, 
brought Chicken & Rice, southern style green beans, rolls and four pieces
of cake (each piece a different cake) YUMMY and I'm gonna get plumper...

Last night was a good night of I haven't taken anything for 
pain in 12+ hours!! woohoo..

I thank you all, I hope I can help others the way you help me
and remember take care of YOU, get your mammo's and do your self exams


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Me and "the girls"

Hello to all my friends

I may not get to answer each of you
or post a comment back to each who visits
I read every comment..bask in the joy of it..visit
your blogs and pray for you all too.

I have to keep my typing to a minium
so just know I care and that each post  brightens my day
and fills me with God's love.

Here are my girls..Hannah my dog..Mya on my FAT cat
and me resting and cuddling.

Rich went downstairs to get some dog food and came
back up to click this picture of us.

My chair has a sheet on it..for comfort..and 
I have my "surgery uniform" on..a velcro'd cammy
and pj pants..My drain bulbs are in a little "purse" 
around my neck and over my shoulder..

My TED white socks, to protect against blood clots
and my HOT pink slippers from Linda.

I have gotten cards and presents, I'll try to post soon.

Last night, I fought a WAR with pain, nightmares, sweats, and no
position to feel comfort in, I WON!!! I woke this morning ..unable to
speak for about a minute & felt much better the rest of the day.

I'm going to try to cut down on pain meds at night to see if 
that helps with theses awful horrid dreams..and jerks of my body
with the feeling and fear of falling..

Tomorrow we visit Dr. Mammolito and we'll discuss the cancer and 
pathology reports more, get an appointment with my oncologist
and plan the next path of this pink journey.

Rich is so protective, caring, loving..and a GREAT cook.
yummy food daily for me
your friend , brimming with the love of God thru each of you.

My friend Mary sent this to me, but it only fit fully in my post,
not the side bar.. Isn't it lovely and SWEET!!!
Did you know..I'm SweetAnnee??

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Happy Birthday Dear Jesus