Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Son's Two Youngest Boys

My son's boys..Joe who is 9 and Steven who is 5, went to a new school this year .
This morning I went over to get them to the bus stop. Everyone is gone from home
by 7:45 AM and these two don't catch the bus until 8:45 AM
The youngest boys go to the same school.
Joe is so sweet and kind. Steven is sweet and going
all the time.

Two weeks from today, we'll be traveling. woohoo

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for most schools here.
My oldest daughter Nicole, sent her boys off today.
Caleb the smaller guy is going to school for the first time
He's 5 (6 in October)

Cole's first day of 3rd Grade was today . He's just 8 & my sweet redhead guy.
The boys have two different Caleb was a big boy by himself.
K-2nd go to one school and 3rd to 6th go to another school.

I pray they had a great day.
I'll see what adventures my son Steve's boys have,when they start Tues. & Wednesday. All
my grandsons are starting a NEW school this fall as they all moved this summer.

Happy Back to School

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Oldest Grandson

Here he to get a Team Football Photograph.
He starts High School Monday.
He is awesome!!
Zachary is 15, plays football and baseball . He is 6ft 2.5 inches shuffles between
185 and 200 lbs.. He ROCKS!!
and he loves me. He LET me take this picture.
He is a blessing. (I have six grandson blessings)


Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Wonderful Surprise



Some of you may know (from my post last year) my dream to go to Ireland.
My wonderful hubby, Rich has done all the planning
and arrangements ..and WE ARE GOING.

We'll be leaving in September..going to Italy & Ireland.
I've never been out of the country before and I am so
Our flight going to Italy and coming back
from Ireland are long. I know I can do it. I told
my Oncologist we were going and she gave me some
meds to take with me.

We'll be gone for quite a few days..our fat kat will be
staying with my older daughter, so we don't need
to worry about her.

I am not taking my laptop with me, Rich is taking his.
I will have my camera and a cell phone that works
abroad. (so will Rich)

I feel sooooooo blessed to be able to live my dream, we are
not wealthy by far, but we found a way to fund the trip ..I may not live
forever, so we want to go now.

We'll see Vatican City , kiss the Blarney Stone & lots of
fun adventures.

Please pray for safe travel for us.

Please also continue to PRAY FOR HUNTER

Much love to all of you and thanks for your prayers that
have made me healthy enough to travel.

Monday, August 10, 2009

An Update on Hunter

I think I posted that the marrow donor turned out NOT to be a perfect match so it was back to getting the next donor.They went home to LA to wait for news.

Here's the updated schedule:

Wednesday, August 19th: RETURN TO SEATTLE

Thursday, August 20th: SCCA OUTPATIENT ARRIVAL



Tuesday, August 25th (am): HICKMAN LINE PLACEMENT



Thursday, September 3rd: DAY OFF

Friday, September 4th: BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT

Keep them all in your prayers..

Hunter is my BFF Marcia's grandson. I surely miss her.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Do You See Patterns of Behavior Here

Cole turned 8 on July 30th. He's my oldest daughter's oldest son.
so we had a small party , just us girls, for him.

This is Bunny, he/she belongs to Nicole.
Both the boys have bunnies too.
Caleb's bunny is Bunny's dad. Cole said..Bunny is Caleb's bunny
brother and dad.. OMG he was right.

Caleb took this picture. He'll be 6 in October.
Me, Nicole, Cole & Bunnty & Nicole's room mate, Ashley.
Ok, now notice the BOYS.
Notice the boys again.

Are you seeing patterns yet?? Caleb is jumping!!!!!!

I just love this guy!! but he's Nicole's pay back .
My dad said to me lots of times
"wait till you have kids"

(my dad has been gone one year on Aug. 5th, dearly missed by us)

Cole has some NEW teeth.

Do you see?? Cole is quiet and sweet.
Caleb is one crazy boy, makes gramma so
stressed sometimes..I feel sick.
No matter what comes with can
always love them and leave them.

PS ..I had two Mojitos at Nicole's and
I got stopped for speeding..doing 54 in
a 40 MPH zone.. I KNOW better..but I
felt so free. Had rock music on and the windows
down and I have HAIR.

He said "oh you weren't speeding too much, I'll
just write you a warning" WOOOH I was so glad
but I deserved a ticket..

TeeHee..till next time