Saturday, October 15, 2011

Great News

October 14,2011
My friend Sally and me,  I met at our Plastic Surgeon's office
Dr Glyn Jones

My MrI has been changed to this Monday
so I can be of the steroid sooner.
Praise God

Thankful for

an advocate husband

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm On Steroids Until My MRI on 11/1

I'm On Steroids Until My MRI on 11/1
Then I have an  Doc Appointment 11/3 ..and from there will
make the decision for brain surgery

Pray for me ..and Pray I make the right decision
The damage that is done can't be repaired.
I have lost enough of my sight I will not 
Drive again.  I have friends who take me to my
Doc appts as my hubby has to work

Thanks to all of you for caring & praying
God is good
Every day is a gift

Thanks my hubby loves me so
God gifted with me with loving friends
my back porch
my guard cat, mya
white dove chocolate bites.

Hope to post picture soon

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Been Tough The Last Two Weeks Plus

On Steriods, killing me. I hadn't been strong enough to get up and go out.
I have appointments with my Neurologist and Neurosurgeon Monday.
I've been fighting this actively for 4 years and I am so tired an weary.

I am still standing.

I have a great hubby and wonderful God given friends

Hubby's dad was in the hospital & now is in a Nursing Home to
get better . He is no longer able to live independent. He will get
therapy and medical attention through Medicare to recover.

Many things to be thankful for

loving friends
my hubby
a bed
my needs met & more
a loving cat who is with me all the time
God's grace
good insurance
a group of great doctors
still standing after 4 years of fighting
the ability to enjoy Autumn evenings
the ability to care for myself
people who will take me to the doctor

Thanks to all of you who have cared and been there
for me for so long.