Thursday, January 29, 2009

Milestones, Thanks Be to God

I just wanted to share TWO milestones with you.
My Oncology Radiologist, Dr. Z released me
today. I don't have to see him again unless my
Oncologist , Dr Diane Prager sends me back to him.

Tomorrow is my last Zometa IV too. I have been
getting it for a whole year(a bone hardener, as I had cancer in my bones) 

From here..I'll be doing a follow up with my Cardiologist , Dr McRea
in March..due to the drop in my heart function, but remember , I'm not
in danger.

  I see Dr Prager and get a  Pet/CT scan and  Brain MRI every three
months . WOW 

My hair is continuing to peek out..after a year of being bald, between chemo
and Brain Radiation, I will be SO glad to have hair.. Tis COLD in 
the winter for sure!!

I feel better, eating a bit more, driving and I have Christmas decor down
and packed away!!



Starbucks tastes good again
March will bring some warm days
Friends to love
What are your joys??

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Have You Ever Seen My Nature Blog

It's where I share my love of nature.
You'll find lots of God's work on display there


feeling better
craving SOME things
a massage today
I won a blog giveaway
being able to do housework

I've love it if you'd go to the bottom of posts on this page to be an ANGEL and follow my blog

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Power of Prayer

My little office is warm and sunny!!

Today was my follow up  doctors appt from two weeks ago.
 I GAINED about 4 oz. 
I've stopped throwing up and I am not near as tired .  
Thank you all for your prayers!!

I drove HOME from the doctors. First time I've driven 
in almost 6 months.. ANOTHER MILESTONE.

 I do realize that depression plays a part
in this too and 
I do have a psychiatrist and have some meds, I knew I needed that
in the beginning.



OH one more thing..MY HAIR IS COMING BACK
I thought it was DIRT on my head..and it's HAIR
LOL...and how about those eyebrows...eeeekkkkk

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Prayers Please

My little deer friend, she looked when I opened the porch door.

I know I've been silent for a bit.  After I finished the Whole Brain Radiation, things just got
icky. I was so scattered for so long, and then IT set in. The nausea, the not being able to eat. The NOT SO GOOD attitude.  The sleeping all day and night.  
Here it is two months later and I'm not better. 

I've lost 20 lbs since November, I go out for dr appts and that's it. Rich did all the Christmas shopping that got done .. ALL OF IT.  

I did go to the docs and go again next week. I had another Brain MRI last week and it showed NO new tumors and the ones that are there are smaller.  Great news!!

We are trying to get the nausea under control. It is much better, but food..YUCK..I don't like anything.  I do eat something each day..but I can't eat much.   

The worst part, I am NOT all happy ..not mad or angry..just feel like I've lost my lust for life.  My dear hubby has been so good about it.  He lets me do what I want, doesn't push, except to make me eat.  

I am not trying to starve myself..I want to eat. 

SO..I am asking for prayers for ME..That this will get better..I can't keep losing weight..and that
my joyous attitude will return.  I want to be positive like I was before. 

I don't talk on the phone ..cuz I just have not much to say..I  WISH I knew someone like ME..who has gone through all of this and could share with me ..but alas..I know
no one....If you know of someone who has stage 4 breast cancer, with brain mets ..and radiation
would you ask them if they'd share their experience??

I'm crying now..maybe this post did ME some good.
Love to you all

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008

Joe, my son's 3rd son and Cole my daughter's oldest
My middle girl, Nicole
My daughter in law , Andrea
The oldest boys, Rich (hubby) Steve (son) and Zack (oldest son of Steve)
My son's youngest, Steven and the clown, Caleb, Nicole's youngest

I have had a time loading pics this afternoon
I'll try to add more tomorrow..I think it's Blogger and not me.

Tis my family Christmas Breakfast.
Mercedes was ill, so she didn't come
and where is my handsome grandson Jonathan
of course I'm the man behind the camera