Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am Sorry

I'm so slow these days. I don't get around to reading and answering emails
I find it hard to do much posting on FaceBook. Some days I don't even feel like
getting out of bed. I'm weak and confused.

Don't worry, I'm seeing doctors and getting tests. When I find out some
news I'll let you know. Don't anyone think I'm ignoring you, I just can't do
it all. I LOVE to hear from you..I just can't always answer. It's after noon now
and I haven't done anything but take of the cats and kitties. Food, water and
scooping litter.

The lilacs are in bloom (wish you could smell) and Mr Bluebird
is looking for a place to nest..Had to take his picture through our office window.

Rich will be back home today, thank you Lord for that.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010


When I began this blog, it was to share. My thoughts, my experience, my wee bit of knowledge and my journey. I did this to possibly help someone else. It has helped ME immensely.

I have met lots of great caring folks and made friendships that will last forever.

I never imagined I would be sharing for this long and so much. My cancer journey began
in Oct of 2007 with the diagnosis. So much has occurred in this time. In my life, in my family, in my friendships, in my marriage. I had expected cancer to be part of my past by now.

My latest Pet/CT scan shows NO cancer in by body..NONE!! Praise God.

The MRI shows 2 original tumors in my brain, treated with Gamma Knife
and later Whole Brain Radiation are just sticking around. Not growing, not
shrinking, but now they have become a focal point for brain seizures. There is
no non invasive treatment for them.

I am taking anti-seizure meds...500 MG of Keppra twice a day to stop those
seizures. I was quite frightenend home alone ..when the first seizure occurred.
I was aware that something was really wrong, and I was able to get
my hubby on the phone, he called 911 ..and everyone came to help
Fire , EMT, Police, by the time I got to the ER , I was coming out of the seizure..(not my
body seizing) just my brain...and feeling better. Three months is a long time to not
be able to drive..but I have had my doubts about driving for a while. There
are days I wonder if I should even walk to the mailbox.

On Friday I want to my Oncologist and now my pulse is way too slow, my
blood pressure is way low so.. I'll be going to the doctors Monday to
get an EKG to see what's up. I've always had a good low blood pressure
but Friday it was at 100 / 63 and my pulse was 44.

The first Wednesday of May I will get an EEG also..just to see
what goes on in my head. LOL..not much these days

I am so tired I don't feel like doing much. I haven't been cooking much
and I'm finding it hard to keep up with laundry. I need to clean my house.
I decided one room a day, and not every day. Good Spring cleaning.

Cancer is not the worse thing that could happen to me.
In some ways it has been a blessing.. a huge blessing..
and God has been with me every step. Learning to live with
cancer and it's after affects is my next part of the journey.

It's also been hard to realize how fast life goes. I can NOT believe
I am 55. How fast did that go?? OMG I feel like I'm 20 something in
my head.
I hope you all know how much each of you have helped ME during
this journey. God has blessed me.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A New Doctor

Today I saw a Neurologist , recommended by the ER staff when I had my
The doctors decided it was a seizure caused by two old brain
lesions that are just hanging around. They have been treated with
Gamma Knife & Whole Brain Radiation and have not gone away.
They are not growing or shrinking , just staying around in my brain.
They have become a focal point and are ripe to cause seizures.

I am on anti seizure meds..Keppra ..was 1000 mg 2 Xs a day
dropping to 750 mg 2 Xs a day for a week , then to 500mg 2Xs a day.

I go for an EEG on May 5th...then see my Dr Xu in July.

Electroencephalogram (EEG)

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that measures and records the electrical activity of your brain. Special sensors (electrodes ) are attached to your head and hooked by wires to a computer. The computer records your brain's electrical activity on the screen or on paper as wavy lines. Certain conditions, such as seizures, can be seen by the changes in the normal pattern of the brain's electrical activity.

I can't drive for sure
until my next visit ..3 months and then he'll re-evaluate me and let me know
if I can drive again.

Friday I get my PET/CT scan results..I'm expecting a good report. For now
the brain seems to be the issue.

Just another saga in my journey, I feel sure I will be fighting this from now on. I'll have another MRI in 8 weeks..and if things look the same ..we'll go back to every 3 months.

For now, I'll be bumming rides whenever I need to go somewhere.
Not fun, but safe!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What Cuties

They are not mine to keep..but I wish we could.

Of the two black ones~~one's a girl, one's a boy
The two black and white with Maynard (from Doby Gillis) goatee's~~one's a girl, one's a boy
the striped guy with the sad eyes is a boy.

I just think they are so sweet~~They come to see you, they listen to you talk
and they are trying hard to climb out of their box. The play with
each other now, not just curl up and sleep.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Growing Kittens

The kitty on the far right (top) is so funny. He looks like a wolf
or a monkey. (S)he's my fave.

No names we're not sure of the genders.
Still hard to get photos
but I try everyday

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Grand dogs..

She looks like a thug

She looks chic

**hat provided by Chucky Cheese**

I cared for my grandsons on Saturday. The dogs went wild, the boys were VERY good.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Blessing

The joy of God's gift to us , eternal life