Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Brain Surgery is Over

It's been a long  time. I had surgery on november 21.
I had three different procedures.  Three different operation
rooms. I wasn't aware of anything on Monday 11/21, I was aware of
of a couple of things on Tuesday 11/22 and by Wednesday ...I was able to go home .

I got the staples out on December 1st, and I will get a check up on
December 21st.  I hope by Christmas all will be better.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh Great Another Issue


  I went to the doctor monday.  My Doc saw puss and blood in my urine . I got some medicine ,1 pill twice a day f0r 7 days . 

My surgery is Monday AM, Rich will be with me.
I 'll be in critical care for 2 days, then we'll see how it goes.

May be in the hospital for 5-7 days . I need to get some slippers and jammys.

 Thank you for praying & caring. I hope I feel good enough for turkey and mashed potatoes in the hospital.


Old friends who still care & New friends who care

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pre Test





I love this old house

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Finally !!!

Our "high speed wi-fi" has been running so slow & I have been 
trying to post for days , finally got on. 

I'm off the steroids.
My Pet/CT showed my BODY free of cancer so. on Nov.21st I
will check in to the hospital about 5:30 AM. the Order Of St Francis  hospital in Peoria IL

They will drill in my skull in three areas, remove the tissue in, each area in a fresh
clean room .  I'll be in critical care two days & possibly home in 5 days.
I have lost a lot of sight & won't get any of that back or the bit of hearing I lost . The headaches should stop also.

Hospital stay time is expected to be 5-7 days
I am brave & have a wonderful hubby 
some of the best friends that GOD gave me when
I needed them and friends new & golden friends

I am strong 
I have many blessings
even on my worse days

Pray for my Family
things seem to be shaking for Them


Finally Ending Four Years of Brain mets

Thanks for all your caring

If you'd like to send postal mail

Deena Warner
127 W Curtis Drive
Chillicothe , IL 61523

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Great News

October 14,2011
My friend Sally and me,  I met at our Plastic Surgeon's office
Dr Glyn Jones

My MrI has been changed to this Monday
so I can be of the steroid sooner.
Praise God

Thankful for

an advocate husband

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm On Steroids Until My MRI on 11/1

I'm On Steroids Until My MRI on 11/1
Then I have an  Doc Appointment 11/3 ..and from there will
make the decision for brain surgery

Pray for me ..and Pray I make the right decision
The damage that is done can't be repaired.
I have lost enough of my sight I will not 
Drive again.  I have friends who take me to my
Doc appts as my hubby has to work

Thanks to all of you for caring & praying
God is good
Every day is a gift

Thanks my hubby loves me so
God gifted with me with loving friends
my back porch
my guard cat, mya
white dove chocolate bites.

Hope to post picture soon

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Been Tough The Last Two Weeks Plus

On Steriods, killing me. I hadn't been strong enough to get up and go out.
I have appointments with my Neurologist and Neurosurgeon Monday.
I've been fighting this actively for 4 years and I am so tired an weary.

I am still standing.

I have a great hubby and wonderful God given friends

Hubby's dad was in the hospital & now is in a Nursing Home to
get better . He is no longer able to live independent. He will get
therapy and medical attention through Medicare to recover.

Many things to be thankful for

loving friends
my hubby
a bed
my needs met & more
a loving cat who is with me all the time
God's grace
good insurance
a group of great doctors
still standing after 4 years of fighting
the ability to enjoy Autumn evenings
the ability to care for myself
people who will take me to the doctor

Thanks to all of you who have cared and been there
for me for so long.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Latest MRI Update

Sorry I have been so delayed with my latest news.
I keep losing my password (and my brain)

My latest MRI showed more edema , so I am on a steroid again for 2 weeks
and for another MRI on 11/1/2011. He (my doctor, Klopenstein) will determine then if the docs will do surgery to remove the tissue in the brain.

I am sleeping and I did get out for the
Peoria Art Fair is a annual event I do with my two closest friends. I was so happy
to be out as it is rare I can get safely out and feel well. The steroid is Decadron and
I've have been sleeping by taking Advil PM @ bed time.

I am sorry for keeping so quiet , but I've been been tired, forgetful and not able to do
much communication. Sometimes I think my husband forgets I am ill. His dad is elderly
and Rich has things to do for him also.

Thanks for all of you for caring. I am sorry if I don't answer.
I appreciate your prayers and your caring.
I am unable to drive and appreciate my friends immensely
rides to doctor and lunches and just getting me out.

Sometimes I don''t always answer the phone and some day
I don't get up till late afternoon. I don't cook everday and sometimes
I stay in bed all day. ( Not a good idea)
I only have a land line , just a cell phone.
Our house is big , & sometimes if the phone is not on me
I don't hear it.

I don't always function every day. I just watch old Law & Order episodes..all of the SVU, CI and Law and Old.

I did almost no gardening this summer , my passion .

I will try to post a picture soon.

Bet I won't know my password again.....

T hanks for caring and praying

My blessings

Friends who still care even when I don't respond when they call on my bad days, sometimes I just don't remember

"Mad Men"
"Pawn Stars"

White Chocolate Bliss Candy

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

''''''''''I Had An MRI MonDay"""""""

I will post when I get any news. I have hardly done ONE bit of gardening this summer
but my Sweet Autumn Clematis is blooming , smells so good.

I am getting a hair cut tomorrow. I will try to post a picture after I get home.

Sorry I've been MIA, I have no pep.
Our summer was no fun .

Hope my friends out there will let me know how
your summers were.
Any flower pix to share??

My two oldest grandsons are playing football now
one a Freshman , one a Junior. When they are close
to home and I feel decent ,we go.

I had an MRI on Monday, I have no results yet.
thanks for caring. October is 4 years fighting the brain tumors.


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh My, 4th of JULY

keep planting and self seeding every year

I can't get into my email.
I don't know what happened .

My FaceBook isn't letting me in again, I have so much problems with

Am I the only person who can't do anything right??
Yahoo is my main email ..all my email , deena all go to the same yahoo email box.
and have the same password.

I have had this email since I started using the internet

I don't know how to contact Yahoo.
I pay for the and feel
they should help me.

I am sick with this med "Tykerb"
and can't go far from the bathroom. UGH

It's so hot here and buggy.
I still haven't got out to garden.
Something has broken TWO hummingbird feeders.

It's so buggy out I can't feed the birds. I have a huge
bite , all red and swollen on my fore head . I look like Egore.

I go for an Echocardiogram tomorrow. My heart doctor doesn't like
how Tykerb effects my heart.

I'll post when I can. Who knows what I'll lose control of next.
It's hot today.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Latest Health News

My MRI from last week is the same, the tumors are the same size. No smaller, no larger, no new ones. I will have another MRI in September. For now it's so so news. I will continue this Tykerb medicine, but I am going to say "no more" at the end of this 30 days dose.

I got a new washer and dryer. We needed it badly. We had to get sprayed as we had
"carpenter ants". What else can go bad? Should I ask??

I made some suet for the woodpeckers this AM. They have babes to feed
& they love my suet.

Recipe: 1 cup lard, 1 cup chunky peanut butter, melt in pan , stir in 1cup flour and 3 cups corn meal. Put in aluminum lined pan, freeze, then cut into suet size chunks and fill suet feeders.

I have pix of my hollyhocks, but my yard is unattended.
I am sorry I haven't my usual garden.

For now just , enjoy music
take walks, and love your family and friends

Saturday, June 11, 2011

MRI Monday

Scar from the lymph nodes removed, still hurts today
done on 12/21/07

Me and Hubby Hunk before chemo

Before Whole Brain Radiation, still with that
healthy glow

I have an MRI scheduled for EARLY Monday AM.
I am anxious for the results , which I don't know
when I'll get.

I am on Tykerb for another month.
I sure hope it is destroying those tumors.

My hollyhocks are blooming, Spring just snuck by us.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blood Work Was Ok

The medicine got approved for payment . Our portion to pay is still
almost $1,000.00. I go for another MRI June 13th.

As for my grandson Jon, he is in pain . The surgeon says if he does
as the surgeon directs, Jon may be playing football this Autumn!!!

It's cold and rainy here. Like the rest of the USA

Blessing to all of you.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Does Anyone Watch Mad Men? On AMC

Betty Draper, now Betty Franklin.

I love it. It is so much my youth.
I did not live near Madison Avenue but I was about
the tender age of of the of the Draper children in the
time frame of when "Mad Men" is set. I remember
when I was told President Kennedy was dead. Where
I was, who told me, staying home from school to watch
his funeral. My mom crying watching it.

AMC is negotiating salaries for the writer and the
actors. That show wins numerous award every year.
They have such a good thing, they need to do anything
reasonable to keep it as good as it is now. Now they are
holding off new episodes to 2012. Oh No.

Seldom do we see such quality . I look forward
to Sunday evenings. I can't wait. What will I do
now? Jon Hamm is excellent as Don Draper.

visit the blog , you'll love it

As for me , I continue to feel better
I go to my oncologist tomorrow for blood work and see what
my latest meds did. Pray for me.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Latest

Jon, sitting in the middle.

My grandson Jon , who is 15, broke his knee yesterday . He will have surgery
next week. Please pray for him. He loves sports & is in baseball and
football. I am sure no more for this year.

I believe I'm feeling better daily.
I hope it continues.

Thank you my friends for prayers

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Freezing

Me before cancer

It's cold here
we had to turn
the heat back on
and get the blankets
on the bed .

I feel so much better .
Thank you for the prayers
my friends.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Brain Results

For now my Neurosurgeon says my tumors are stable, which is good. He doesn't want to go into my brain. The headaches are gone. I am going to eat better, get exercise & try to be good to me & honor God's will.

I am not able to drive, I do NOT have a license , just a State ID. I can try for them again some day if I become able.

Warm weather is here and I am going to try to do some gardening today. Just try some last year trimming dead foliage. The lilacs are blooming .

Here's some pix of me in my reading glasses. My grandsons say I look like Harry Potter , makes me laugh.
Thanks for caring my friends

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I hope you all have a blessed Mother's Day.
It promises to be a lovely day here
I am up early to get some things done while
my brain works.


An MRI tomorrow
and results Tuesday
I hope for a plan Tuesday
I'll post

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

News/ New Meds

Can you tell the Difference

Fleur Nymph
Deena Warner

I got two new meds. A steroid
and a Hernu2 (hormone) Killer that can get in
the brain. The next 30 days will be wicked so
please pray for me.

Spring is here but cool. Some blooms, not enough.
My poor hubby.. He's been through alot. he's been good to me.

My daughter and her cats got moved out. I miss them. Am I nuts??

I officially don't drive as my 56th , April 15th
I'm lucky to still to walk.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Brain

I go to the docs and discuss my treatment in
a week or so.

The tumors are bigger, but no new ones.
I don't know what what they will do.

Tomorrow is my 56th birthday
It has been good weather. Blooms are out!!!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Hi My Friends

I had a bad first week of April.
I had an MRI on Wed. My head is
hurting alot and too much.
I hope to get the results next week.

I see my neurologist next week.
I see my regular doctor, my oncologist , a Pet/Ct
This month I see all my docs.

My youngest daughter is suppose to
be moving with, her sister as a roommate.
I have tulips and daffodils, pussy willows. A Yellow Belly Sap Sucker hit the back
window and died. I took a picture ,poor thing.

My BFF Marcia is in California
It's just getting warm and things are blooming.

I will post my results as I get them.
Pray for us.
I have a birthday on the 15th
This picture is Dec of 2007

I can't find the camera cord
When I do, I'll post the pix.


Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello , I'm doing ok

I am not doing well, BUT I am not worse. Just no progress on the three original tumors. They are not going away. 6 weeks and another MRI.

In mid April I get my 6 month Pet/CT...a mile stone ..I was going every 3 months
for 3 years as I was stage 4 and had it in my body.. The chemo and radiation
took care of the body.. but chemo doesn't work on the brain. Radiation does.

I have skin issues.. colon issues.. no energy.. don't feel like eating. I sleep late in the day and then can't sleep at night.

I have head aches.. my body hurts and can't wait to get out for walks. Any time
it is decent I'm going to take a fresh air walk.. I can't go alone ...but I can go with
any one who will keep an eye on me.

Rich loves to walk too. so it works
I have not driven for a year. It's ok..but sometimes I'd love the freedom
I still rely on friends for rides...for fun .....and for doc appts.

I will go back to FB soon ..but I try to post on my blog if there is news.
Facebook always seems to have issues that I don't feel
comfortable .

It's sunny today and a decent temp

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Not Doing So Well

I got an MRI Tuesday.
I will let you know when I get results.
I get worse every day.
Please pray for me..I feel worse every day.
I have tried to do well, but it's not good at all.

Love you all

Sunday, February 13, 2011