Sunday, June 13, 2010

Holly Hocks Seeds

If you'd like some seeds in August *towards the end of the month*
They are biennials that self seed, I've had them for years.
I still have lots of buds to open.

I'd love some double Hollyhock seeds if anyone has them.

Please send me a SASE:

Deena Warner
127 W Curtis
Chillicothe, IL 61523

My brain doesn't work well enough for me
to do all that work this year.


  1. Dear Sweet Deena you are always bringing such beauty and kindness into everyone's world :-). Such gorgeous flowers, and such a generous offer. I hope you are feeling good and staying safe in the bought of bad weather visiting your area. God Bless, Tina

  2. Hi, Deena, Your hollyhocks are so pretty. I'm sending you a SASE for some just to have of yours. I'll watch for some double ones for you. Blessings, Diane

  3. Hi Deena!!
    GORGEOUS pictures, I'm very jealous! I wish I had some hollyhock seeds I could send you. I used to have tons of them and they all died out for some reason. Yours are beautiful and I may just be sending you a SASE....if I remember :) I love the idea of sharing seeds and plants...makes them so much more special. I've got tons of forget-me-not seeds if you would like some of those :)

    I'm glad your weather is calming down. Just watched your video of the tornadoes. I hate wind, nothing good comes from it. We had one in our area also and lots of tornado warnings. More this year than I can ever remember. Lets hope that's all behind us now.

    Sending hugs and blessings ~ Jenn

  4. Deena how beautiful your hollyhocks are. Such beautiful colours
    Take care

  5. Your photos are beautiful!!! I love Hollyhocks!

  6. Absolutely Beautiful Ms. Deena...
    I've always loved the pastel colors of the Hollyhocks...
    They look beautiful against the gray of your fence...


  7. I have some white doubles........ I will send you seed as soon as I have some.!! I will enclose a SASE for seeds in return!

    Thinking of you......

  8. awwwwwwwwwwww you so sweet. I'll send you an SASE soon cause I'd love to have a bit of Deena's love growin in my own flower gardens! How are ya feeling friend? Huge Hugs, Mollye

  9. Beautiful photos, as always. I'm pretty sure I have some doubles-I'll send them if I do.
    Sending love your way.

  10. Oh Deena! Now I have a visual for what my hollyhocks are gonna look like next year from you! They've done really really well this year! I think you'll be pleased! I planted them in two different places and both are great! I'm fixin to go out and water them coz it's so dry here.

    I too wish I had double hollys for you.
    Thinking of you and all the critters in the singing woods!
    holykisses xoxo

  11. The hollyhock seeds you sent me two years ago are almost ready to bloom. I was thinking they were double pink ones, but don't know for sure. I can't wait to see the beautiful faces soon. If they are double pink ones, I will send some back to you. Hugs!


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