Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Bit of Whimsy

I just love little vignettes..they are so comforting

Enjoy, Deena


  1. Even if it is just the smallest of things, and when you look at it and it makes you smile, it is worth a million dollars. You are in my prayers dear Deena and you are an inspiration to all women.....JAN FROM NORTHWEST IOWA

  2. Deena,

    I love all of your treasures. You are surrounded with things that make you happy and that is what is important.

    Take care and thank you for being such an inspiration to all of your friends.

    Love and blessings,

  3. Deena, I adore seeing your vignettes and I love doing them myself, but our little cottage is so very small. We bought an old Sears house, but I love it,if only I had one more room-lol, which I soon hope to have next year. I am so glad you are up to posting pics to make us happy.
    My Joy today
    God is Good
    Deena is Kind
    My family can't make me
    Inferior anymore!
    Love Ya Sweet Deena

  4. sweet! I have the same iron white birds as you...I love them!

  5. i love vignettes also....they make me happy....and love the ones you shared!....i have the same pair of blue shoes....they are the ones my chatty cathy wears :)
    hugs to you sweet deena...hope you are feeling good.

  6. All so cute......... I love to surround myself with such cute things that bring me comfort... You have a great collection....

    You are in my prayers....... hope you are feeling well and healed!

  7. Great stuff. How are you feeling?

  8. What pretty treasures you have, Deena!

  9. Ok the vignettes of course are pretty..but you promised "gory details" so for those who are diagnosed or those who love those who are or will be...out with it...what/how is it/was it done?
    And why did Kennedy have surgery for his brain tumor? Why couldn't he have what you had? Fill us in and also get it blogged for the future when others will be looking for the hows and whys waaaaaayyy after you are healed and have moved on. How did they do it, and what actually happens?
    Church wants details.

  10. I came to your blog via my sister, Cora's, blog. I, too, am a cancer survivor and am now standing by my sister/best friend's journey through this horrible diagnosis. You blog, your life, is an inspiration and I, personally, thank you for sharing your story!


  11. I love your vignettes! You are right about them being comforting! Your treasures are so beautiful!

    Have a great day! Hugs!!!

  12. I so agree with Kim as I strolled from photo to photo I had this nice warm fuzzy feeling take over and Kitty was smiling before I left.
    Your gift of sharing goes beyond words and we can only say "Thank You'.
    Peace be with you and yours.

  13. Hi Deena.
    I came upon your blog this morning through "Pinecones and Roses". I have spent the last hour here reading your blog and getting some inspiration from you. I am also going trough breast cancer and am scheduled to have my first chemo on the 22nd of this month.You have made me feel that everything that is happening to me is not unusual. You are a very brave and beautiful lady.
    Take care and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  14. Hi Deena...I arrived at your blog today from "Pink Icing on the Cake" and wanted to stop and tell you that I love all your little treasures. Those are the little things that make us happy and make us smile...and that's all that counts.
    I will keep you in my prayers and pray that God will keep you safe.


  15. Deena ~ everything is beautiful ~ I loved taking a peek at little things here and there.

  16. Thanks for sharing your vignettes with us - they are so pretty.
    Praying you are still feeling well.
    Love and Hugs.

  17. What a wonderful collection of so many little things. I do enjoy your pictures.
    It is wonderful that your surgery went to well...may the Lord bless you with health and love. Dianntha

  18. Dear Deena, Always a pleasure to visit you, and your hair looks great! It seems to be coming in fast now...God Bless You!
    Hugs, Maridon

  19. Deena,
    I love where you put the shoes!
    They look adorable!!


  20. They all look so sweet, eapecially the first n the 3rd....
    take care Deena... love and prayers

    chikku :)

  21. Hello My Dearest Deena!
    What a collection of beautiful whimsy's. I think there is nothing better than "pretties" to brighten up a day. I hope you are feeling well today my sweet friend. Praying as I always do.

  22. I'm with you on the vignettes! The whole house can be a mess but one little corner, with the light hitting it just perfectly, can make me love my home again.

    And I'm with you in taking time out to focus on Christ. Sometimes I get too much of me and have to redirect =) Have a beautiful afternoon. Blessings.. Polly

  23. Stopped by to check for new posts by you. Deena, you're in my thoughts & prayers daily.
    Hugs, Karen

  24. Lovely, as to see your things, the things that mean so much to you..such beauty in you.


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