Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trust the Journey

Not to worry my dear friends. ..I am here and well
I have only 5 radiation treatments left
so next Tuesday will be my LAST !!

After that..just watching and testing me
(every two months for the brain, every three
months for the heart and every three weeks for 
blood tests)

and the continuing Herceptin & Zometa
every three weeks.

I lost my spirit for a bit, too tired to do anything
or even care about doing stuff. I realized then, I just 
have to trust my journey.

I have gotten some sweet gifts the past 2 weeks also
bringing me much joy. My friend Sally ..made a "Little Book of Joys"
as I was finding it hard to find some.  I don't know why..I am not
depressed ..just tired.  This too has passed.

I have a list of things to help  a friend through her journey

Call to chat
Stop by to do laundry
Take her a milk shake
Cook a meal for her & the family
Get manicures & pedicures together
Wash her car
Add her to prayer chains
Ice cream sundaes are always fun
Shampoo her hair

 Please Share your joys with me
& art you've been working on


  1. I'm so glad you're back. Missed you! I love the joy book. It was a sweet and thoughtful gift.

    Blessings to you dear friend!

  2. Dearest Deena,
    Glad you gave us an update. It is totally normal that you are tired -you have been through a lot !

    The Joy book is absolutely beautiful. SO creative and inspired and filled with warmth and loveliness.

    Glad next Tuesday is the last of the treatments :)

    Many many blessings to you as your health continues to improve. Angels of light and goodness be with you and your ongoing healing :)


  3. Deena! It was so GOOD to hear from you and Im sooo very glad your back...you have been thru soo much no wonder you felt that way. Only 1 more treatment to go.. YEAH I know your glad...: )
    I loved the JOY book.. what a thoughtful and loving thing to do. Hoping to hear from you soon.. Jackie (Dove2mist)

  4. Hi Deena, I'm so glad you are doing well and I know all of us that keep you in our prayers are so glad to hear from you. It is so nice to see what one can do for friends in need. Sometimes we just sit back and not sure what to do. Thank you for sharing and that book is gorgeous.
    Blessing and Hugs,

  5. Deena, oh, my gosh, that book is AMAZING!! i'm going to go to that artist's blog and leave her an email telling her that i think that book is really just simply gorgeous. oh, i know you loved it! what an amazing gift.

    it was so good hearing from you today. i'm so glad that you're feeling better:)

    xoxo, jan

  6. So very good to hear from you sweet Deena! Glad to hear your spirits are up! And will continue to pray for strength! In the meantime ....do everything that makes you smile!!!!


  7. Deena,

    So nice to hear from you. I'm so glad you are almost done with the radiation. That is awesome.

    You are still on the prayer chain at Mom's church and people are praying for you daily, as I am.

    My joys:

    The apartment renovations are coming along great.

    Grandsons who love to spend time with me.

    Meeko, who keeps me smiling.

    Friends who are caring and fun.

    The sights and sounds of nature.


    And so much more...

    Your little book of joys is awesome. How wonderful that your friend made it for you.

    Take care. Get lots of rest and enjoy your Singing Woods.

    Love and blessings,

  8. ~ You Sure were Missed Lady ~

  9. Deena, Yes, much missed! I checked my feed list every day to see if you had posted. I was so happy that you visited me!
    I just know you will have total health-soon!
    Love, Debra

  10. So good to hear from you, Deena :) Your 'Little Book of Joys' is absolutely gorgeous...how blessed you were to receive it from such a loving, kind friend! Glad you're almost through with radiation and feeling better. Still praying for you, sweet friend :)

  11. Happy to see you back … sure did miss you....
    I adore the sweet little book of joys …

    Today My joys are…

    kids home for the summer…
    My son made me lunch today.
    things to do list is getting shorter…


  12. It is oh, so good to hear from you. I think it is WAY normal for your body to put on the brakes after all it has been through lately. Your mind too.

    Take it easy and spoil yourself a little.

    Becky K.

  13. Deena, I have been coming almost every day and it was so great to see you post. Glad you are feeling more energy. What a gorgeous and most deserving gift--that is what beautiful Joy book. Love and Hugs, Pat

    My Joys Today
    God's Love
    Seeing you post
    Gums and nose are healing
    Visiting with my nephew

  14. Yeah! You're back! I've been checking on you almost daily and it's wonderful you're back. What an absolutely gorgeous book!!! Wow!

    Still praying for you.

  15. Hi Darlin...I kept popping in...glad to "see" you.Love the book of joys...so thoughtful..so sweet. I have NOT been doing much...LOL.

  16. Hi Deena,
    So wonderful to find your post, you have been missed. I could "hear" how tired you were feeling, so a break was a good thing. BUT, I am so glad your back, enjoying the journey. As always you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    My joys:

    My sweet, new puppy and puppy kisses.

    My sunporch finally painted and pretty.

    My blogger friends, who made my birthday so special.

    My husband and I getting to spend some alone time.

    Of couse my beautiful girls. Teen years aren't easy, but I love them so very much.

    Peace, Love and Blessings.

  17. Oh boy...so wonderful to see you pop in to say hi !! Praying all will be well with you body, mind and spirit !! Hugs to you...

  18. Good to hear from you again, Deena. Glad that you are doing fine and next Tuesday will be your last session. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  19. Oh, Deena. So nice to "see" you again. :-)

    You are dear and sweet.

    You can be tired and have a hard time finding your joy. It's allowed!

    You're blessed with so many who love and care about you!

    Thanks for sharing your joys.

    My joys today:

    Lunch and a long chat with a good friend near the ocean.

    Internet friends!

    Fresh baked cinnamon coffee cake. (Mmm..can you smell it?)

    A kiss goodnight

    Thinking of you with peace-filled thoughts always....

  20. A beautiful book for a beautiful person. I pray for you each night and have checked in daily for an update. I was so happy to read your new post.

  21. Not to worry, Deena. Sometimes the spirit needs to rest, too.

  22. What a truly lovely gift! And whimsical !!

    It is truly good to see you up and about... you have been sorely missed...



  23. Sweet Deena,
    So happy your Radiation is almost over...and you seem to have done great...(even tho very tired)...

    the Joy book you received was so very thoughtful!!!
    I pray for your continued improvement and for strength as you work to overcome this obstacle...
    My Joys:
    God is an awesome God
    My Husband improving after 2 surgeries...
    My Children
    My Grand Children
    Freedom to worship
    my friend Deena (a wonderful inspiration)

  24. Glad you are back Deena! The book is beautiful!

  25. Dearest Deena, what a journey you've been on, it is understandable that you are tired and doubt creeps in BUT you are loved and in God's care and HE is faithful to bring through. Think of Daniel and his friends, when they went through trials, God was right there with them.
    My joys are God's love, my children, faithfulness of friends, seeing God's hand work in you.
    Thank you for allowing me to pray for you and watch how God works!!

  26. Oh Deena, it is so good to see you back! And what a beautiful book you were gifted with!
    I pray for you each night, and am happy for you that your treatments are almost over. My joys:
    ~ birdsong I hear each day ~
    ~ the sound of the happy frog in my pond who croaks and croaks ~
    ~ lunch with my dear friend today
    to celebrate her birthday ~
    ~ A nice tall glass of freshly
    brewed iced tea ~
    ~ The wildflowers I see growing
    along the road on my way to work...blue chicory, Queen Anne's Lace, orange daylillies.
    ~ and seeing you post to your blog again ~

    Hugs to you!

  27. So happy to hear from you in your beautiful poetic language. Your joy is so contagious. The book is amazing. I left her a message. God bless you, Diane

  28. So good to see you found your Joy again! Glad your almost done with treatments!! What a nice gift you recieved!!

    Much Love ♥ Sara

  29. So glad to see you back dear Deena.... I have come here often checking on you..... this summer has been so busy and time to stop and smell the flowers now..... I am glad to hear that the radiation treatments are coming to an end..... I am so glad that your joy is being restored...... I have no idea how you feel but I know one that does....... and He brings joy in the midst of pain......

    Come over and take a look at my pool that we put in this past two weeks and put your name in the pot for some fun gifts.......

    Again...... I pray that your strength is the renew and the joy of the Lord becomes that strength...


  30. Deena,

    How nice to see your post,,I've been checking almost daily....your gifts are lovely....

    my joys:

    seeing your new post

    my 3 grndchildren

    a wonderful husband

    my little house in the big woods

    internet friends who are kind and caring

    each sunrise and the gift of another new day

    my kitties watching all the birds at the feeders

    much love,

  31. Deena, I've missed you and been thinking of you every day.

    The book is absolutely LOVELY!

    Hmmmm, my joys are a 10-year-old daughter who still thinks I'm the best thing in the world. And my husband, who we call Papa Bear. And my three boys. (Boys love their mama always.)

    Big hugs,

  32. Deena,
    I was so happy to see that you posted for us again. So many think of you so often and hope you are doing well. I hope the days till the last treatment pass quickly, and pamper yourself. You deserve it.

  33. Welcome back Deena. I am so happy that you are feeling better and almost to the end of your treatments.
    You are an inspiration to many people, especially myself and can only hope that I have the courage and strength that you have shown.
    The book your friend made is absolutely stunning.
    God Bless.

  34. Dear Deena
    I have not left a comment on your blog before but have been reading it for a while. I am so glad you are back and doing better. The book you received from your friend is simply beautiful and what a wonderful gift. Hoping your health continues to improve and sending you healing thoughts. Kindest Regards :)

  35. Hi Deena,
    It is so nice to see that you are blogging once again.

    Thanks for sharing your joy book. It is so beautiful.

    I am wishing you good days and good health.


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  37. Dear Deena,
    Your Joy Book is beautiful!
    My joys:
    my wonderful husband
    my sisters and brothers
    friends (BFF Mary)
    watching the birds at the feeders in the yard!

    I am glad your treatment is almost over. Thank you for sharing your joys!

    Hugs, Sharon

  38. What a very special book!! I love it!! it is so you!! I can't imagine all you have been threw!!
    And I think of you every day and wonder at your love and strength!!
    May god Bless you!!

  39. Hello Sweet Deena,So glad you are almost finished with your treatments.
    It is nice to see you post, your friend did a wonderful job on your book, a true labor of Love. You are in my thoughts and Prayers.
    Love and hugs, Mary:)
    keeping my niece on Thurs.,
    Hubby kisses,kitty purrs:)clean kitchen,Dr.Pepper break,and a new magazine:)

  40. Hi Deena,

    I love the book and that you are back :) Sending you huge cyber hugs!! I haven't been very artsy lately, but my daydreams are full of creative flair :)


  41. Deena, so nice to hear how you're doing and I appreciate so much your honesty about the journey.

    The 'Little Book of Joys' is such a sweet gift and looks to be filled with great wisdom.

    My joys today included:
    lunch and conversation with my husband...
    sharing thoughts and feelings with my sister...
    remembering a fun weekend with my lovely daughters...
    my cat:)

    Holding you in heart and prayer!

  42. My Joy is:
    Knowing you are better!
    Reading how many people missed you!
    Knowing God has kept you safe!
    That you are about done with your treatments! Praise the Lord!
    What wonderful friends you have to give you such nice gifts!
    Get all the rest you need to get stronger!
    My shield of faith is held up for you!
    I'm believing your full joy will return back to you...you are loved by many!
    from the heart of Texas!
    be safe in Jesus!

  43. God bless you for allowing yourself to be lifted.

  44. So happy to see you're back. You've been on my mind and in my prayers. You have been through so much in such a short period of time, it's no wonder you needed a rest.

    My joys:
    Hybiscus and roses in bloom
    Sweet doggies
    Your posting

    Loving you Deena. Be good to you. I agree with the "spoil yourself" comment someone posted. Be sure to do that. Just take care of you.

  45. Oh Deena! It's so good to hear from you. What a beautiful gift from Sally...sure to inspire and bring you JOY!!!

    You are a precious blessing and I think of you often and lift you up in prayer...

    My joy

    An unexpected call of visit from one of the kiddos (or all of them!)


    Relaxing, chatting and holding hands with my hubby


    A spark of inspiration (a true gift these days) for a new dollie!

    Coming here to visit with you...

    Hugs and blessings, my friend! Susan

  46. My sweet Deena,
    you said it lovely - to trust your journey! We should all trust more and enjoy every second of it.

    My joys:
    -nice beach day with my son
    -beach volleyball
    -one certain men asked me on a date
    -house project are progressing
    -my life is very okay

    Sending you lots of love! Suzy

  47. Dear Deena, I found you through Jo at NeereAnDear, and I just wanted to encourage you. My m-i-l went through breast cancer last year, diagnosed in Feb 07 and had her last treatment in Oct 07. She is doing great now, both physically and mentally. She has been such an encouragement to others who are on this hard journey now. She tells of the fatigue and general inability to focus, "brain fog" and constant struggle to find joy in the Lord. She stayed in His word and really had an abundance of encouragers around her during those hard times. She talks much about her journey and says she's still on it... one day at a time. Reach for God at every possible moment; He is there, although at times you will not feel like it. And He is holding you even when you can't reach for Him. When you feel like it, stop by my blog. Each Monday I try to have some form of encouragement and most Fridays I share something from my artwork (... you said in your post to share art.) I am going to go back and read some of your previous posts, but I just wanted you to know I am praying for you today.

    Christi from Charm & Grace

  48. so good to hear your sweet voice, deena....trust the journey....what a wonderful thing to say every day....i need to do that very thing!
    will be counting the days with you until tuesday....yeah!!!! and hoping you continue to find joy and to care!
    love.love.love the book.....i would love to do something like that! :)
    hugs and prayers, my friend,

  49. What a nice book of joy to find in your box. Just keep her in the road as Dad would say and you will find the joys of your journey and the joys of those of us who ride along with you.
    Take care of yourself and smile at your loved ones.
    Don't fret the other stuff because will it really matter a hundred years from now.
    Peace be with you friend.

  50. Dear Deena, just popping over to check up on you. You are always in my prayers. Hope you are staying cool this hot hot summer. We are sweltering here in TX!! Blow me some cool breezes!!

    Love you,
    Angelic Accents

  51. What a special lady you are...remember God is holding your hand on the journey.

    With love and best wishes,


  52. Hello Deena- gosh it's been a bit since I stopped by and I see that you have been through more challenges. You sound strong and hopeful as always- inspiration for all.
    Take care~

  53. Hey Deena,
    Sooooo GLAD to see you back writing. I've been checking on you :~).
    I loved your little book.
    PLEASE don't feel bad for becoming a bit discouraged....it happens, and it happens to people who haven't even been through what you have in life...and it's still "part of the journey." It's part of your "Story." And it will help someone else in this same battle when you can say ...."I've been through that as well."

    The important thing is..that your back on the road...and getting down the path. It's all good.

    We fall sometimes during the race.....but then we get back up, dust ourselves off, then keep running.

    You are an inspiration to me and to others.
    Hang in there......I am cheering you on!!
    Joyce M.

  54. The little book is just beautiful--what a sweet friend to create that for you--you certainly deserve all that love and time and hard work, as you give so much joy to others, Deena. I am so glad you're back--Sending hugs and prayers to you each and every day, Jann

  55. Hi Deena
    Just stopping by to see how you are. Glad to know you're almost done the radiation. I pray for you every day.
    That book was so wonderful. My list of joys today: sounds of the birds in our yard, the green grass because we've had rain, grandkids coming to visit, spending the evening with girlfriends, fresh white paint in our bathroom, a phone chat with my sister.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  56. Deena!!!!! I'm so glad I stopped by today. I pray for you every day, and wondered how you are doing. I loved your joy book! I remember making a blessings book for my sister when she started her journey like this --- I guess I should be making mine now, too!

    My list of joys????

    My sister's ever present sense of humor, no matter where or what!

    My bubbly, happy boy, Buster, always by my side.

    Starting treatment!

    Prayers of friends!

    God supplying ALL of my needs!

    So glad to see you back, Deena!

    Love you!


  57. I am so glad to see you back, Deena.
    I so understand the tiredness..after spending 3 weeks in the hospital, 6 incisions on my leg and one from breast bone to pelvis, it has taken me weeks to get over being tired. And, I am not quite there, yet. Days I don't even turn on the computer...nor want to do anything else.
    So, with all the meds you are on, it must be very hard. I pray God holds His loving arms around you and lifts you up, my sweet friend.
    I think of you almost every day and pray hard for your recovery.
    love, bj

  58. Glad to know you are continuing to hang in there!! I think when one is physically tired it is much more easier to be open to spiritual attacks. I hope you get a sense of laying in Jesus's arms when you are exhausted.

    Some of my joys are: I have a new grandbaby which brings joy to me and the family. I joy in the beauty of family relationships. I joy in the beauty of flowers,birds, smells of rain, soil, magnolias, coffee, tea. I joy in human touch, girl talk, cookbooks, Christ's presence, the faithfulness of suffering saints in China, India, and some of the African countries, the beauty of a liturgical service, the realities that communion represents, the faithfulness of the preached word to speak to my heart, the glory of the church, the beauty of eternity, the beauty of other Christians, the beauty and glory of songs of praise. I joy in a thundering storm, and the quietness after the storm. I joy in the feel of pages in a book. I joy in the comfort of a bed! I joy when I am able to sleep (which I can't at this moment so I am visiting you!!!). I am thankful for God's work and love even when I don't understand the whys of the circumstance.

    Well I guess I could go on forever, but may blessigs be yours as a new day dawns.

  59. Hello sweet Deena! Were your ears burning three nights ago? Amy and I were speaking highly of you and just love you to pieces! I am glad to see that you posted and it is wonderful to know you are ok. Now you know I would send Dughall and Maggie to you for a hug if I could. They would surely bring a smile to your heart and give you lots of doggy licks..especially Maggie. She will give you a doggy facial!!! Now Doogs is more of a toe licker!! haha.

    Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I wish I lived close to you because I'd come over and help you do whatever it is you needed done.

    Love you oooooodles and bunches,

  60. Deena~
    It has been such a busy Summer and phone chats or visits with kindred sisters have been few and far between. As I chatted this morning with Netty (and she scooted the turkeys off her porch before hubby came home) we both in unison asked how you were doing. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Wish you lived closer, so I could steal you away for an afternoon of smiles and tea at dear Net's...and perhaps a turkey visit.

  61. Glad to see you back:o)! Always keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!!
    It's a joy having you feel better!!

    Happy Summer:o)!

  62. Glad to hear that you have been taking care of you and just following the journey. Sometimes that is all we can do...all we need to do ♥

  63. Hello Deena,
    glad to read that you are doing better. Oh the book of joys is such a pretty little book. so very nice and so many lovely reminders in it.
    hugs to you. may you have a beautiful week.


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