Friday, October 16, 2009

Test Results

I went to the Oncologist tests show my body is cancer free, but my brain is NOT,
there are new tumors. I'll be going to the Neurologist on Monday to discuss treatments.

I was SO sure I'd get a good report...but it's not that bad. I just feel the
brain mets will continue to be the issue. I wanted a break from cancer,
my hair is growing, got it cut (in Venice) and colored( my daughter Nicole did the color) and my eyebrows are back, I just had them shaped.

If it's not one's another. Keep fighting I say!!!!
and praying!!!



  1. I am really excited that you are cancer free, but am concerned about the brain tumors. I will pray that they can find a good soulution to knock them out! Since they say that you are cancer free, does that mean that the tumors are benign or will they find out about that later? I will continue to pray for your Deena.

    Your hair looks beautiful! How exciting that it has come back so pretty and you now have eyebrows again! You're a doll!

    Love, Sharon

  2. Hey girlfriend!............So glad you're home and can't wait to see those pics. Did you ever get your camera back? And love the music. It is the right touch.
    Yep...your hair is beautiful and I think is the prettiest it has looked in over two years. Keep us posted on your med findings and you know we all still pray without ceasing and you will be as strong ongoing as usual.

    PS did you two get to do any dancing over there? Hurry up honey, we want details :) Love ya, Mollye

  3. It is wonderful to hear "cancer free". My sister was diagnoised with Multiple Myeloma three weeks ago and started chemo today. This chemo shouldn't cause hair loss but ni January she will have a bone marrow transplant and given high doses of chemo that will cause her hair to fall out. I am praising God for the positive attitude my sister has.
    Your hair looks beautiful!

  4. Hello So Glad to hear about your good news, but obviously you will continue to worry over the brain mets. Your hair looks great too. I have had cancer too, with chemotherapy, etc., but luckily have not had the mets, and hopefully wont. With cancer you can never tell hey? I am thinking of you and say like you, kick it right up the ****!!! You sound like you have a good spirit! Blessings and hugs to you! Suzie. xxx

  5. Sorry to hear that :(. Never a fun thing to hear, I can relate. I will definitely keep praying for you!


  6. So sorry Deena. I know how it is. I will be starting a new chemo on Monday. Keep us posted!

  7. I am so glad you had a wonderful holiday, rested and cancer free..... except for the tumors? I do hope they are not trouble!!!! I am praying for you!!!
    Margaret B

  8. cute hair Deena, good new no cancer in your body. The other concerns we will lift to the Lord in Prayer.


  9. God bless you, Deena. You are in my prayers!


  10. Let's hope there will be only good news in the future, I'm thinking of you and praying with you!

  11. Hey pretty girl, I miss you! I miss your kind words and delicious openness to life. Let me know how you've been. I think you're a total hottie with absolutely terrific hair.

    Just had my final reconstruction a few hours ago. Feel a little beat up, but I am loving the solitude in my house and being able to catch up with friends. Work is great, but all-consuming.


    Love your music. And btw, where's Church? That girl has tendency to become invisible :(

  12. You keep fighting, we'll keep praying.


  13. I'll be praying that the brain tumors can be managed. It must have been a comfort to know that your body is cancer free. You are such an inspiration with your positive attitude. I know you'll keep fighting and win this war. Many hugs to you. -Jackie

  14. Hi Deena,

    Thought of you so many times while you were on your trip! Can't wait to see more photos!

    You remain in our prayers and will be anxious to hear more after you go back to the doctor on Monday.
    I think of you every time I see that china doll painting hanging up in my craft room!
    holykisses xoxo

  15. This is just a blip in the fight. Your hair looks fabulous. I'll be praying. :)

  16. This is just a bump in the path Deena~ we are all praying for you~ i thought of you often while you were off having the trip of a lifetime, wondering what marvelous fun you were up to! Be strong~ xoxox rachael

  17. I may not always comment, but I do read your blog and you are in my prayers. It was nice to read about your travels...hope you are well rested and can fight the next battle. I know you will win. :)


  18. I'm with you, dear one. Fighting has been your life the last two years. I'll help you with the praying part. I haven't stopped. Maybe we can get together this week. I love you.

  19. Dearest Deena,

    You are always such an inspiration ... and always in my thoughts and prayers.

    Remain steadfast in your fight ...

    Love, Tina

  20. Sweet, sweet Deena I keep you in my thoughts and prayers...."Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us"

  21. Keep fighting, Deena. We're here with you.

  22. Still praying, still thinking of you always.

  23. Well, ain't that just sumthin'??
    Remember that it could always be worse - that's what gets me through the days.

    The Lord has you and your medical challenges in the palm of His hand. He simply adores you and you KNOW that!

    I love you, too, and have missed you.
    A lot.

    xoxo, jan

  24. You bet, keep fighting . . . miracles happen every day, and you are going to be one of them! You're in my prayers--always. And . . . your hair looks great!!!!!!

  25. Deena, I'm sorry to hear about the brain tumors and will be keeping you in my prayers. You're strong and have a lot of support from friends behind you!

    Your new hair style is the cutest!


  26. You, my sweet friend, keep praying, as will I and all those who know and love you. I'm so glad your cancer free. I hated to hear that the tumors are still there, but stay strong and feel God's loving arms wrapped around you.
    You look so beautiful with your hair back. However, you looked beautiful with no hair too. You are just a beautiful person.

  27. Your hair is beautiful...I will keep you in my prayers Sweet Deena.

  28. Sorry to hear this news, we're praying for you and sending positive thoughts your way. I love your haircut, how fun to have had it cut in Venice! (((hugs)))


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