Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today is so lovely..
everything is in BUD that should be
& as I was walking outside..
I realized. we moved here April 28 2005
Rich's dad came here from the nursing home
in June.

My youngest daughter left the nest July 2007
Rich's dad went to Independence Village December 2007

This will be the FIRST year of seasons we will have
to our selves, I look forward to savoring every minute.


saw the first Eastern BlueBird and Eastern Phoebe of this year yesterday so the Meal Worms
are out for them
today we are getting a nesting box for our Barred Owls

life it does a body good, pass it on
love to all
hubby put the owl box up, pictures to come


  1. Deena, your wonderful attitude is contagious. And I don't have the antidote. :-D

    Blessings to you on this glorious day. :-)

  2. Ah, yes, dear Deena...a good life is good for the whole soul.....,

  3. Gorgeous pictures, Deena ! And yes, having the house to yourselves brings joy with it as well. Life does do a body good :)

  4. I'm glad you and hubby are having some quite, peaceful time to yourself. You deserve that.

    I loved the pictures of the birds. Beautiful.

  5. What a blessing to finally be in your love nest with your hubby alone! I love it that you want to savor every minute and that you really appreciate everything your beautiful home and surroundings has to offer. You truly are blessed with your gret home nestled in the singing woods! I love all the pictures.

    Have a great weekend Deena!

    Love, Sharon

  6. Beautiful photographs and the Bluebird is gorgeous!

    Happy belated birthday Deena x

  7. good morning, dear is good!

    ~answered prayers
    ~the people my children have become
    ~new spurts of growth all my kitchen window

    have a blessed and joyful day~
    xo and prayers,

  8. Dearest Sweet Deena,
    Loved reading your newest posts! Thanks for visiting me a couple days ago, Diana and I had such fun on our road trip, come check out the newest post! I have been faithful to lift you up to the Lord everyday as I walk, loving you to our Father! Donna Lynn

  9. I didn't realize that the correct spelling of the bird I posted about today was MOURNING...I have always thought, all these many, MANY, I mean M.A.N.Y. years, it was MORNING DOVE....
    I did correct it on my posting and I thank you dearly. CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!
    Have a restful night and a GREAT breakfast in the morning. It does a body good to start the day off with a luscious, treatful meal....
    especially with someone you love!
    night, night, bj

  10. Glad you're enjoying the day dear one.

  11. OOOh I love that first bird!! lovely!

  12. Deena,

    I love that you and Rich are finally able to enjoy your home with just the two of you. How fabulous.

    I love bluebirds. For many years we didn't see any here and we thought the DDT of the 50s and 60s had wiped them out. However, all bird species are making a comeback in this area. We have finches, orioles, red-winged blackbirds, robins, red polls, mourning doves and a host of other beautiful birds to bring nature's music to our ears.

    The photos you posted are awesome. I particularly love the one of the bluebird. I'm glad you have put feed out for the birds and that you are purchasing a nesting box for the barred owls.

    Thanks for a beautiful read. I always love visiting and reading about your lovely home at the edge of the Singing Woods.

    Love and blessings,

  13. I'm so glad you're enjoying your peaceful home. The birds are lovely.

  14. I am so glad you have been out enjoying the arrival of spring. The birds are probably enjoying watch you bring out the food. And a new home for the owl. Barred are so beautiful until they come down your chimney and get out in the house while you are away. One year the lake house suffered from two squirrels coming down the chimney and then the year Dad died, a barred owl came down and got out and made quite a mess of things. We now have the newest stainless steel chimney cap that money can buy. Nothing like a couple of squirrels and an owl to get you to open up the pocket strings.
    Next time please do not be so swift with the swifter and we might have to get you a pair of safety goggles for house work.
    Remember I have a wicked sense of humor. Peace

  15. Blue birds have moved into our little box recently. I just love them.
    Hope the "swiffer eye" gets better soon.


  16. A peaceful and happy home can only help your healing!
    Blessings to you Deena!

  17. Hi Deena,
    I love this post...the birds are beautiful and free, and yes, Life Is's nice to just sit back and take it all in and appreciate it, isnt it :)

    Take Care,
    Shannon :)

  18. Love the photos. Our chidren have been out of the house now for about 8 years. My hubby & I really enjoy our time together but, we also love it when the kids are here with their families too! Love the sound of our grandkids laughing & having fun. Hugs***Renea

  19. good morning, deena.....hope you have had your coffee....and are feeling well....have a blessed day.
    xoxo and prayers,

  20. Love to you, Deena, you radiate warmth, xo

  21. Hope you are havind a beautiful and blessed weekend, dear deena. :)

  22. Hi Denna

    My family just left this morning so in between laundry and putting the house back together (smile), I'm enjoying catching up on what's been happening with all of my blog buddies.


  23. Deena, please email me your address, I have something special for you!, I think about you everyday, you are on my heart constantly...Hugs and healing prayers coming at ya!!! Donna Lynn

  24. i have got to get some meal worms for my blue birds....... I hear they will even eat out of your hand if you sit still....... would that be wonderful or what!!!!! I wish for you many years with your DH just hanging out and feeding the blue birds.......


  25. Deena, so grreat to come here and see that you are doing so good. Enjoy that Love Nest, but there are days when I wish my children were closer. I don't have internet service in the country, so can't get here much, but please know that I think and pray for you daily. Love the birds and I too am enjoying watching the cardinals and humming birds, not to mention all the beauitufl butterflies in dad's garden. Feeling better, so thanks for your prayers. Things are looking good for the house and I am enjoying cleaning it--can you believe that. Love and Hugs, Pat

  26. Good morning Friend!
    \0/ God bless you during this season. What a wonderful time of renewal.

  27. You and your blog are a huge blessing to me!! ♥

  28. I love the Bluebird picture. We had a pair nest in a decorative birdhouse in a flower bed a couple years ago. I could see them flying in and out when my front door stood open andI lvoed it. I wish they would come back again. I'm glad you had a lovely day yesterday. My BFF came in for a too short visit this weekend. What would we do without them.
    hugs and love

  29. I am glad you and your husband are having a peaceful, loving time. I LOVE the bird pictures. We have so many beautiful birds around here, I love them. They bring endless joy!
    Joy and blessings!

  30. I think birds are God's way of saying, "Hey - it is a great day - sing about it!" This is why I love birds so very much!

    xo and Doogs says to give Auntie Deena a kiss on the cheek!

    Becky and Doogs

  31. Hi Deena, it's lovely to enjoy time alone with your husband, isn't it? Beautiful pictures of the birds. Have a blessed day!

  32. Dear Deena...

    It made me smile this morning to find a beautiful e-card from you. Since finding your blog, I am inspired. You have such a loving way about you...

    My blessing today...

    my husband who loves me as I am
    my first born daughter who keeps amazing me with her wise way
    my baby daughter who reminds me that every day is a new adventure
    my sisters who are my oldest and best friends
    my paresnts who inspire me to love completely and deeply

    there are so many other blessings in my life, but to keep from writing forever, I will end with this one...

    my blogging inspiration, you, who help me cherish my life...Thank you.

    Blessings, hugs, and lots of kisses for you today and ever day.

  33. Have I told you how absolutely amazing you are? Well.....YOU ARE!

    heart hug,

  34. Dear Deena,
    Thank you for your beautiful card this morning. You are privileged to see owls nest. I have rarely even seen an owl. They are such gorgeous creatures!

    Sending you the peace that passes all understanding!

  35. Praise God that you are willing to see the joy in all that God is doing and in His creation, even though you are going through so much. Thank you for the cheerful and sweet iCard, it brightened my day. Now I know why you are called
    "Sweet Annee"

    I'm sending prayers and best wishes your way. Kathi

  36. hey, sweet one,
    the minute my eyes landed on the photo of the first bird in this post my face just started smiling. i couldn't help it - it is such a sweet, precious little bird.
    thank you for taking the time to post that photo.

    prayers to you - always.
    and gratefulness for your friendship,
    xoxo, jan

  37. have you seen a hummer yet? They are everywhere here...... I love to just sit and watch....... they are so small but bring me much pleasure....... It is the little things in life........ Love you lots and pray that your spirits are high and lifted up.....

  38. Just beautiful, Deena, the pictures and also the Celtic music!

    Love and Hugs,

  39. sweet dreams, deena........
    thinking of you and sending prayers,

  40. Well, Blessings on this new chapter !! I finally got a diagnosis on my health issues, God is so good !! Nothing serious after all. Your skin just glows !! Man, you have beautiful skin !! I think the only time I ever glowed was when I was pregnant. Keeping you in my prayers !! :)

  41. I just love this post Deena! I love the pictures of the bird and the owl. I am patiently waiting for spring to arrive here in MA. It is coming slowly but surely. The beginnings of green are popping there heads through the ground and on the trees. It will be a delight when summer actually arrrives.

    Have a wonderful day.


  42. Deena, that bluebird photo is so vibrant! Glad to hear that you are out enjoying Spring. It is good for the soul to see re-birth and growth! Take care and make it a great day! Angie

  43. Deena, I am glad that you are feeling better. You are often in my thoughts; and your zest for life and your sweet attitude are indeed contagious!

    I love the pretty birds!


  44. Popping in to have are you?

  45. Just stopped by to say hello. I hope you are feeling well and that you have a beautiful day Deena.

    Big, warm hugs, Sharon

  46. I feel... I feel the pain behind the courage... and it is OK. I pray that your day be filled with flowers and birds... Much of us are praying for you.


  47. What a treasure to have owls....i love to watch the birds....You have such a wonderful spirit Deena...I pray you can continue to laugh....God Bless.....judy

  48. Your a strong and very special lady. The pictures are beautiful. My mother loved Owls...I wish she were here for me to show her this one.
    Big {{Hugs}} and extra prayers coming your way.

  49. Love the birdy pictures!


  50. How lovely to be greeted with the awe of Spring as you recover & heal. Hugs,Kelley

  51. Hi Deena, Just stopping by to say hello. Hope you can get out to enjoy Spring a lot. That bluebird picture is stunning.

  52. Just peeking in to say Good Morning to my brave and cheerful friend...Did I remember to tell you how you have made me more aware of my many blessings? Oh, I have ALWAYS been able to see my BIG blessings, g-kids, kids, Billy D. and health...but the tiny, little bity things that we tend to slightly mention these things and, all at once, they become another BIG blessing. For this, my sweet, I thank you deeply.....
    I do hope your day is full of sunshine, in more ways than one and pls tell THE HUNK OF THE HOUSE, Mr. Rich, I said give you an extra hug this evening when he gets home, from me....

  53. Deena, I really enjoy visiting your blog and seeing the wonderful photos you have posted. And, the music is SO peaceful. Hope you & hubby are enjoying this beautiful spring in your nest...alone. Peace be with you.


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