Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Steven

Today is my youngest grandson Steven's  6th Birthday.
The picture is steven with his brother Joe.

All the grandsons are in school now..Caleb(my daughter nicole's son) and Steven are the two youngest and they are both
in kindergarten.

I've not been feeling well the last week or more. It may
just be from the last Gamma knife.  I've been in
some pain but it is getting better.


Warmer Days
Spotted a Pileated Woodpecker SEVERAL times in the last two weeks
Watching "Mad Men"


  1. Congrats to your grandson and also to you Deena. When I read your post I cannot help thinking about my mother who died of cancer when her first grandson was only 3 and a half months old. I think I am right to gratulate you with his 6th birthday, don't you? I'm sorry, I should give you happy thoughts but I was so triggered. Hope you start to feel well soon and that the little woodpecker surprises you more often!

  2. Deena, look at those sweet faces, such a wonderful joy to have grandchildren. They each seem to have something special that makes our hearts sing!
    I wish you were feeling better, you went through some pretty tough surgery, no wonder there's pain. I pray that God will take away the pain and any after affects!
    Take care Hon and enjoy those boys!
    Margaret B

  3. Saying a prayer right now that the pain goes away and you're feeling much better soon.

  4. Happy Birthday to Steven...my they are just the cutest things!!! As the mother of five boys I'm partial to little boys, your grandsons are real cuties! Keeping you in my prayers, hope you're feeling better soon dear one.

  5. Happy Birthday, Steven, What a cutie, both of them in fact. They're really charmers. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well, you're always in my prayers.

  6. Handsome Again as Young Gentlemen Deena (BUT with a Gleam in their eyes!!!)
    I Wish You Better Days Ahead My Friend & Sunshine to Warm You & Yours...
    Can't wait until your finally able to get a photo of your Pileated Woodpecker friend!!!

    Sending Love Your Way~Marilyn

  7. Your Grandbabies are adorable Deena....Happy Birthday to the wee one :)

    I hope you get some rest and are feeling better soon...you are ever in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Dear Miss Deena, Just wanted to say I keep you close to my heart and in my prayers for your peace and continued healing. Hugs, Penny

  9. Deena
    Hope yawl are better by the time you read this comment. Those little guys are cuties. peace

  10. They look so sweet! I am sorry that you don't feel too well, I hope you feel much better soon, am sending you big hugs through the air! suzie. xxx

  11. Happy Birthday to Steven, Deena.I hope you had a nice day with them. I am sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well and hope that you feel better soon. :)

  12. I never realized how much you could love a grandchild Deena!! Clara is an angel to me ~ I'll keep you in my prayers to feel better sweet friend...xxoo, Dawn


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