Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am Sorry

I'm so slow these days. I don't get around to reading and answering emails
I find it hard to do much posting on FaceBook. Some days I don't even feel like
getting out of bed. I'm weak and confused.

Don't worry, I'm seeing doctors and getting tests. When I find out some
news I'll let you know. Don't anyone think I'm ignoring you, I just can't do
it all. I LOVE to hear from you..I just can't always answer. It's after noon now
and I haven't done anything but take of the cats and kitties. Food, water and
scooping litter.

The lilacs are in bloom (wish you could smell) and Mr Bluebird
is looking for a place to nest..Had to take his picture through our office window.

Rich will be back home today, thank you Lord for that.


  1. Just take care of yourself, sweet Deena. No need to feel like you have to do anything but enjoy this beautiful spring and all the miracles that we witness every day.

  2. I hope you find answers and feel better soon. Even though you obviously feel dreadful, your good humour and spirit shine through onto the screen... I admire that greatly! suzie xxx

  3. Thinkin of you Deena....
    Your pictures are positively GORGEOUS. I think I can almost smell that delicious lilac!
    No worries... k?
    Just snuggle those kitties for me.
    holykisses xoxo

  4. Don't worry about us, Deena. Just enjoy the beauty around you and the kitties and I, for one, will keep checking in to say hello and to pray. Your pictures are beautiful, the bluebird and the lilacs are so pretty with the wooden deck. I'm glad Rich will be back - that will brighten you up a lot. You're a treasured friend. God bless you, Diane

  5. So sorry that you are not feeling well and hope you find answers soon. Your lilacs are beautiful and it's so nice to have blue birds around - we usually have some, but I haven't seen them yet this year. You are in my prayers always. Love ya

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful lilac photos with us.

  7. HI Deena! I can smell those lilacs... remember you sent me some in the book I won two years ago.. :)
    Take one day at a time. Just rest and enjoy all that is around you, your family and your beautiful yard and the wild creatures that god sends to visit you..Im praying you feel better and get your energy back. Jackie

  8. Heartfelt, soulful prayers for you, Beautiful Deena...all the beauty around you is a reflection of your beautiful self

  9. sweet Deena, concentrate on taking care of yourself, all your blog friends will be right here to share your posts when you are able. I am holding you in prayer dear one.

  10. Hi Deena, Your lilacs are lovely, I can almost smell their sweet scent coming through my screen. And you're so fortunate to have a bluebird in your yard. They are a sign of good luck.
    I'm sorry you're feeling so tired and confused; just play with those kittys and please know that I am always keeping you close in thought and prayer. xoxoxoxo Dorothy

  11. Sweet Deena, You are loved and you are prayed for. The Father God spoke your name into my ear yesterday as I watered my tomatoes......... HE is near you.........

  12. Hey girl I can smell those lilacs all the way to TN. The bush my Mother gave me has bloomed but while it was in bloom I enjoyed it to the fullest. The bb will find a place to nest soon. We have had several looking at places to hatch babies around the house here. Don't worry about us in blog land just take care of yourself and get better. Enjoy the simple gifts which are magnificient to us all daily. Peace Love and Prayers

  13. Your garden is beautiful...I love lilacs, their blooms and heavenly smell really does bring in spring doesn't it? I'm always thinking of you Deena. Sending you prayers, blessings and warm hugs. Jenn xo

  14. You have nothing to be sorry for! I am thinking of you always, and hope you have a lovely weekend!

  15. Praying for good test results and treatment that will boost your energy level...but in any case you take care of yourself and know that you and about 80 percent of bloggers are spending less time online with Spring distracting us....


    Becky K.

  16. Oh dear Deena! I hope they find out what the problem is soon and take care of it; so you can return to your normal wonderful self. Take care! I will be thinking and praying for you.

    Love the lilacs. Aren't they delightful this time of year and smell so divine. I love seeing yours, they are beautiful. I have a large bush, but it is too high to reach most of the blossoms.

  17. Hey Beautiful... Listen here... if nothing is all you can do then DO nothing....

    I have to tell you this .... I told someone that once and this is what they said to me....

    Did you get out of bed this morning?
    Did you dress?
    Did you brush your teeth or wash your face?
    Did you shower?
    Did you eat?
    Did you read a book?
    Did you wash dishes?
    Did you do laundry?
    etc etc etc...

    Anyhow... the moral of this story is... if you answered yes to ANY one of these questions feeding the cats..... then you did something!

    Now ... you my dear ... deserve a rest ... dont be so hard on yourself.... take care of you...

    There is nothing at all to apologize for...

    I love you... We love you and we will all be here for you .... so not to worry


  18. Deena, You don't have to say your sorry to any of us. Take care and your in my prayers. St. Perigrine is watching over you, I pray to him each morning for you.
    Love the Lilac, ah the sweet smell of spring.
    Bless you Paulette

  19. was Bob who said "go check on how sweet Deena is doing this weekend" and here I am. No apologies required from you dear one. We know some days are hard for you. We remember you by prayer, and by looking at Nature which surrounds us in our garden.

    Your lilacs I can almost smell - we cannot grow them here in the humid South, and I miss them. When I lived in both old England (my home), and then New England, they were so beautiful and a true feeling that Winter was gone at last. Last time I was able to enjoy them was our visit to Mackinac Island - so beautiful and of course the music from the movie "Somewhere in Time" played in my head as the perfume surrounded me.

    Deena rest and enjoy the beauty around you, be it flowers, trees, birds, your animals and of course your wonderful Rich.

    Sending love - Mary & Bob

  20. I don't know you personally, but you did one thing spectacular on this day. Give me a wonderful picture out your window. Thanks. Bless your soul as you find it in yourelf to do the little things that make a difference.

  21. Hello Dearheart....Don't worry about email and Facebook, just get your rest. We love you-so much!!!!
    Your yard is very pretty.
    The seizure med made me feel awful too-maybe that's it....
    Praying for you....
    Love, Debra

  22. Gorgeous photos!!!!!!!

    Thinking of you sweet friend.


  23. You are such a blessing. God is telling you to "chillax" and take care of you (and the cats) :) Thank you for your beautiful pictures that you post so often! They are a reminder of God's unfailing love! I will continue to pray for your strength and healing.

  24. Do only what you feel like doing. Things will take care of themselves. Good thoughts and positive energy being sent to you.

    Blessed be.

  25. One day at a time dear Denna, that is all any of us can ask for. I love lilacs too.....yes, I can smell them! I have a small bush I planted last year that is blooming now, but only a dozen or so flowers. Gosh, will it get as big as yours? So glad you have it to enjoy! :o) Blessings, Lori

  26. Deena, I figured when you aren't posting or emailing back, you are resting, which is what you should do. I hope the tests bring good results for you and you can enjoy things again. The lilacs are beautiful. My confederate jasmin are blooming like crazy and when you walk in the backyard, it's a heavenly smell, which reminds me of New Orleans. Take care sweetie and I hope you feel better soon. We miss you when you don't post, but rest comes first and You come first. Love, hugs, and many prayers, Pat

  27. I tried to post yesterday but my fingers were not cooperating with me. Don't apoligize, dear friend--rest and relax all you want.

    The lilacs are lovely--I can almost smell them. Mine are looking a little haggard after the winds here.

    Take care--you'll soon be up and running like usual.

  28. No apologies necessary. Thinking of you often.


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