Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just saying Hello

I called the neurosurgeon Monday and asked for an
MRI. I had a couple of seizures over the weekend
and was a bit concerned.

The MRI was the same results. no growth, no smaller.
So for now I'm going to relax and pray for results
from the last procedure.

Thanks for caring.
Bless all of you.

It's hard to get around and my friend Rhea
sat in the doc's office for THREE hours waiting with me.
That devoted to patients. I appreciate the care and


  1. Love and prayers going out to you dear friend.

  2. It sounds to me like you have wonderful friends and a superb doctor. It is good to hear from you today. Take care. I wish so much that you weren't dealing with cancer or seizures. Your attitude and your strength are inspirational.

    Becky K.

  3. Hello Deena......I'm sorry you're going through this tough time.....and I admire your spirit and attitude. How nice that your friend went to the doctor's with you when you had the MRI. So glad there were no bad changes....that's a good thing!

    Get lots of rest and take care of you!

    Sending all my best wishes, hugs and prayers your way.

    Hugs, Karen

  4. Glad you had the MRI if it gives you a bit more peace as you wait for God's healing hand upon your life. My prayers go with you, Ann

  5. I'm so thankful that you have such a good friend there with you. I pray for you always. Diane

  6. Hi Deena, just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers today. You have opened my eyes to the "everyday" things to be thank-filled for. Today's blessings: a really great Bible study group tonight, a job that I love, a foggy morning to remind me that the sun is still there even when we don't see it, and the Thanksgiving holidays coming up. Stay well friend.

  7. Thinking of you dear one... please rest... I worry ... take care and just do nothing if you need to law says things have to be perfect... Will say prayers that you get to feeling better soon...


  8. Hi luv!
    Praying that the good Lord will hold you and enfold you with His love.

    What a dear friend Rhea must be...blessings to her as well.


  9. Feel better-my love and prayers go out to you, dear Deena.

  10. It's been awhile since I left you a message, but I just thought I would let you know that I pray for you and your family and wish you a wonderful month of giving thanks!

  11. St. Peregrine is watching over you. I pray every day for you to him. It is so nice to have friends we can count on. Rhea sounds wonderful. My thoughts and prayers are with you that all goes well. Hugs Paulette

  12. Love to you sweet Deena. I am glad you have such a caring are forever in my prayers...

  13. Glad to hear nothing bad showed up on the MRI, at least the tumors aren't growing and that should give you some comfort. Sorry you are having seizures, though. I didn't drive for over 10 years after my surgeries, but can safely drive now.
    Happy you had a friend with you. I have a friend who comes with me and he is always a comfort to have around, especially when the doctor gives me more bad news. God be with you and heal you soon. Love, hugs, and prayers, Pat

  14. Glad you were cautious and got the MRI. And so thankful that you've got such a great friend in Rhea. {Hugs} to both of you :)

    Thanks for sharing with us. You know we're always thinking about you, and praying that each day is bringing you beautiful blessings.

    Love, Linda and family

  15. I hope the week has gotten better as it moved along. Good to hear it isn't worse, but pray the seizures clear up soon.

  16. Hello Deena,
    I often stop by your blog to check on you and never leave a comment.
    I have to believe there are many more people out there who, just like me, care about your every day life and blessings you experience. You have a gift of seeing the world around you and the special things in the "everything". I am so glad you have all your loving family and friends to guide you. Know that I think about you and visit more than I reveal myself.

  17. my sweet Deena.....I know we have never met, (except through my friend Linda)....but I must say.....what an example your sweet spirit has been to me.....God is so good....He definitely gives us peace in times of a storm....and oh my dear what a storm it has been.....but oh the peace you have shown as an example to all of us......many blessings~denise

  18. Have you in my thoughts and prayers Deena...


  19. You have such a great support team. Here on earth and up in heaven watching and holding you up. Sending hugs and prayers and a wish for a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

  20. Just stopping by to say hello and let you know that you are still prayed for and thought of all the time...
    Miss and Love you Deena!!!!

  21. G'eve my friend ~ Just popping in to share a little love & hug with you. Hope you are up & going soon ... May God hold you closely in His palm.

    Have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  22. Just thinking about you Deena and wanted to stop by and say hello! Hope your feeling okay. I'm so glad you have such good friends and family. Your always in my prayers. Sending hugs and blessings ~ Jenn

    p.s. Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

  23. Deena....... It seems that I have been gone from here for such a long time... The summer was the most devastating few months of my life and I just quit blogging. I look around FB some but not really involved there also..You crossed my mind today and I thought it was time I got back over here to see how you were doing.

    I am thankful to the Lord that nothing has changed on your MRI..... How we need to give thanks to the ONE that keeps us.... I pray that the next results are the same and all is well with you.......

    Losing Dad in July and then Mom in Sept just 72 days apart threw me for a loop and then I ended up with bad results on my breast MRI and have just completed all my biopsies and all the results are good. It was then that I fell to my face and thanked the Lord and then you and other women crossed my heart and I cried.....

    Wishing for you this holiday season much joy and laughter.... wishing you good health as HE has and will provide....... Wishing you family and friends that are old and friends that are new to fill your life.......

    Ever praying for you.... AND one day we will live in a Kingdom where there is no fear and there is no cancer......


  24. thinking of you this evening deena...and wanted to say hello and sending hugs....hoping your Thanksgiving is warm and finds you feeling better.
    hugs and love


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