Monday, March 10, 2008

Tis just ME

I went to Dr. Jones this AM, just for a follow up.
He did my reconstruction.  He told me
anything that isn't great he'll fix when I get
my nipple!!  woohoo

I go back to see him June 2nd, which is after all my
chemo is done!! Praise God, tis NOT that far off.

I drove myself and it felt GOOD to be out
and independent. 

 I just wanted to show you
how cute my hat is!! *Made & gifted to me  by Lallee's Cottage*

Rich said, I see you over there taking pictures of 
yourself.. Made me Laugh!! 

He's on the couch , I'm about to go take a nap. I had 
lunch & it's 11.30..good time for a nap.
I might make THIS later..when I can get out to shop for 
some supplies

Hope today  is good & please pray for my friend Church.

Joys today

driving around
hugs from  handsome Dr. Jones
feeling so good
a cute hat to wear, made by a blog friend
a bit warmer today
a BIG hawk in a little tree
bird songs
cold milk & red velvet cake
ice water
cute jeans
a tender heart
God's word

enjoy the day



  1. Your beautiful and I like that hat.

    Your blog always looks so nice. I wish I could do half the things you do. Maybe someday I wiil get s someone to show me how to make mine pretty. Changing the color is all I can do and I do that often.

    Hope you have a nice rest and a wonderful day.

    Love and God bless,

  2. Your hat is cute. I'm so glad you are feeling cheerful and felt up to driving yourself today. I hope your nap refreshes you. I will be praying God's healing for every area. Hugs, Kathi

  3. You look adorable in your hat. Glad you had a good morning. Traci

  4. You do look fabulous! Keep up the good work. That Easter project looks so sweet. Spring is on the way! the sun is trying to break through the clouds.
    Enjoy your day.

  5. good morning, look healthy and the hat, too! :)

    red velvet cake.....sooooo yummy


    new day
    note from a friend
    quiet morning
    jamie and matt's peace

    so glad you are feeling GOOD and driving yourself....wonderful~
    have a good rest,

  6. Hi Deena...I hope you and Hubby are feeling better....LOVE your cute's so you!I can'[t wait to see the precious project when you are done with it....thinking of you lots...

  7. You look so cute in that hat!! Glad you have had a good morning. Hope Rich gets well soon.

    Joys for today:

    Beautiful sunshine

    3 cats that love you unconditionally

    springy light green and white gingham check fabric I found this morning to make a skirt for Easter

    Breakfast at Burger King with 4 handsome men (hubby and our 3 boys)

    Take care.
    Robin/Southern Bella

  8. You are so beautiful!! That hat looks great on you, and is sooo cute too!! I hope this doesn't sound weird, but you have GREAT cheek bones!! :) Heehee.

    Have a great day!!


  9. you look so pretty n that hat n yeah i loved your chain too... hey..hope u saw the award i had left for you in my blog...have a great day

    chikku :)

  10. It's so nice to see your pretty face!!! You really do look just beautiful, Deena ~ your sweet spirit just glows in your face....I'm so glad you felt well enough to drive!! wishing you a wonderful week, xxoo, Dawn

  11. Deena what a pretty hat for a pretty lady. You look terrific. So happy to hear that you can get out.
    The birdnest is beautiful. I had found a real one and my sisters' gc destroyed it before I could wire it to keep it together--oh well. Have a Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Day. Love and Hugs, Pat

  12. I have seen some of Lallee's work and it is beautiful. You are looking wonderful dear! I just might have to put together one of those birdnests myself. Thank-you for the post.
    My Joys for Today:

  13. Deena; You look beautiful.I think of you often and wonder how you are,so nice to see you it is very reasuring to se you looking so well.

  14. Deena how sweet you look in that cute hat.
    How wonderful that you were able to drive yourself to the Dr.
    Hope Rich is feeling better.
    Thinking of you.

  15. You look lovely in your new hat and it is good to hear that you are feeling well!

    The birdnest project is adorable!

  16. Hi Deena,

    I'm thankful you are feeling well enough to be out and about driving yourself here and there. That's good news.

    I hope your hubby is feeling better and that you don't get that dreadful flu.

  17. you look very chic and cute in the hat...
    since you drove your self to see Dr. Jones...I am hoping that means that your arm is doing much better...
    just remember not to overdo...
    I love the project you are planning...
    great for Easter...
    you look absolutely great!!!

  18. Deena, I clicked off too soon... How is Rich feeling today...I hope he is feeling better...and I pray that you don't get what he has...
    Tell him this time to keep his germs to himself :0)

  19. Hi Deena...just stopping by to say "hi" and see how you're doing. I'm so glad you're doing so well. I'm sorry though that your hubby isn't feeling well. Hope it doesn't "visit" you. We're on vacation for 2 weeks and having a good time, but I'll visit when I can.

    Hugs sweet friend!

  20. Well Deena, you may have been "down" the other day but you look wondering today and so pretty in your hat. xoxoxo

  21. Hi Deena,
    As promised, I took a peek at ALL of your blogs!
    Wonderful and inspiring.
    Hugs, Sharon, My Vintage Studio

  22. Deena,

    You look very pretty in your cute hat. I'm so glad you were able to get out and drive yourself to your appointment. You go girl!

    Sorry that Rich is down with that nasty flu. It definitely zaps the strength. I am still recuperating. My friend in Arkansas had it a while back and she said it took her 2 weeks to get feeling back to her old self. I'm still struggling.

    My joys for today:
    A bright sunny day on such a lot of snow. Made the world look so clean.

    Spending time with Brandon and Jordan.

    Feeling a little better each day.

    Having you for my friend.

    Enjoying the love of my Lord.


  23. Some people just look really cute in hats and you are one of them. I look dorky in them. It must have felt very good today to drive yourself, good for you. Hope hubby is feeling better.

    LeAnn :)

  24. Deena: Back from Dallas after a grueling week. Little Eva will find out on Wednsday if she needs chemo and radiation. I am overwhelmed at the love and prayer support we have received. My faith in humanity is almost restored!!
    Still praying for you. ( You look great!!)

    Dad eight

  25. Hi Deena. You look very healthy and the hat is adorable on you. and healthiness during the chemo. You are in my prayers every day. I love your positive attitude.
    Rhondi xo

  26. You are beautiful & so is your blog! I will keep you in my prayers for a full recovery soon! :) chris

  27. Hi! Deena - I'm new to blogging but I've been lurking for a while. Just wanted to let you know that I made my appointment for my mammogram today. I needed a little push in that direction...I know you gave me that. Please stop by and look at my Easter projects. I got some of them from Martha last year. Looking forward to seeing your nests. XXOO

  28. Hey Deena... I finally got over here to see what you were up too.. You really look good in that hat.. I am a hat person and do not go many places to wear one... I am glad that you are out and about alone,, that has got to be a good feeling... I just love the color of your blog and would love to know who designs them for you.. I want a new look for my Sew The Word blog... anyway... my joys today are:

    I have a new wrinkle to celebrate my 61st year hahaha

    I have peonies up all around my house and I love peonies!!!

    Mom and Dad are well and all is quiet on that front...

    My DH is like a gift wrapped in a beautiful package... He makes me laugh... and that is good medicne...

  29. hope rich is feeling better, and you have stayed well! sleep well, deena...
    love and prayers,

  30. You look just too darn cute Deena! I love that hat. I am so happy to see you look so good and healthy. I also am so happy for you that were able to drive and be independent.

    Have a good evening! Love Sharon
    P.S. I emailed you today.

  31. Deena, you look fabulous. I just stopped over to give you a hug. (((h)))

    How is hubby doing?

  32. Good Morning Deena,
    You look absolutely beautiful with your new hat. It is so you. June 2, will be here before you know it. Time sure does fly by. I do hope that Rich is feeling better today. Nothing better than a good nap after some lunch. I can' wait to see what your project will look like when you get it done. I know it will be beautiful as everything else you have done. Some of my Joys yesterday was we had Sunshine. Also for HEAT after being out in the wind yesterday afternoon and last night. Visiting you and having you as a Friend and seeing that you are having a great day. GOD'S Word and Love for us all. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love, Hugs, & Prayers,
    Karen H.

  33. You're looking beautiful! Mmmmm, red velvet cake.

    Have a Blessed day, Deena!

  34. Beautiful in that hat just beautiful!!!!
    You really do have that sparkle!!

  35. It is a gorgeous hat, you look so cute in it.


    Sarah x

  36. Deena, you look beautiful! I love your hat. I'm so happy to read this post...
    take good care! xo natalea

  37. good morning, my friend.....hope your night was restful and your day is full of kindness....

  38. Oh, Deena, you are absolutely such a beautiful lady, inside and out. You look precious in your little hat. I can see why Rich loves you so much.....
    I am joyfull today that you are feeling so good, can drive, hug your doctor, laugh....appreciate all the little things in life. You are aWESOME!!!!!!
    hugs today from bj

  39. You Look really pretty in that hat and the matching chain!
    Hope you're husband is better.
    Take care. hugs and prayers for you.

  40. Oh my that is just the cutest hat - and lucky for you that you look so divine in hats :D Thanks for the update, now back to resting missy!

  41. Hi Deena,
    Sorry I haven't been around lately to see you but you know how sometimes life gets in the way of blogging?? :O)

    You look plum spiffy in that new hat! So sweet of Lallee to make it for you. Don't we have wonderful blog friends?

    Love that bird nest and eggs! So cute! I'm glad you're feeling good!

    Love and Hugs,

  42. Hi Deena,

    I love the hat and you look beautiful! I hope your hubby gets better really soon so you can be in the same room again :)


  43. Love this cheery post Deena. I can hear birds singing in the background of your lovely music...
    Your hat is adorable and shows off your pretty face so well.
    Prayers continue...

  44. You look purr tee in the hat. That was great that you drove yourself to the nipple doc. It is the simple things that make life spectacular as stated by the goofy guy with huge eyebrows on sissy minutes. Peace

  45. O.K you are too adorable in that hat. I LOVE IT! I’m so glad to hear your feeling independent

    Hugs! Nancy

  46. Hi there beautiful girl! That hat that Lallee made you is perfect and looks wonderful on you! You look stunning today! I pray all is going better, and it sounds like it is.

    I love tender hearts, too!


  47. You look so pretty in your new hat and your make up looks like it was done by a pro. Keep smiling and these treatments will be over before you know look lovely.

  48. Fabulous you Deena!
    Hope Rich is feeling better.

    Glad you are able to drive and get around some - this is good for your morale and, with Spring imminent, you will enjoy getting about to enjoy the scenery I know.

    Hugs - Mary.

  49. Great hat!!
    I'm loving reading your "joys" that you list. It's good medicine you know not only for you but for others as well.
    Oh I have to tell you....your birds singing in the background.....sound like the ones that make nests on the patio (in the metal roof that is over it) outside of our bedroom. I just bought a new wicker furniture set for the patio and they have been dropping their "nesting material" all over the far though, no bird poop so that's good. HA!

  50. Love the hat...and love reading your positive thoughts.

  51. sleep well, deena....hoping you are feeling well....and didn't get the flu....and taking care.
    love and prayers,

  52. You are looking simply gorgeous. I hope that means that you did not catch that bug your hubby has.

    Stay strong...

    Becky K.

  53. Deena, you look absolutely breathtaking! That hat is adorable, really makes your pretty eyes stand out.

    Hope your hubby is feeling better & will pray that you don't take it. I'm home now, didn't take my mom's pneumonia, or my hubby's flu.

    Big Hugs & Prayers,
    Angelic Accents

  54. I just wanted to tell you to stay encouraged. I have had cancer for 7 years. And for the past 4 stage 5. Bone cancer and brain. God is amazing. People say they dont know how I do it. I tell them I dont. God does. Driving yourself was huge I know. Independence is very important and the little things become huge. So yay for you!
    Take care.

  55. Hi Deena, check my blog and your emails as you have won an ATC from my Giveaway.

  56. good morning, my friend....hoping you have a joy kissed day today...
    love and prayers,

  57. It's Wednesday morning and I am just peeking in your door to wish you a pain free, sick free, only happy DAY.
    We all love you, sweet Deena...and would do anything in the world for you.
    hugs, bj

  58. Deena - you look beautiful in that hat! Love - love - love the look of your's spectacular!

  59. Deena,
    You looking stunning!! Really, so beautiful, calm and at peace. I'm so glad you took the pictures of yourself. The hat is adorable too.
    Glad you enjoyed your cake and a cold glass of milk. Take care and keep being gentle with yourself. You are one very special lady. As usual, a visit to your blog, brightened my whole day, rays of yellow sunshine pouring in.

  60. Deena:
    Great news. Little Eva does not have to have the chemo and radiation treatments. Just a CT every three months for 2 years.
    Thanks so much for your prayerful support. I am going to Mass on Friday and I will be offering my communion for your total and complete healing.


  61. Denna, I only "know" you through Amy's blog but I just had to tell you how much your post meant to me today. I've been feeling so overwhelmed with life that I forgot how much I have to be thankful for. So thank you Deena. You will be in my thoughts. Take care.

  62. Love the hat, love red velvet cake.
    Your hat is darling and you look so young in it - that should make you feel LOTS better!
    You're in my prayers, sweetie.
    Take care of yourself and know you're loved.
    xoxo, Jan

  63. Deena it is such a JOY to see you and meet you are beautiful!
    hugs Ng X0

  64. You look beautiful in Lallee's lovely hat! Love, Esther

  65. Deena...You look cute as a button in your pretty hat!

    My Joys

    melting snow
    the undending comfort of my husband
    painting paper mache eggs
    coming to visit you


  66. That hat looks great on you...quite chic. I think one of the most inspiring components of your blog is when you post your joys. In the midst of your suffering- you choose joy, and I am deeply inspired by that. Mother Teresa spoke of choosing joy often...

  67. Deena! You look so pretty! Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.

    God Bless ~ Lana


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