Friday, January 25, 2013

My Grandsons, The Jacksons

I have gotten some photos of the grandsons. I hope I can figure them out.
I can't believe how hard the basic things are for me.
If I could I would post every day. Cancer changed my life. The brain mets
and all the things the doctors used to treat me made some else, but I
am alive. I can't drive. My long term memory is ok, but short term, to so 
good. I can forget something in a minute. 

I can't believe I was a Bank Vice President. Seriously,I can't make change for a 
tip for a lunch .  Life is a challenge but I accept that challenge and all the bruises that come with it.

Ok, I am going to get those grandson pix posted. Wish me luck.

I did it!!!


  1. Hi Deena,
    I love your positive attitude, you are an inspiration! Your grandsons are so handsome. And you did it!!

  2. Hi Deena,
    I know every day is a challenge for you but with your positive attitude you will continue to keep on with these daily challenges. Cancer has changed a lot of us and so know that you are not alone in this fight.
    You have very handsome grandsons!
    Take Care Deena. xx


  3. Your grandsons are very nice looking Deena, they grow up so fast. You did fine posting them. We've watched you deal with cancer and you've been an amazing woman and such an inspiration. God bless you on your walk and know that I always pray for you. Love, Diane

  4. Deena, for all you and your family have been through and what you have accomplished in these last years, I praise you for your strength and postive attitude, blessings to you, stay strong you are doing GREAT!!!! and you have some very handsome looking grandsons... enjoy them...

  5. Yes, You did. And just look at those handsome guys!

    It has to be so frustrating for you, but I'm so glad that God spared your life. You are such a blessing.

  6. I am always so excited when I see you post3ed again! I's always good to see you, to share your blessings and celebrate your accomplishments!

    God bess you,

  7. I'm so happy to know your doing well. Thank the Lord! My baby sister lost her battle to cancer and I know how fighting that battle changed the whole family. I am a very different person since then. I think of you every day in the summer when I look at my beautiful Hollyhocks. Tiny little seeds that have bought so much pleasure, just because you cared enought to send them to a stranger. Take care.

  8. what handsome boys, deena! and did it! :-) love you lady and thank you for your wonderful, loving, positive words!!! you are a gift!

  9. Congratulations! You indeed did it and are doing more each day. Good for you!

  10. What lovely grandsons! Family means everything, doesn't it? I hope you're feeling better and better every day--you are in my prayers!

  11. Deena, I haven't talked to you lately. So glad to see you are doing OK. I think of you each time I use the little leather note pad you sent me when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. It has a pink pen inside. Do you remember sending it to me? You are such a sweetie, I'll bet you sent lots of goodies to blog friends over the years. God bless you, xoxo, Sheri

  12. Deena: First of all, I'm praying for you and wish you well. It just takes baby steps. Please have someone in your family delete these awful anonymous comments. Then have them set up the comment section so there is word verification so it doesn't keep happening. xoxoxo


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