Saturday, December 8, 2007

My last Gift Away before Surgery

Ever so sweet note pad
I have this one and another long
Christmas note pad..just as sweet.

Designed by Jen Steffa.

Just leave a comment..Monday AM ..I will pick a WINNER.
Get your friends over here too. Tell them to post who sent them, the sweetie who sends me the most new friends, gets a GIFT too.
Love from me..Deena

PS..Rich's dad got moved today..I am so happy
it's been THREE years since we've had the house alone
Dinner and a movie IN tonight, tis sleeting..I'm cozy here.


  1. Church here annonymously speaking...ok, who's going to go up there and help me tie that woman into her bed or at least onto her sofa in front of her favorite movie? I am telling ya, she does not seem to get that she is a human being and not a human doing!
    Ok, ok, don't anyone get cranky with me...but who else do you know that would still be designing web sites and giving out gifts and blogging and cleaning up the house CAUSE FIL IS GONE I HEAR!!!!!
    Sit down girl!! Sit it down and be with your husband in that wonderful home you have both made and lock the door and unplug the computer!!! Goodnight already Deena!

  2. I'm so glad you have your house and your home to yourselves. You and Rich need this time right now.

    As for the are so generous and thinking of helps to pass the time doesn't it?? I'll certainly mention your giveaway on my site tomorrow.

  3. Deena,

    I hope you are enjoying your time with Rich after your FIL has left. You do need time alone with him at this time.

    You are an amazing woman and I am honored to call you friend.

    Blessings and love,

  4. Can't resist a giveaway! Enjoy your alone time with Rich!

  5. I already got a giveaway, and he's here in my house! Arrived this morning. I love my Santa, Deena, and he loves it here. He occupies an important space: on the side table by my orange-glowing, mica mission lamp and next to my son's first drawing of Frosty.

    Deena, you're a lovely woman. So full of life and good energy. Thank you so much, again, for thinking of me. Especially during a time when it would make total sense if you just focused on you.

    Be looking for something in the mail from me early next week. A little reminder that you're a rebel, girl!

    Much love, and please take Church's good advice and let it be :)

  6. How cute. It's so nice to have cozy time with honey.

  7. Oh I am going to have to do this.... I need to make something and give it away....... I fear that it will have to wait until after the little fat man in the red suit leaves his vapor trail across my skies......... not enough hours in my days sometime... Enjoy the quite... enjoy the peace....... the Lord is nigh thee..........

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I've posted about your giveaway on both my breast cancer and art blogs. Hope you have many names to choose from for your giveaway!

  9. I am visiting via Sherry w/Esprit*D'Art. I wish you all the best and am sending healthy thoughts your way. Make sure to take some time just to relax for you! Best wishes....Angie

  10. Hello! I heard of your blog via Sherry's. I wish you all the best, much love and support on your healing journey, and a very successful procedure this week. Seeing you totally healthy and radiant. Blessings,

  11. how sweet of someone who's about to have surgery..thinking of others and doing a giveaway :)
    i will send prayers your way for everything to go smoothly..and lots of healing to go quickly..

  12. Hi Deena,
    I visit your Blog from Mollye's site.

    Your art shows such beauty and strength. Thank you for all that you share.

    You and your family are in my heart and prayers.
    Sending hugs and good thoughts throughout your healing,

  13. Hello Deena,

    I came here from Sherry's site and just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Just remember that you have all of these people in our blog community that are thinking of you and sending you lots of positive vibes.

    God Bless,

  14. popped over from sherry's - best of luck this week...

  15. Hello Deena~ I just came upon your blog via Sherry's blog. She left me a comment on my blog and I feel compelled to say hello to you, too.
    Deena, I don't know if you know who Amy is at Four Sisters In A Cottage blog, but she recently went through breast cancer treatment. Just finished chemo. You may want to check out her blog and her story. You can reach her via my blog links on the right sidebar. Deena, I wish you all the best and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and get plenty of rest. How sweet of you to think of others in your time of having to go through all of the worries of your upcoming surgery. Bless you and stay strong,

  16. Oh, can I put a comment about you on my blog? Just so others can pray for you. Let me know.

  17. Here by way of Sherry ... sending good thoughts and best wishes for the coming week. Try to relax and I'm sending prayers for you =)

  18. Hi , i`m here through my friend Sherry .
    sending you my prayers and positive thoughts for you across the miles .

  19. Isn't it wonderful the way God sends snow storms and sleet at just the right time... so you will be all comfy and cozy in your sweet little nest as you rest up with your dear husband alone together to prepare for the ordeal that you will be going through together...
    God bless you both...

  20. SHERRY , you won the most NEW FRIENDS gift
    thank you my sweet friend..

  21. won the NOTE PADS.
    I am so happy to have all of you visit!!!

  22. Sorry I missed the giveaway {I was slow in getting to Sherry's Esprit*D'Art) but wanted to send you lots of positive thoughts and prayers for your surgery. May you heal quickly and be surround by those who love you!

  23. good luck with everything! love the blog!

  24. Deena...tons of healing wishes your way as you go into thoughts are with you...

    Sherry sent me...


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