Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Flea Market Friday

I have a few new goods todays.
I'll be trying to update each Friday. Here's a peek below. View all
Fondly , Deena
The Drawing is Tuesday Aug 26th. Tell your friends!!


  1. Hello Dear Person,
    How are you? You've been on my heart and in my prayers...
    Love, Debra

  2. Deena,
    Are you going to change that part of your profile now that you have gotten the all-clear ?
    I am so thrilled for you that your body is healing, and you are gradually getting stronger each month !
    Hope you have a great Friday and a good weekend ahead.

  3. No all clear yet..I go for another head MRI mid Sept.
    I have to have another Pet/CT scan
    for my body..I sure hope it's all clear!
    love, Deena

  4. Deena, It's wonderful!! I'm so glad that you're with us. Praying, praying , praying blessings on you... Polly

  5. thinking of you today, dear deena....and everyday! :)
    walked 12 miles on tuesday....90 degree weather....but our Breast Cancer 3-Day is coming up in must push must we all!
    hugs and prayers.....and so glad you are getting to do some things you love.

  6. Deean, what great news. I keep praying that this will soon bring the greatest end to your battle. You have truly inspired me and getting my crafting started again. You are such a lovely person and even with the ups and downs you kept your faith. Big Hugs for you, Pat

  7. I am praying for you to have more strength every day Deena .
    Have a blessed day dear .

  8. I am so darn happy your doing so good....God is so awesome isnt he? I hope you have a wonderful week end dear friend and I'll keep asking God to bless with wonderful days for you to enjoy!

  9. You are always in my prayers, Sweet Annee....ALWAYS....
    love, bj


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