Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pay It Forward From February 2008

My recipients for the "Pay It Forward" in February 2008

were Bittersweet Punkin, Isabella's Closet & Nonnie Walks the Beach

If you haven't sent me your mailing info , please do
It was a succesful post & I hope it is still going.


a day trip with hubby

buying hair gel today

red velvet cake

my radiation burn is healed

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  1. You're successful, and I'm just glad you're still going. :)
    (no saint here)

  2. Buying hair gel? You go girl! You must post a current photo.

    Praise God your radiation burn is healed.


  3. PRAISE HIS SWEET NAME!!! I am so happy everything is turning out beautiful for you, beautiful like you with or without hair, buying hair gel...something so many of us take for granted, I angery sometimes in the morning when I have to fix mine, I will now be Thankful, I'm extreamly thrilled that you and your "hunk hubby" got to enjoy each other in a very memorable way, and all this is possible through prayer's, your faith, something you never lost, and God ever lasting LOVE FOR YOU!!! Can't wait to see with hair, your gergeous no matter if you have hair or not!!
    BIG ((HUGS))

  4. Yay! So glad to hear all of that goodness. You are such an inspiration and so loved! I have been meaning to write to you to tell you my little story, and why I'm such a loyal follower of your blog. A loooong time ago, you and I crossed paths on the internet. It was through a Prim doll board that I can't really remember now. We exchanged emails many times and actually struck up a cyber-friendship. You were sooo kind to me, I just couldn't get over what a sweetie. Then I went through a really rough time, basically shut down and went off the internet, and hid for awhile(it was the big, bad "D" word that knocked me off my keester and broke my heart)I remember that you sent me a couple of emails, and I replied very short, no personal stuff and fell away. Your last email was that you hoped I was okay. It took a long time to lift from that fog, but I always remembered your kindness and missed you. So when I came back, was so sad when I couldn't find you. Then one day I happened to find Joanna Pierotti's blog and she had posted about you. I could NOT believe it. Could it be Sweet Annee? Such a small world! I was crushed to hear the news of your illness, but quietly have followed you through your lovely blog. I never said who I was because I was ashamed. I had felt very abandoned in my life, but didn't realize I had actually isolated myself from some very caring people. I thought how selfish of me to wallow in my pain when here now you are going through this. So I pray for you each day, think of you and your beautiful outlook often, and remember to count my many blessings thanks, in part, to a very special woman named Deena. Phyew! That feels good to get all of that out.

  5. Deena,
    so happy that your radiation burns are all healing up...and that you can once again go shopping for HAIR GEL...
    Is your hair gray or did it come back dark like before...
    doesn't it feel great to wash a head of hair once again...
    you are still in my prayers!!

  6. Deena
    I am so happy to see your list of joys. Number 4 is marvelous and today when I use my hair gel I will remember to think of it as one of your joys of the day. May God continue to Bless you and walk by your side. Have fun on your day trip. Prince and I call them and little trips to the store etc our Mini dates. Peace

  7. How cool that Sonja found you again...Miss Deena does have a sweet way of working into our hearts with her softness and kind very cool that you 2 have found each other again.... you both...

  8. i think i got you my info, dear deena.....yes it was a fun post....and i have already sent out one of mine....need to do the other two.
    love your joys.....and indeed it is the simple things, isn't it? so good to be continully reminded!!
    love and hugs....and continued prayers.

  9. Hi Deena, so glad to see your beautiful smile shining through. I'm happy to know your burn has healed. My RAKs are just about ready to go out. I have recieved one of mine and I am not sure who the other one was, so that will make it a greater surprise.

    My hair is almost long enough for Locks of Love and It will be great to get back my Dorothy Hamill cut---easy do to take care of. I have your e-mail, but not sure if I have your mailing address, so if you have my e-mail, could you send it to me.Prayers, love and hugs, Pat

    My joys today
    God's many Blessings

    My epeduram is working okay
    I got trigger point shots and my head feels great for a change.

    My family

    I can actually bend over now!


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