Friday, July 17, 2009

It's All Good

I had my MRI and Pet/CT scan last week.
Today was my follow up with my
oncologist. My blood sugar continues to be low
it was 60 EAT she says..
I still have a bit of cancer on my
9th right rib..but tis ok.

No new cancer in my body..nor in my brain.
It's all good
Hubby has planned a trip..details to come
so, I'm all good.

Today my youngest Mercedes is 20!!!

**Hunter is back home today, not sure when the marrow transplant will be.
thanks so much for your prayers**

Keep praying.


  1. good news glad things are looking up!!! and will keep all in our prayers!

    it's fun to have plans and things to look forward to, isn't it.....does our souls good!

    hugs and love,

  2. Deena..oh, what wonderful news. Gosh, it's been such a hard fight for you and you came thru with flying colors. So amazing is this God of ours. HE never, ever turns HIS back on us. All the glory of your better health goes to HIM.
    I do love this new hair style you are sporting, young lady!! :O)

  3. Awww look at your pretty hair coming in. Great news on your results. May God's ever loving hands touch your in illness & health.

    Happy Birthday Mercedes!!

    Hunter... sending hugs little man. Stay stong and healthy little one!

  4. That's great news Deena. You certainly deserve a holiday at this time. I hope it is somewhere really nice...looking forward to hearing more about it.

  5. Look how lovely you are, Deena ... on the wings of healing angels, you have been very blessed. Blessings to you & Hunter ... prayers will continue to be lifted.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. SO glad to hear that news Deena!

  7. Wonderful news! Thanks be to God!

  8. I'm in Austin typing on an Ipod so if the words I spell look apologies...LOL! I'm just thrilled to hear of your news Deena. Praise God. From our lips to his ears is all that it takes for him to do his work and heal you. Our prayers are with Hunter and may he blessed by God's glorious and mighty hand.

    Who has the prettiest smile in Bloggerland? You do, of course!


  9. Praise God, beautiful lady. His grace and goodness is always enough. Praying Jehovah Rapha will continue to minister healing to your body.

    Love, Rebecca

  10. so happy for the wonderful news... you are truly a miracle...
    continuing to pray for both you and Hunter...

  11. That is amazing news ... how wonderful!

  12. You look fabulous, Dahling...I'm glad you're doing so fabulous, too! I'm so glad you get a deserve it. Hunter is in my prayers, too.
    Lots of hugs, Susan

  13. Good news all around. Thank God. He is so good! Happy birthday to your Kimberly.

  14. So happy your news is good. Blessings to you!!

  15. Look at you! Look at all that hair! Look at your magnificent smile! So that is what the face of prayers answered looks like!

    Deena, I am so happy. Our God is an awesome God!

    Bless you,

  16. Deena what wonderful news from the oncologist
    Happy birthday Mercedes

  17. Tears of JOY for you sweet Deena!

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

    Thank you Jesus!

  18. Well, just look at all that beautiful's a WONDERFUL feeling, isn't it?! Oh my, you've got lots of marvelous things to celebrate and I'm so glad for you! Still praying for sweet lil Hunter :)

  19. Deena, you're looking gorgeous and healthy! Thank you Lord, for that. So glad to hear your good health update! Enjoy life to its fullest.

    Love & hugs, Karen

  20. WOW girl ...not only FANTASTIC!!!!! NEWS!!! but look at that HOT HOT SIZZLING HOT MOMMA!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!


  21. Good to hear that everything is ok with you! You look happy, just go on like this! Happy Birthday to Mercedes!

  22. That is great news, Deena. You sure deserve to have some good things happening.

  23. I am so happy!! Our God is an awesome God, he ALWAYS takes care of his children, and you look swell with hair ;) your little Hunter is a doll and God will take care of him as well, after all he's another angel here on earth for all to love. I will keep him in my prayer and keep us posted on the date of his procedure again, can you post the time, so I can stop what ever I'm doing and pray and ask God to be with him, the doctors and his family. I dont think I've told you recently that I LOVE YOU!
    Love, Hugs & smooches~ Annette

  24. Praying for you Deena. A trip sounds fabulous. Where will you go?

  25. So glad to read the good news! Hope you have a wonderful trip.

  26. I'm glad to hear the good news. Keep smiling, and I loved that photo of you. Still thinking of Hunter; he is still in my prayers.

  27. You've been on my mind this weekend, and I just said an extra little prayer last night--checked your blog today--how happy I am to know you are doing well! Have a lovely Sunday! Love, Jann

  28. nice to both you and Hunter are doing good,keep it up,missing you Deena.

  29. Yeah! What great news! I'm so happy to hear that you are doing well. -Jackie

  30. Deena,

    God bless you and thank you for sharing your powerful story.


  31. Hi Pretty Lady,

    Popping by to say hi and send you love. Look at how beautiful you are!

    Huge hugs,

  32. I rejoice with you my friend...... A good report... I know that the Father God hears when we pray......... He has blessed your life.. I rejoice.........

  33. God is good.....I was SO HAPPY to read this've been on my mind...


  34. Deena: This is great news and just made my day! Hope you have a wonderful Autumn trip and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mercedes!!

    I will also keep Hunter in my prayers!

    Lou Cinda :)

  35. deena, you cutie, patootie. i'm soooooo happy that you have a three month repreive!Yea and yea! Enjoy every minute and do things you haven't been able to do - i can't wait to find out what your fall trip is going to be all about!
    i've missed you and am happy that i took the time to visit this morning amist all of the chores i need to be doing!

    i've read all of hunter's blog and my heart simply breaks for that sweet child. What a darling little boy!
    no where in the posts did i find a reference to your relationship with him and his parents. Can you tell me - *me being nosey*.

    Have a fabulous day and i hope you get more accomplished than it looks like i will!
    xoxo, jan


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