Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Rough Couple of Days

In a sunny mood today
even if it is cold

Tuesday evening I started getting ill. I was up all night in and out
of the bathroom..till about 5 AM . Then I slept and laid in bed all day.
Felt like I'd NEVER eat again..UGH.

Last night I had a wicked headache..but slept good and woke up refreshed.
I am planning on going to the movie "The Lovely Bones" today with a
friend. We both read the book a few years ago. If you haven't read it, I
recommend it.

So glad I feel better. My ribs hurt from throwing up so much.
Remember all those in need of prayer .
There are MANY!!
Let me know how you are doing.


  1. Deena, you poor dear, I feel for you!!!! enjoy your day out, I love that book, I don't know why it made me cry so much....... I really would love to see the movie, maybe tonight!
    Margaret B

  2. Deena, I'm so sorry you've been so ill.. I am glad to read that you are feeling better today! I have you in my prayers..

    Ive not read this book, but will be definately looking for it at our bookstore.. Wonder if the movie is playing where I live? I'm going to have to check and see!
    Take care...

  3. Good to hear that you are feeling better! Enjoy the film! I don't know the book, but thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Oh, I feel so bad for you--probably a nasty virus--I hope you enjoy the movie. I, too, read the book a few years ago, and would like to see the film. Let us know how it turns out!

  5. I am so sorry you had to get the flu, but am glad your feeling better. Hope you enjoy your day out. Still saying the Novena to St.Peregrine for you and will continue too. May your angel wrap her wings around you and keep you safe. Paulette

  6. so glad to hear you've recovered dear one...enjoy the movie!

  7. Hi Deena....thinking of you, and hope you enjoyed the bones movie....I hope you are feeling better too.....I wish you much strength, and many sunny days, even if it's cold deserve the best...your friend, judy

  8. Hope you're feeling much better today Deena. Sounds like it really was a rough couple of days. I love your pictures! You're so pretty!
    I've never heard of that book, but I'm gonna check ebay. Thanks for the recommendation!

  9. I'm so sorry you've been feeling yucky...I hope today is better. I think about your always.

  10. Deena ~ I am glad that you are feeling better ~ What fun to go to the movies with a friend ~
    hugs and prayers ~

  11. Hello Deena, I recently found your Blog and I wanted to thank you for sharing your life and your friendship. You are very inspiring!I saw this movie last weekend. I thought it was very good but VERY different from the book. I don't know why so much of it was changed.I personally think the book is always better than the movie anyway. I'm very curious about what you think of the movie. Please let us know! Glad you're feeling better! Suzanne

  12. woops - you didn't need this. But glad you're feeling better. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I know the angels are surrounding you. As a child, I used to quote the saying:
    "Four corners to my bed, Four angels round my head. One to watch, One to pray, and two to keep all fears away." :)
    Love ya, Ruthie

  13. so sorry you got the flu on top of everything else...prayers still going up for you... you look I love the little quote from Ruthie...
    you need four little angels to put on your bed posts...

  14. Glad you're feeling better, Deena. I read Lovely Bones a few years ago too. Good book.

  15. I love the Four Angel saying. How appropriate!
    So sorry to hear you had the pukies ---- you sure look good now. Glad you are feeling better.

    I tried reading "The Lovely Bones" ---- but since I am such a crybaby, I could not get into it. I can't have running mascara and read at the same time. I know the movie will be wonderful tho! MMMMM have some popcorn for me.

    Love ya Girlfriend!

  16. I couldn't read that book, but everyone I know loved it. Now, I won't go see the movie. Stuff like that freaks me out!
    I'm glad your over the flu.
    The pictures are very pretty of you!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  17. I pray for peace in your spirit, your stomach, your head and for a beautiful week. Love you!

  18. You look Beautiful!!! Green is so your color!Hair looks great too....Looking forward to getting my Package from you! Jakcie


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