Thursday, January 21, 2010

An Update

Ice storm yesterday & today. I have to stay in despite the
need of Beauty Aides. LOL

I talked to my primary care doctor, my oncologist, the doctor at the Gamma Knife Center..and got my reports (not films) of all my MRI's. We have decided to have another MRI in 6 weeks.
I am comfortable with that.. and I can always call the doctor, if I get more symptoms.
(headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, etc.)

So for now..I'm going to take a small dose Decadron daily to reduce swelling in my head. (it's a steriod. UGH) I hope to have better news in 6 weeks.

Keep praying (for ALL who need it) and I will too. God is in charge.


  1. Deena, I have been following your blog for quite sometime.. I've even have shared some of your blog posts with my husband..You are one special lady, and such an inspiration to many others!

    I pray that those symptoms stay away.. Praying that the news you receive in 6 weeks will be much better news..

    I have you and Penny in my prayers..


  2. Ugh...I hate the steroids... but they do help what can we do? Hope you get better results next next PET is Feb of joys!!

  3. Deena, I am so glad you are feeling better about all of this! Everyone on the same page is a good thing!

    I will keep you in my prayers!

    Lou Cinda

  4. at least everyone agrees now...

    I will keep praying that the news will be good in six weeks...God will be with you until you are in the very best hands possible...

  5. Deena, thanks for posting for me. That was so sweet and compassionate, especially since you are going through worse. I am headed back to bed, but wanted you to know I will be saying extra prayers that God brings you out of this. Keep that smile, because your faith and spirit shine through it. Love Ya, Pat

  6. I'm glad your doctors resolved the confusion. Sending much love to you.

  7. Sounds like a good plan and glad that you are comfortable with it. Will pray for good results in 6 weeks and that you are symptom free. Love ya.

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  9. Deena~ So happy that you now have an answer and a plan....will keep praying! =)

  10. It sounds like a good plan. And your doctors are always available if need be. Will keep you in my prayers. And I know the Lord will be your strength and comfort as you continue with this journey. Enjoy your beautiful outdoors now and don't worry. Hugs.

  11. It really sounds like a great plan. Wish everything will go great and none of the symptoms will disturb you.

    As for the weather, I wish I could stay in too. Had to go to office with -29C outside.

  12. Oh sweetie, how frustrating! I'm keeping you in my daily prayers. Take care, brave one.

  13. Deena, I will start my novena to St. Peregrine "The Cancer Saint" for you. You are in my prayers. Bless you. Paulette

  14. Ugh, I remember that Decadron, Deena :( I'll continue to be in prayer for you!

    {Sending hugs across the miles}

  15. Yes he is, Deena, and he loves you so very much. You're in my prayers.

  16. Hi Deena< I'm back reading a lot of my blogger friends (I have be soo busy with Penny lately I'm falling behind, but that's OK!!) and I am praying for you and hoping in six weeks your tests come back good. I'm glad they are not wanting you to wait 3 months. Six weeks is good.


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