Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

To all of you!!


  1. What a beautiful piece of artwork, sweetie.

    Hope your day is full of joy & blessings.
    Happy Mother's Day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you as well. I hope you enjoy your day very much. I am alone today. My husband will be home late tonight, and my son and his wife were unable to make the trip here. She's expecting our first grandchild. So, today is her day. I miss them all very much right now, but understand that life doesn't always go the way we would like. So, I sit and dwell on good memories, and think happy thoughts for the future of this child. Think of you most often, and continue to uphold you in prayer. Hugs, Penny Sue

  3. Thinking of you & wanted to stop in & say hi!! I hope you are having a great day!! You are someone I admire alot!! Happy Mothers day!!

  4. Happy Mother's Day!
    Hope you are feeling well.

    Becky K.

  5. Happy Mother's Day to you, Deena! Hope you're doing well and enjoying spring!

    Love & hugs, Karen

  6. Hey sweet friend, Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful. I still love and think of you. XXMollye


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