Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Have to Stay Up Late

I am having an EEG in the morning.
No caffeine for me..and I have to stay
up until midnight and get back up at 4 AM

This is about impossible for me.. I got to bed about 8PM
and sleep until at least 10 AM.

All I can think of is sleeping...ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Sleep tight!!


  1. Wow! That would be tough! Tomorrow I take my MIL in for an echo cardiogram. What in the world would we do without all of the medical ability God has gifted so many people with?

    Hope your tests come out well. Bless your heart for having to stay awake, though.

    Becky K.

  2. Deena good luck with staying awake so long - that's a tough ask! :-)
    Hope you get some good results from the EEG
    Sending positive thoughts and love your way

  3. I'm a night owl so it wouldn't be hard for me, but I know my husband would have a problem. LOL

    I hope your test results are good.

    Hugs sweet friend!

  4. Hang in there poppet, hopefully this will bring answers and good news!
    Hugs and prayers,
    Margaret B

  5. Okay I understand why no caffeine but why only 4 hours of sleep. I am sleepy thinking about those hours. Hope you get some much needed answer. We are beginning to dry out a little here in Middle TN. Peace

  6. Hi, Deena, I'm checking in after the fact. Hope all went well, and I also hope that you have a nice long night tonight. Blessings and love, Diane

  7. Deena, I pray your EEG went well and you will soon back to your sweet and normal self. Your journey with cancer has been a long one, but remember how far God has taken you and probably carried you a few times. Always in my prayers Sweet Deena, Love and hugs, Pat

  8. Hope all was good and you are now catching up on all that missed sleep.

    Sweet dreams - and let us know how it went .
    Love, Mary

  9. I keep thinking about you and your journey.. I wish the best for you. Lucy

  10. Hope you're doing all right, Deena! Wishing you a lovely Mother's Day tomorrow, Love, Jann

  11. Dear Deena, You are a very special light in the world. I hate it that you are experiencing such "battle fatigue". I will be praying for you to be comforted and rested. God Bless You! Happy Mothers Day! Maridon XXXOOO

  12. Deena hope everything went well with your EEG. Have a Happy Mothers Day. God Bless, Paulette


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