Monday, July 19, 2010


I was going to post a new photo of me today
but it's cloudy and raining YEAH!!!!

I'll try on a better day when the sun is right

I sent out more seeds today and will send more tomorrow.
I have plenty of HollyHock seeds!!!

send me a SASE

( Self Addressed Stamped Envelope)

Deena Warner
127 W. Curtis Drive
Chillicothe IL 61523

We need rain ...ALOT OF IT

Thanks for all the notes and sweet comments
with your SASE


  1. Beautiful photos Deena... We are desperate for rain here too - it is such hard work watering the garden each day. I've noticed that even the leaves on some of the trees are drying out and dropping off.

    Keep as well as you are able - I think of you every day Deena and send out loving and healing thoughts to you. Andrina XXXXX

  2. I love the vivid colors of your photographs today. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Deena, love the photos of the butterfly and hummingbird. Yours are different than the ones we have here. Sorry they had to up your meds, but maybe this will help and you can drive again. I pray for you every day that soon you will be completely healed from this monster of a disease. Love the background music. Love, hugs, and prayers, Pat

  4. Thankyou for offering to share your seeds! I am sending you a SASE, if you have any left. I used to have Hollyhocks in my garden in Idaho, but don't have them here in N. Calif. They are such lovely, old-fashioned flowers and I miss them. Take good care! Smiles, Jann


~**~Your kind remarks are my angel wings~**~